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Migrate Microsoft Teams from One Tenant to Another – Best Approach

Summary: For users to migrate Microsoft Teams from one tenant to another is a very difficult task to perform. So, in this article, we will explain the simple professional technique to perform the Teams migrations process.

MS Teams has become the most powerful tool provided by Microsoft. Many organizations started to use this application in their daily lives to communicate and collaborate with others. Day by day, it has gained popularity in this digital world as many users started to use Teams regularly to increase their workflow.

But sometimes while using teams application, a situation arises for users when they have to transfer Microsoft teams from one tenant to another. Even transferring a smaller number of teams data might not be easier. Shifting teams data is a quite challenging task as this process is lengthy and time-consuming. Apart from that Microsoft does not provide any tool for teams migration.

So, at this point, users want to know the best and most effective solution to transfer an ample amount of teams data to another account.

So, to make this migrating process easier for users. We will be explaining the perfect solution to execute this operation.

Now before starting with the solution to move Microsoft teams from one tenant to another let’s see why Teams is in demand in several organizations. Why users are more attracted to this application.

Why is Microsoft Teams a Popular Business Communication Platform?

  • Convenient to Use

Teams is developed to ease the group work with the help of Easy-to-use channels for group chats. Users can set up multiple channels in less than two clicks, conversations are in nested threads to make it easier to follow and communicate.

Microsoft Teams’ goal is to make it simple for employees to get their job done faster and smarter. Teams is made with an intuitive UI. Because of that, it becomes easier for the users to learn and collaborate easily.

  • Meet, Call, Communicate, Chat from One Place

Teams is nothing but more than a chat hub. Microsoft Teams is available in Office 365, giving users easy access to all Office and Office 365 applications like Word, Excel, SharePoint, PowerBI etc.

Keeping all things in one place makes it easier for the user to switch seamlessly between email, Instant Chat, and document collaboration.

  • Fresh Features Gets Added Every Day

As Microsoft adopts the emerging technologies, it evolves the Teams by adding new features, better integration every day. Which includes Office 365 applications like Excel and apps from other partners like Trello, SurveyMonkey and InVision. It has a Teams app store, where users can search for new apps to use like Planner, Stream, Intercom etc.

As of now, we have understood why Microsoft Teams is popular. So now let’s understand the automated method to execute this process.

Professional Solution to Transfer Microsoft Teams from One Tenant to Another

In this section, we will be discussing the professional solution to execute the above-mentioned task by using the most trusted Microsoft Teams Migration Tool.

  • Download, Install and Launch the tool. Next, Select office 365 as source and destination.
  • Then, choose Teams, Teams Creation and Channel Creation in Workload Selection. Users can even select Channel messages and files as required.

  • Next, type the admin email and Application ID of the source tenant, then press on “Validate” to associated permissions. After Teams permissions are validated. Select the Next button.

  • Then, enter the admin email and Application ID of the destination tenant and then press “validate” to validate all permission.

  • In Resource tab>> Users Screen, there are several ways (Fetch User, Import Users, Download Template) available to add users from source tenant that needs to be migrated.

  • Map source users email IDs with the destination user’s emails IDs by typing destination emails.

  • Now, again in Resource Tab> Teams screen, using Fetch User, Import Users, Download Template. Users can add teams from the source account that has to migrate.

  • Then, the user requires to map the destination team with the sourcing team. To do this select Create Team.

  • After that, validate permissions by clicking on validate button.

Note- It is mandatory to validate Users in the case of Team Migration

  • After getting successful validations, select the Start Migration to begin the process to move Microsoft teams from one tenant to another.

Smart Re-Run Migration Option

This tool provides the re-run option to initiate the migration process again.

Retry Failed Items: Helps to migrate the data which has not got migrated.

Re-Run Migration: Used to execute the entire migration process again.

Delta Migration: To move the newly received data in during the migration process. 

Note – Users are able to execute this action before marking Teams as complete. Because later they won’t be in a situation to execute these steps after they have selected the Mark Teams Complete.

Benefits of Using the Pre-Eminent Tool to Transfer Microsoft Teams from One Tenant to Another

  • Capable to move Microsoft Teams, Channels, Channel Chats and Groups.
  • The teams migration tool is compatible with various O365 subscription plans.
  • Enables the option to Migrate Teams Site, Links, Member, & Member Permissions.
  • It provides the Delta migration option to move newly arrived data from the source account.
  • Supports Windows 10 (64-bit) and windows server 2012 and 2016 versions.
  • Allows migrating Channel Message Body, Created Date and Time, From and all kinds of Message Formatting.


To migrate Microsoft teams from one tenant to another is a difficult task to perform. Many users face this problem and now they are looking for a solution. So, in this article, we have explained the technique to execute the above-mentioned problem using a professional tool.

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