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Layers of Protection for your Business Offices

Layers of Protection for your Business Offices

Business and employee safety is one of the top priorities for any company. This applies no matter if you are at the very start of being an entrepreneur or if you are an established, well-known brand. When you think about it, your workspace is the place you spend most of your day at. That’s why protection for your Business Offices is so important.

What’s more, it is a place where you store your daily income and, depending on your business, sell valuable goods. To protect your business from intrusions or losses, here are some ideas on how to achieve that.

Reasons why you need to protect your business

There are a lot of reasons why you should think about safety measurements for your office. The levels of protection mostly vary on urgency. It depends on several factors like the type of business, the area in which your offices are located etc.

For example, you are located in an area with a high crime rate. r you just have some valuable goods in your store. Most businesses want to protect confidential information, and having them stolen or even just exposed could harm them greatly.

You might run a business that requires second or third-shift hours when there are not a lot of people fluctuating around the area, but your employees might be targeted by dangerous individuals.

Hiring security guards

One of the best ways to protect your business right on spot is by hiring security guards. Make sure the security team you hire consists of professionals who are experienced in their job.

Depending on how urgent the situation is, you can either hire unarmed or armed security. Unarmed security is more focused on monitoring the premises, controlling who has the access to certain areas in the premises etc.
Unarmed security mostly serves to keep everything in order and give you a sense of safety. They are there in case of arguments that might turn physical or customers whose behavior makes others feel uneasy, for example in verbal altercations with other customers or employees.

On the other hand, armed security use weapons and are better trained for more extreme situations, like armed robberies. What most armed security guards use are fire weapons. There are 38 special ammo for sale, which are usually used for self-defense due to their high accuracy.

Other possible weapons include tasers, batons, pepper sprays etc. Most of them also use radios to communicate with each other from one part of the building to another, flashlights or handcuffs.
The cost might be quite different since the requirements are different. Obviously, due to the training and risk involved, armed security guards will be more expensive.

Using security cameras

If you think hiring security guards might be too expensive or over-the-top for you, installing security cameras is one of the most used methods for keeping your employees and business safe. Since they can be placed both inside and outside your offices, they are useful for two reasons.
The first reason is to discourage anyone from breaking in and if someone does break in, they will be recorded and highly possibly identified. Having a tape of the offender breaking in will be considered strong evidence in any court.

Installing an alarm system

If you are worried about getting robbed or you think your or your employees’ safety is compromised, installing an alarm system would be a good start.
Not only will it hinder potential robbery in your working space, but it might discourage anyone from breaking in.

Of course, always make sure that in every moment you know who has which keys. Every key that is issued and given to a new employee should be documented, as well as the time they return it if, let’s say, they are leaving your business.

Monitoring access

If your business includes a high number of employees, as well as a high number of customers going in and out, access control would be a good idea to protect yourself.
With ID cards, only authorized individuals are allowed to enter certain areas. This, combined with security cameras, will give you a sense of control and understanding when someone has entered certain premises, or if someone has trespassed.

Improve the locking system

Similarly to installing security alarms and ID cards, you can also reinforce your locks on doors and windows. Always make sure they are in a good condition, as well as the keys you are using, also work well. This method is possibly one of the most used ones since it is quite economical.

Having bright, exterior lights

This might sound simple, but it is a very effective method of keeping your business and employees safe. Like cameras, bright light might deter potential offenders from committing any crime, both inside and outside your offices. And it can be part of your modern interior design.

If the building you run your business in also has a parking lot, your employees might be more exposed to being attacked by bandits or criminals. Installing bright lights will make it way safer since everything will be more visible and offenders will be more visible.





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