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Importance of Thesis Statement and How to Write It Effective?

A thesis statement defines the objective of your writing. A strong thesis statement can set the tone for the rest of your essay. It can quickly frame the goal – not only for your readers but also for you as the writer.

What is the definition of a thesis statement?

Any piece of writing, whether it’s a news report or a lengthy-term paper, may be reduced to a single sentence. It can be a query or an argument summarizing the text’s main points.

In simple terms, a thesis statement summarizes an academic article. A strong thesis statement acts as a blueprint for the rest of the essay. By expressing the writer’s perspective, it informs the viewer about the essay’s discussion. 

The rest of your article will provide this claim with facts or case studies.


A thesis statement is found in the first paragraph of a paper. When you order an essay or assignment from thesis helpers, you’ll note that the thesis statement is the first sentence. Others prefer to save it until the last sentence of the first paragraph.


If you’re writing a lengthy research paper, though, you might want to save the thesis for the last few paragraphs. However, it will always appear in the opening chapter.


Tips to Write A Strong Thesis Statement

  • Create Your Ideas: If you cannot support your thesis with strong evidence or facts, your thesis won’t be important. Consider how you would write the body paragraphs that support your argument when writing your essay’s thesis. You should also discuss the counter-arguments and ensure that your thesis can be supported in the face of those contrasts. However, if it is causing you significant difficulty, we recommend that you use affordable thesis services such as Dissertation Editor and stop stressing about it.
  • Give a specific answer: An unclear thesis statement serves no purpose. Consider it as a response to a question. It must be as specific as possible for the reader to believe that the paper is worthwhile of their time and attention. Put another way; it should convince the audience to keep reading.
  • Keep it short: If you want your thesis statement to be successful and strong, keep it short, as short as a single line sentence. You also write a multi-sentence thesis statement for some situations but be careful not to go too deep into your argument. The rest of your paper is for that purpose.
  • Consider your thesis statement as the main: Your thesis should be compelling enough to take center stage in your paper. Think of it as your blog title. The rest of the content should be related to the title.


Similarly, each topic sentence must be directly related to the thesis. The body paragraphs are then used to expand on these topic lines. If your thesis can’t achieve this level of significance, it’s time to rewrite it.


Three Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement

For many students, drafting the thesis statement is the most difficult component of a paper, as simple as it may appear. But, we have crafted the answer on how to write a strong thesis statement. It only requires three easy steps.


Convert your idea into a question and respond to it.

In the first paragraph of your paper, include a question. Then, as an answer to this, write your thesis statement. “What is the most versatile food?” you might wonder. Then your thesis statement would be something like, “A sandwich is the most versatile food.”

From the first sentence, your readers will get hooked and encourage you to read to find the answer. 


Include an argument and a counter-argument 

As you can see, the above thesis statement appears to be weak. It lacks a counter-argument and a justification for why you would defend your claim.


For example, you could arrange the above thesis statement this way-“While some people consider a sandwich to be too simple, the correct filling may transform it into a great meal for any occasion, from breakfast to dinner. This is preferable because it is supported by evidence and shows your confidence.


Make a list of your main points

A thesis statement must provide enough information to persuade the reader to read. You should outline your main points, and it will help you craft a thesis statement and the rest of the content body. You don’t want to get too deep into your essay’s details.


Importance of Thesis Statement

In the starting years of colleges or universities, students get scare with all new concepts being thrown at you. You get to see much different work and start to live a different life. Many colleges and universities allow their students to write academic papers. Academic writing is a little more detail compared to high school writing. Professors are likely to check your essays for essential elements. Get in touch with thesis proofreading UK services. The thesis statement is one of the most important aspects of any essay. It’s critical to understand how to write a thesis statement. A thesis is a must-part of a strong essay. Usually, a thesis statement is a one or two-line sentence, which directs the reader to the entire paper. In a paper, the importance of an essay contributes to two factors which are:


  • To write on the essay’s principal idea, the writer has to first create a strong thesis. The writer should write the key points of the essay’s principle and then write a strong thesis according to the key points. The thesis shows the reader the path of the entire essay. It helps the reader to understand what the essay is going to talk about. 
  • A well-crafted and strong thesis statement act as a bridge between the reader and the essay topic. The thesis statements hint to the reader at what is going to come next. 


Since thesis statements are required in an essay, writers must know what makes a good one. A thesis must support three things as the foundation of an essay: audience, purpose, and content. Simply said, in your thesis, answer to who, why, and what. Who are you writing this thesis statement for? To establish who your paper is for, make sure to identify the audience. Why are you writing a thesis statement? To guarantee that the reader understands the direction of your paper, create a purpose. What will be covered in this thesis? Please make a list of your essay’s main topics and include them in your thesis.


To help you understand the significance, consider the following comparison: A thesis statement serves the same purpose as the sun in the solar system. The many elements of an essay orbit the thesis statement in the same way as the planets orbit the sun in the solar system. The sun feeds the planets, just as the thesis feeds the body paragraphs and conclusion.


The thesis of your essay should be simply accessible to your audience. The thesis statement should be clear and simple so that the reader can quickly recognize it and understand the paper’s content. If your thesis isn’t visible in your essay, check to see if you’ve written a compelling and well-understood thesis.


Types of Thesis Statement

If you are going to write a thesis statement, you should first know which type of thesis you will write. By knowing it, you can easily write a strong thesis. There are three types of thesis statements such as:


Analytical Thesis

You may not want to make a persuasive argument in this style, but you want to study, understand, and assess the subject’s numerous points. It must also introduce the conclusion and outline the essential aspects of the analysis in this example. An example of an analytical thesis statement is as follows:


“Britain’s relationship with Europe has a convoluted history. From the start, the United Kingdom has been reluctant to integrate into Europe completely, both economically and culturally. However, Europe’s membership strategy has evolved significantly during the last fifty years.”


This example of an analytical thesis statement is far more explicit and leads the reader through the historical analysis conducted during the research.



We can utilize this type in the thesis statement if the article’s main goal is to persuade the reader about a proposition. You can add the rationale or argument that supports the statement to make it more persuasive. The following is an example of an argumentative thesis statement:


“Without Barack Obama’s hard hand and specific judgments, the United States would never have emerged from the hole it was in early 2000.”


The researcher employs important ideas and pieces of evidence to persuade the reader, as you can see in the example.



When the goal of the inquiry is to explain and debate the facts of a given issue, this style is ideal. The thesis statement should outline the main topics which you’re going to discuss in the body of the paper.


Remember that your thesis must also demonstrate your paper’s conclusions. It should explain why a discussion is necessary and why you choose our paper’s topic. If you’re a student in the UK, and looking for UK thesis service, then you should contact Dissertation Editor. 


I am a Writer at Dissertation Editing Pro UK. I along with my team helps students with the dissertation editing and proofread my dissertation for the students in UK.

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