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How to Use the WhatsApp API to Engage With Customers

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has overtaken other communication methods as the most widely used platform. And since it became available to enterprises, it has been the essential medium for customer messaging. 

With the help of WhatsApp API Malaysia, businesses can communicate with clients on a platform that they know and enjoy. In addition to being seen as innovative and customer-centric, this has led to a rise in consumer happiness.

Having a successful awareness campaign that targets both current and potential clients is the most crucial stage when establishing WhatsApp as your new business communication channel. 

It’s crucial to express the value to customers and the ways in which they can get in touch with your company when necessary. 

WhatsApp has established explicit standards of engagement to guarantee high-quality customer communication; only customers who opted-in or initiated a dialogue by contacting your company directly are eligible for connection.

Additionally, WhatsApp itself doesn’t provide any advertising opportunities. This presents a barrier for businesses in terms of how to let current and new clients know about their WhatsApp Business channel. 

Disseminate information to your target audience there 

PR initiatives, newsletters, digital advertisements, and newsfeed announcements on official social media platforms. These are the strategies that most firms employ when introducing WhatsApp. 

Connecting your WhatsApp channel with Facebook and Instagram is a chance you should absolutely take advantage of as part of your awareness campaign. Once you’ve done that, you may use advertising that clicks on WhatsApp to promote it to the audience networks of the major social media platforms.

What exactly are WhatsApp ads? 

Ads that link to WhatsApp are a quick way to engage your audience in conversation. 

You can easily link your current Facebook posts and advertisements to your WhatsApp channel using ads that click to WhatsApp. 

With the exception of the Send Message option, these ads are identical to the standard Facebook and Instagram ads.

Your consumer may take the initiative fast and effortlessly by clicking. This will automatically take them to your official WhatsApp Business channel.

Why use clickable WhatsApp ads? 

Your social media promotion plan would benefit from include clickable ads for WhatsApp. 

You may find it useful while: 

  • When offering it as a new communication channel or attempting to reach out to new clients, this is known as the discovery phase. 
  • When a new product or service is introduce, the announcement phase is when you aim to create buzz and interaction around it. 
  • Informing current followers about WhatsApp as a support channel during the retention phase 
  • When you’re attempting to reach out to a larger audience during a crucial and uncertain period, this calls the urgency phase.

Click to WhatsApp advertising may lead to: 

  • Greater audience reach. Facebook and Instagram together tout a network of over 4 billion active users. With the help of targeting choices, you can expand your database of potential customers. You can target individuals based on their interests, demographics, social media activity, or even on how closely they resemble your current audience. 
  • Increased and more diversified user base: By reaching out to the whole Facebook and Instagram audience networks through click-to-WhatsApp advertisements, you can expand your user base and communicate with new users as well as existing ones.
  • Quick and simple contact: Customers only need to click a button to get in touch with you for more information. They are promptly and smoothly redirected to your WhatsApp chat in a chat room that they are accustomed to. 
  • Reduced Agent Effort: Agents are quickly informed of the ad that the consumer used to contact you, ensuring that they are relevant and effective. But you can also do this while offering round-the-clock support by deploying a chatbot. For FAQs, you can offer self-service choices and automated responses. letting the agents handle the challenging questions
  • Higher Customer Service and Satisfaction: 68 percent of customers believe WhatsApp is the greatest medium for contacting businesses. While 82 percent of consumers today want brands to respond to marketing or sales inquiries immediately. You may satisfy or even surpass their expectations by providing click to WhatsApp advertisements along with a straightforward chatbot, especially when they are in the research stage and looking for more details about your goods or services.

How to start with click to WhatsApp? 

Facebook has a tool called “ads that click to WhatsApp”. This makes it easy for you to link your already-existing Facebook Business Page with your WhatsApp Business Account. 

  1. Your Facebook Ads Manager account must be logged in. 
  2. Decide on your goal: connect and converse with new clients, or increase the number of individuals who interact with your postings 
  3. Make your advertisement: Choose between an Instagram story with a “swipe up to chat” call-to-action and a newsfeed post with a “send message” button.

This entry point is straightforward yet effective for promoting your WhatsApp presence in order to raise awareness and give clients the chance to connect with your business. 

Consider including additional entry points, such as widgets, on your website. This can expand your ability to enlighten your audience and their ability to get in touch with you wherever they are. 

Some companies have promoted WhatsApp in addition to Facebook’s cool new ad. This is through conventional offline media, a widget on their website, or customer communications. 

Prepare yourself to expand your user base and provide excellent customer service with WhatsApp Business API.

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