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How to Turn Your Existing Website Into a Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps have made a name for themselves in the mobile app development business in a very short time. When it comes to smartphone apps, they take up a lot of memory. It depends on the user’s network connection and the actions they take to find and utilize an app. It is now simple to download PWAs from a website and run them in the same way as a webpage.

Progressive web apps have three key advantages:

  • They save a lot of time by not having to look for an app in the store, install it, and enter information to begin using it.
  • Progressive Web Apps use less device storage because they function as a website.
  • Because they essentially function as a website, the notion of caching applies, allowing the app to function offline.

Progressive web apps are the right blend of mobile apps and websites, offering entrepreneurs a cost-effective solution. Progressive Web Apps have driven the business of several well-known brands such as Tinder, Uber, Trivago, and others due to their inexpensive development costs, minimal memory use, and offline performance.


The success stories of such corporate behemoths should entice you to investigate progressive web app development.


If you’re interested in transforming your existing website into a progressive web app, you’ll need to understand the following elements:


Here are the three requirements for converting a website to a PWA:


  1. An Android device with Chrome 52 or higher installed,
  2. Working knowledge of Git and Chrome DevTools is required.
  3. There’s also a Text Editor and some sample code.

Prepare your HTTPS website for migration once you’ve completed these steps.


Make an app manifest file.

An app manifest is a JSON file that contains the following information:

  • The backdrop color of the website for OS integration
  • The website’s canonical name.
  • The website’s theme color for OS integration.
  • an abbreviated form of that name (for icons)
  • The progressive web app’s URL scope is restricted.
  • The initial URL from which new PWA instances will be loaded
  • a description that is understandable by humans
  • Restrictions on orientation
  • Any icons for your website that you’d like to put on the home screen?

When installing the progressive web app, this information will be used as OS-level metadata.


Include the Manifest in Your HTML Template’s Base

The manifest HTML link should be included in your application’s lowest level HTML template, or, in the case of a pure client-side web app, the main index.html file, as it must be accessible to the browser client seeking to install the program. It’s straightforward to include; if you’re hosting this manifest at /static/manifest.json, simply include the following in the head> section:


<link rel=”manifest” href=”/static/manifest.json”>

Create an alias for index.html called offline.html.

The service worker code below renders /offline.html instead of any resource it can’t get while offline by default. Create a file called offline.html at your-scope>/offline.html to give the end-user a more explanatory message about why the data isn’t cached and why the user is temporarily offline.


If you’re planning on using a single-page web app, you might wish to make offline.html a symbolic link to your index.html file and handle the offline 404 there. If visitors are unable to be routed to offline pages, they may become distracted by a largely ineffective “offline” screen. This defeats a large part of the purpose of progressive web apps. Make sure that all error pages have a “back” button.


You can symbolically link offline.html to index.html in macOS and Linux like this:


ln -s index.html offline.html

Create a Service Employee.

You must decide which pages you want your user to be able to access at all times. The requested pages will be cached for each individual user who visits the website using a browser that supports services workers.


The Service Worker should be loaded.

To load the service worker, simply adds the following code to the end of your body> tag in your base HTML template:



if (!navigator.serviceWorker.controller)

{ navigator.serviceWorker.register(“/sw.js”).then(function(reg) { console.log(“Service worker has been registered for scope: ” + reg.scope); }); }



Develop and Launch Your Progressive Web App

At this point, you should deploy your app to the location where you want your user to access it in order to continue using it.


Hiring a qualified developer to transform your existing website into a PWA is a must. To interact with industry specialists, you can engage an experienced app development business. Let’s take a look at why working with a competent progressive web app development firm is a good idea:


A hundred percent transparency

A skilled programmer relies on a completely transparent development process. They keep everything clear, from the reporting pattern to the project completion and development phase. While working with tech pros, you will receive real-time updates on your project.


Reliable and experienced

They use a proven and specialized PWA App development approach to create intelligent and interactive progressive web applications for your company. They provide smooth PWA development services based on their knowledge and experience with the most up-to-date tools and technologies.


Project Management That Isn’t a Pain

Talented PWA developers are adept at dealing with project complexity, which might stymie the development process. They have skills and expertise in dealing with real-time issues that allow improved app development.


Customized Requirements

Organizations can choose from a variety of customized options to meet their needs. They offer customized pricing and plans for a variety of business needs. Hourly, monthly, part-time, and full-time certified PWA developers are available. You can hire according to your needs, whether short-term or long-term!


Estimate at No Cost

Do you want to make a progressive web app out of your existing website? PWA developers will review your needs and provide you with a no-cost estimate within a few hours of discussing your project with the team. They give immediate service, and a reputable firm will not charge you extra.


Your Project’s Confidentiality

They place a premium on the security of every company’s data. Your concept is valued by a professional staff, which maintains it confidential. They will use NDA before cooperating on development activities in order to build a trusting relationship with their clients and achieve better results.


They Work on Your Timetable

Hiring a reputable service will provide you with real-time help at any time of day or night. To ensure effective teamwork and minimize any communication gaps, they work according to your time zone and work schedule.

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Data Migration that is Secure

Before migrating data, they use a consistent and systematic strategy that considers both value and data. They produce apps that are a good mix of native and internet apps that are extremely functional and feature-rich. Additionally, they place a strong emphasis on secure data migration to prevent data leakage. At last, they recognize the importance of their client’s private information and adhere to the finest migration practices.



To acquire your desired PWA, you’ll need the help of an experienced progressive web app development business. The PWA development process involves a number of technical factors. Any expert mobile app developer can assist you in covering all technical areas in order to achieve a better result. Employ a progressive web app developer that specializes in the same domain to transform your existing website into a PWA.


Ahmad Sultan is a seasoned developer with extensive expertise. She has been employed by Mighty Warners, a well-known progressive web app development firm in Dubai. Ahmad also enjoys producing essays for the purpose of sharing educational information with people.

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