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How to Share IGTV Previews to Your Feed 

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Have you ever tried using the IGTV videos feature in the past? If so, not, it’s pretty standard, and lots of people are struggling with this issue. It’s because most users browse their Instagram and Stories feed and then go to their Instagram without ever looking at their IGTV tab. This is why it is vital to create a method to highlight IGTV movies on Instagram’s main Instagram feed. That is precisely what the latest IGTV previews feature is doing. This article will go over the basics of what IGTV previews look like and the best way to make and share them for the most views for your IGTV videos.

How to Share IGTV Previews to Your Feed

What are IGTV Previews?

How to Share IGTV Previews

Tips to Share IGTV Previews on Your Instagram Feed

What are IGTV Previews?

IGTV previews are one-minute glimpses of IGTV video content that you can publish on the Instagram feed. After a minute, you will have the option for users to click “watch the full video on IGTV.” This means that you can draw attention to your followers by presenting a teaser and inviting them to watch the entire film on the IGTV channel. Read More.

To view IGTV footage, Instagram users are required to quit the Instagram feeds and head to Instagram’s IGTV section on Instagram. However, very few users can do this themselves and need the motivation to do it. IGTV videos are just that. They act as a hook and are designed to help increase your IGTV videos’ visibility to make people go to them and watch them.

This is particularly useful when setting up a brand new IGTV channel because previews can make it easier for your followers to locate your IGTV channel. They can be directed directly to the IGTV channel by clicking”watch” and then the “watch more” option available at 1-minute.

How to Make Engaging Vertical Videos for IGTV

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How to Share IGTV Previews

Sharing IGTV previews to your Instagram feed is a straightforward procedure. You first need to make an IGTV video the way you usually do. In addition, you have the opportunity to choose a cover image or title, description, and so on before posting it. The preview you post will be visible on your Instagram followers’ feeds and your profile It is important to note that previews cannot share previews on videos that last more than one minute.

Tips to Share IGTV Previews on Your Instagram Feed

IGTV previews are a reasonably brand new function on Instagram. However, not many are familiar with how to make use of it. This is the reason we created this list of five strategies to optimize your IGTV previews so that you can maximize the use of this feature.

  1. Select your Cover Picture wisely

It is vital to pick a suitable cover photo for your IGTV preview since it is displayed on your profile and not only on your followers’ feeds. Therefore, your cover image must be appealing enough to attract your followers’ attention, and it should match the aesthetics of your profile. In addition, it should be of the correct dimensions and dimensions.

Except for the IGT Vicon, There is no way to differentiate the IGTV cover image from other posts. Therefore, please choose an image that appears like part of your Instagram feed and doesn’t make a statement. Many Instagram image creation tools, including Canva, display the various Instagram size and template sizes. You can use these tools to examine how your image appears in multiple sizes.

  1. Write Good Captions

If you upload an IGTV preview when you post a preview on IGTV, your IGTV video’s title is the caption for that preview. Therefore, you must select a title that defines what the video’s subject matter is and functions as a title and a caption. Before, Instagram did not allow users to edit or change the caption once you had posted; however, they’ve now offered this option. Therefore, if you do not prefer your IGTV video’s title to be the caption, you can modify it later.

  1. Edit Your IGTV Previews Strategically

The entire purpose behind IGTV previews is to entice your viewers with something exciting and encourage them to go to the full-length video on the IGTV channel. This will help you promote your videos and lead your viewers to your channel. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the contents of your 1-minute previews in a way so that it engages the viewers enough to cause them to want to watch the whole thing. For More info Click Here.

  1. Post at the Right Times

Another method to ensure the most value out of the results of your IGTV previews is to make sure you post at the correct time when you will receive the most engagement. According to this study, the following are the most effective times to publish on Instagram.

As you can see, Wednesdays and Fridays are the days that you’ll get the highest engagement. Also, generally the most effective times to post are between 9 am between 1 pm and 9 am. Use these as a starting point, and then refine them based on the insights of your audience. Use your Instagram Insights report to find out which times your followers are online most. Then, pick the times you will post your IGTV previews and videos.

  1. Use Subtitles

This is an excellent method, not only for IGTV previews and videos but for all videos you upload to Instagram. This is because most people disable the sound for the videos they watch on Instagram.The use of subtitles in videos does not just help viewers to understand your video. And etter and increases the number of views because more people will see it. Therefore, it’s the best practice you follow when making IGTV videos and your IGTV previews. This will increase the number of views and encourage more viewers to check out the ITV videos.

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