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How to Make Your Fashion Choices More Sustainable

With sustainability and ecology hitting the headlines of our daily news, more and more people try to make their choices more nature-friendly. This reflects in the fashion industry as well. Therefore, many fashionistas and bloggers support sustainable shopping and mindful choices that begin with the question: “Do I truly need this piece?”

It can be utterly daunting to completely change your shopping habits. On top of that, no change happens overnight. So, starting your sustainable journey gradually will help you achieve greater results. What are some of the steps you should make if you want to ensure sustainability in your wardrobe and fashion choices?

1. Repair before you replace

Have you noticed certain clothing items have worn out, became ripped, or missing a button? Don’t just throw them away before you try to repair or recycle those pieces. Even hopeless items can have a second chance by renewing their color or restoring their shine. Is that even possible to do at home?

Numerous tricks and tips on how to revamp or revive your favorite clothes exist on the internet. They are easy to use for everyone and can bring new life to your old items. In case you can’t seem to find a way to restore the item, consider repurposing it. For instance, use old and ripped singlets as dusting cloth or old socks for kids’ puppets. 

2. Participate in clothes exchange

One of the most exciting ways of refreshing your wardrobe and providing it with some new lights is by participating in clothes exchange events. Swap the items you rarely wear for trendy stuff you love. When participating in such an event ensure the clothes you bring are clean, neat, and ready for a new home. You can find some excellent bargains there!

In case you’re not comfortable swapping clothes with strangers, you can always try this with your closest friends. Help each other clean out the wardrobes, set aside items you haven’t worn in a long time, and give them to a friend. The same principle can be applied and vice versa. That’s how you’ll get fashionable apparel without spending money!

3. Go thrifting 

Ever since Thrift shop by Macklemore and Lewis Ryan came out in 2015, shops that sell second-hand clothes and other items became vastly popular. More and more people started buying second-hand items, not only because they are cheap, but high-quality and fashionable as well. So, if you want to come across some great finds to incorporate into your unique closet, thrift shops are the way to go!

From vintage to boho to modern, you can find a wide range of different clothes and styles that can fit everyone’s taste. Thrift stores and charity shops are a noble and sustainable choice for everyone who cares about the nature and entire planet’s wellbeing. 

4. Say no to fast fashion

Fast fashion brands cater to customers who follow the latest trends and quickly swap their old clothes for new, hot pieces. The trend in the 2000s in which people were shamed for repeating outfits contributed to the development of huge shopping malls with fast fashion stores that can harm the planet and your wallet too! Besides that, most items produced in so-called fast industries are low quality, harmful, and on the opposite side of the eco-friendly spectrum. 

Try to minimize your shopping with such brands that poison the air, water, and soil around us. Items produced by fast fashion brands are rarely recyclable and get worn out faster. This makes you spend more money on trending items which just repeats the cycle. 

5. Support smaller local brands

Hand-made and specialty clothing items and accessories have been trendy for quite some time. However, usually, the first thing that comes to our mind with local or smaller brands is the price. Even though you might have to break the bank here or there when making sustainable fashion choices, you’ll get the value that pays off in the longer run. 

Smaller brands and designers usually use better quality materials to create the clothes you wear. Such material lasts longer and isn’t so prone to overtime color loss and breakage. Research your local brands that are a part of the slow fashion chain and be one with nature! 

6. Go for quality instead of quantity 

Have you ever bought a clothing item just because you needed it? Many people purchase things they liked at the first glance, but when they come home, their interest and desire fade leaving them with a bag filled with pieces they will never wear. How can you change this habit and have more productive clothes shopping?

Consider searching for items you truly love. Even though you might need to spend more time and invest more money in sustainable clothes, you’ll have outfits that will last for a long time. Where can you find clothes that will perfectly match your style? Search for a website that has design software implemented. This will give you a chance to customize items and have them made out of the highest quality material that will last for years and years to come. 

7. Consider organic apparel

Buying new clothes is sometimes a necessity we cannot avoid. Besides having pieces customized to you, you’ll sometimes need to pay certain stores a visit. Find out which stores sell apparel made out of natural and organic materials to pursue your sustainability journey. What kind of materials should you be on the lookout for?

Organic cotton, linen, wool, or hemp are the perfect examples of natural and eco-friendly materials that complete your closet. Besides the chic look, the benefits of organic clothes include the price, health perks, and awareness. 

8. Take care of your clothes

In the end, no matter what kind of clothes you have, care is essential for sustainability. By taking care of your clothes, you’re ensuring their longevity and increasing durability. Proper maintenance also keeps your clothes from losing their shape and color. So, what is the right way to take care of your clothes?

Pay attention to and follow the tags that come along with clothing items. Avoid machine drying your items and long exposure to the sun. Also, try saving energy by washing your clothes on an eco-program and keeping the wardrobe clean of moths!

Final thoughts

Pursuing sustainability in your day-to-day life may be challenging, but once you start, you won’t get enough! Sustainable fashion choices will increase the durability of your wardrobe and save you money. So, take the first step by deciding you want to be more eco-aware and nature-friendly!  

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