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How to draw a Chinese dragon – step by step instructions

Chinese dragon - step by step instructions

How to draw a Chinese dragon – step by step instructions:The dragon is an essential part of Chinese history and myth.They have become very symbolic and influential throughout history and have been seen as symbols of power and success in centuries past. They remain a popular design and image even in modern times, and learning to draw a Chinese dragon can be a lot of fun!

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How to draw a Chinese dragon Let’s start:

Step 1

 In this first step of our how-to guide to creating a Chinese dragon, you’ll use your pencil to create an outline to work with when adding details in the following steps.As you can see in the connection images, this dragon will be made up of many curved and winding lines. The hardest part of this step will be the face, so you need to go slow for this part and follow the instructions very closely.

Once you are happy with the look of the face, you can go over the pencil lines with a pen. As you use your pen, you can also add finer details over time.

 Step 2

 We will continue to lengthen the pen lines in this component of your Chinese dragon sketch. To do this, you can preferably begin with sharp, jagged lines around the face for fiery detail. Then you can draw square details along the dragon’s chest. Finally, you can finish this step by draw the claw on the front of the dragon holding an orb.

Step 3

 This third step of our guide to drawing a Chinese dragon is to add more pen details to your image. First, you can lay the square scales along the dragon’s chest. Then add a pin detail to the other leg and foot near the bottom of the kite. There are also some more fiery details trailing behind this leg.

Next, the dragon’s body continues with more curvy, twisting lines, and then the scales continue as the body spins. The reference image is beneficial to see where the scale needs to go to make body placement consistent!

 Step 4

 In this area of your Chinese dragon sketch, we will complete the rest of the dragon outline. To accomplish this, you can resume everything you’ve done so far in this guide to complete the upside-down loop, which will end in a tail. Don’t forget to add the hind legs too! Ultimately, once these parts are drawn, you can slide a pointed fin into the dragon’s back for even more fiery effects.

Step 5

 Your dragon looks cool! It’s nearly time to color it in, but first, there are a few more additional points to add to this guide on how to draw a Chinese dragon. Before adding them, you can take your eraser and erase all the pencil lines you drew in the first step. You won’t need them anymore; they’re just getting in your way at this point!

 Chinese dragon

Once the pencil lines are run, grab your pen and go over the little dots you missed. Now you can wrap up some excellent touches to bring your dragon to life. For our image, we used patterns of many small rounded shapes to make scale spots on the dragon. It’s a simple but effective trick for beautiful touches! Finally, before continuing, you can add some elements you want. It would be nice to draw a background for this image to show where this dragon is!

Step 6

 You’ve worked hard on your Chinese dragon drawing, and now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy coloring! In our reference image, we used reds and yellows for our kite, but that’s by no means the only option you have! Although gold and red are standard on these dragons, they also come in different colors for you to experiment with. You can use any shades you like in this photo, which would look amazing! If you draw a background, you can also color it for even more color variation. Once you know what colors you want to use, you can have fun creating artistic mediums.

 Chinese dragon

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