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How to Develop Personality for IAS?

In the UPSC exam, many aspirants appear for the exam to become IAS officers each year. IAS officer is one of the most sought-after job positions in India. Along with perks and a decent income, it allows the aspirants to work for the betterment of the country.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) manages the Civil Services Exam each year and picks aspirants for IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS posts. UPSC CSE is a tough nut to crack, but you can easily clear it with dedication and effort.

After clearing the UPSC CSE Mains exam, UPSC Interview is the final phase in the UPSC Civil Service Examination preparation journey. Of 275 marks, at least 200 marks are required to qualify for the exam. The marks that the aspirant obtains in the Mains Exam and the Interview round would determine the rank. Then the aspirants are allotted the posts as per the ranks obtained by the aspirant in the Exam. 

It is essential to get proper guidance and mentorship to become an IAS officer. You can join a good UPSC coaching institute as they have expert faculty that can guide you in the right direction. One such coaching is The Thought Tree. T3 is one of the best IAS coaching in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They offer everything from test series, study material, and interview guidance from the best teachers. 

Tips on How to Develop Personality for IAS

1. Personality

The final stage of the UPSC is known as the personality round because of a reason. It is a 30-minute exercise and will make or break your life. Interview determines whether the aspirant is intelligent enough to take on the responsibilities. From a broader perspective, it examines the intellectual ability, character, and level of interest in current events. 

Hence, if you wish to clear the IAS Personality Test, you will have to develop a captivating personality and have characteristics that are important for conducting IAS officer duties. The characteristics include attentiveness, communication skills, problem-solving approach, honesty, physical fitness, being patriotic, and being a good leader. 

2. Be Prepared

Go through the Detailed Application Form (DAF), which you had submitted before appearing for the interview. Many of the interview questions are asked from the DAF and about the information that has been filled in DAF by you. Please don’t make up the answers, and it is suggested that you be well-versed with the DAF not to make any mistakes while answering questions related to hobbies, academic background, or your profession.  

3. Be Confident

In the interview round, it is important to be confident while answering the questions. Wear a dress that makes you look proper and decent on the interview day. Be prepared and have self-confidence.

And with this, your body language will also be taken into consideration by the board members. Just the way you talk, address the members, communication skills, and answer properly will help you clear the round easily.

4. Listening Skills

While being asked, in the UPSC exam, listen to the questions attentively before answering. But, as many aspirants see, they get excited or anxious and answer the question without listening. Also, don’t interrupt the examiner and listen till the question is completed. After that, think and make use of gestures while answering the question.

5. Communication Skills

Have good communication skills, use gestures, have a good posture, and be articulate while expressing your opinion to the interview panel. Make use of power words and answer fluently.

6. Avoid Hesitating and Answer Confidently

While being asked a question, think before you speak. The board members don’t want you to answer right away, so listen properly and respond. If you don’t know the answer, be polite and say, “I don’t know the answer to that question,” and don’t make things up.

7. Work Integrity

IAS officers should set an example for others and should be focused on their work. They should be punctual and reach the workplace on time. Work integrity will teach you to be productive and make good use of your time.

8. Be Patriotic

An IAS officer should be patriotic and be willing to work to better the country and serve the people in need. As they are responsible for building and implementing various policies.

9. Take a Mock Interview

Take as many mock interviews as you can before appearing for the interview round to better understand the questions asked. 

The Bottom Line

So, to wrap this discussion, I hope that all these tips on how to develop personality for IAS will be useful and will help you in clearing the final round. 

All the IAS aspirants should keep in mind that the interview panel consists of experts with many years of experience and can tell when you are genuinely answering and making things up to answer a question without knowing anything about the topic.

Hence, improve and develop quick thinking to answer the questions and be polite and respectful towards the board members while entering the interview, addressing them, and expressing their opinions.

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