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How to Convert Kerio Emails to PST without Outlook?

Do you wish to convert Kerio emails to PST without Outlook installation? The fact that you are looking for a solution demonstrates how serious the problem really is. We can, however, assist you in effectively completing this duty by providing you with an appropriate solution. Ready to learn the solution to your problem? This solution has been shared with us, and we are grateful.

There are specific circumstances that need to convert Kerio emails to PST without Outlook

Suppose you need to transfer crucial Kerio emails to a colleague, but that colleague’s computer is configured with Outlook rather than Kerio. In this case, you must convert Kerio mailboxes to Outlook first, so that this colleague may more readily view the emails.

If you’d want to move your Kerio account to Outlook, you may do so here. It’s simple to decide to close the account, but it’s far more difficult to really go through with it because of the crucial emails you’ll be leaving behind. As a result, the only option left to you is to transform the email into a format that can be read by the account.

Other scenarios are beyond our comprehension, but they all lead to the same conclusion: how can we convert Kerio to PST without Outlook? So forget about the circumstance; there may be numerous situations, but there is only one solution, and now is the time to discover it.

No need for Outlook with this all-in-one solution for converting Kerio to PST

Your wish will come true with Kerio Converter Software assistance. One of a kind and trustworthy, the Kerio to PST converter is a must-have tool. No matter how many Kerio mailboxes you have or how many emails and attachments they contain, it can simply convert them all to a PST file without using Outlook.

There are so many features in this completely automated app that you will be able to conduct your job more efficiently. You want to know what these things do, don’t you? Learn more about it by taking a look at some of its key features.

Have a look at the most amazing features of Kerio to Outlook Converter software

  • Single as well as Bulk Conversion: If you believe that this tool can only convert a small number of mailboxes at a time, you are mistaken. You may convert all of the specified folders at the same time with this feature. By converting numerous mailboxes at the same time, you may save a significant amount of time.
  • Convert emails and attachments: Do you wish to convert attachments to PST as well as the main message? This tool, on the other hand, can be of assistance. Attachments may also be converted with the help of this program. Attachments are not required to be processed independently from the rest of the document. All attachments are transformed at the same time as the email messages.
  • Choose the location: Would you like to specify a different place for the generated files if you so desire? This tool, on the other hand, can be of use here as well. If you wish to convert Kerio to a different place, this application provides you with the opportunity to browse to the location of your choosing and select the location you want for the generated files to be saved.
  • Completely Standalone application: It is the best tool to convert Kerio emails to PST without Outlook. The tool doesn’t require any supportive application. Also, it is compatible with all the versions of Windows.

Is this set of capabilities sufficient? If you don’t have enough, you may utilise the tool to locate more. Yes, we’ve just touched on a few of the features thus far. There are several additional functions that this application may perform.

Time to wrap up the article

The appropriate method to convert Kerio emails to PST without Outlook with the Kerio to PST converter. Using this app, you will have access to all the capabilities you require to successfully execute the work at hand.

While this app comes with a free sample version, you may use it to see whether this software is right for you before you buy it. Therefore, the tool should be used to finish the task.

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