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How Commerce is taught as a subject in Eclassopedia

One subject that has started to gain wide prominence now is commerce. For ten years the most demanding subject for people from most fields is commerce. This is mainly due to several reasons. One is due to the increase in the optimistic attitude towards business and other employment areas. More than that, most of the institutes and platforms do provide good job opportunities for graduates from commercial backgrounds too. Eclassopedia gives tutor services online.

Coping up with the offline and traditional model classes is difficult for the pupils. Therefore most of them turn towards online tutorings to get in good touch with the subject. 


How Eclassopedia functions

Eclassopedia is one home tutors sites that give tutor services online. For the classes, there will be an online private tutor for each student who works for them. The tutor for students engages in various conversations and discussions that are profitable for the tutee. They also help them in online homework help slots too.


Commerce is a wide arena where there are many interconnected and interrelated areas. Its main focus is on trade, business, banking, insurance, warehousing etc. Eclassopedia, the home tutors site and online tutoring site provides the best tutor services online too. The sessions are divided based on the convenience of the student. The student can decide the subject for which they need sessions before the demo. After the demo conduction, they can confirm it. 


For the 11 and 12 th grade commerce there are mainly 4 to 5 subjects apart from languages. So the online private tutor who teaches each should be an expert in their own fields too. Mostly the tutors will be those who have M.Com, MA Economics, MSc Maths, Msc Statistics, Msc Computer Science and MCA. 



Most organizations revolve around the primary word “accounting”. To know to account the student must learn very well the theories and problems in Accountancy. To determine the financial results of a company they should have proper knowledge of the same. The tutor initially teaches the student the basics of accounting. They initially introduce the definition of accounting.  Then they make the tutee learn some important terms like plant and machinery, land and building, depreciation, asset, liability, bank reconciliation etc.

The theoretical aspect of the words is studied. Later the most basic things like “journal entry” and “ledger” are being taught. Then most of the tutors go with cash account entry dealings etc. Here the home tutor for students teaches the child about recording transactions and entries. There are other modules called “Bank Reconciliation Statement”, “Rectification of errors” etc. The assets depreciated values are computed in the chapter “Depreciation”.


The most significant module in Accounting is “Financial Statements”. The online private tutor here gives their maximum effort to teach this. Each entry and addition needs to be explained well too. Then they will help the children to learn it and how it is taken into account too. This is the basic financial statement pattern followed by all the financial institutes. 


There are also other non-profitable organizations too. The accounting of their institutes also needs to be considered. There are partnership accounting chapters too. There is one major topic of computerized accounting too which started to gain prominence nowadays. The online tutor most basically provides online tutoring services through virtual classes. The tutor will be an M.com or MBA qualified who is well versed in the field of accounting. The majority of the parts of this subject are under problem. So the tutor uses whiteboards for illustrating it to the students too.  The tutor also accompanies the child with online homework help too. Because the homework will be difficult for the students to proceed with further. Therefore they will be taught the easiest methods to learn it too.


Business Studies

As the name itself suggests the subject mainly teaches about business and its conduction. This subject teaches the tutee the details about business from very basic to advanced levels. The major discussion is trading in the economy. It also talks about the company and many other things too. The student will also learn about the business environment and the factors that affect the business environment etc too. This subject can guide the tutee into becoming a successful business entrepreneur.



Economics is a complicated but vital subject in business. To understand the basics of accounting and business studies, there should be a base knowledge of economics too. 


It also provides an understanding of the functioning of both the national and international economy too. The economics tutor online can also help the student with a wider understanding of the economic issues and matters. They will also help you to choose and suggest better career options too. Till 10th the students will only have a small view on the subject matter called economics. But from 11th onwards there is a vast syllabus too.

The tutee needs to learn all the basic theories too through which the economy functions. In 12th economics is divided into two sections which are microeconomics and macroeconomics. The 1st one has studies on graphs and figures. Whereas the last one talks about major equations and how it is applied too.


The tutor with the help of online tools too engages and discusses major things. The students will have many doubts as the paper is tough. The Eclassopedia tutor can give out the best knowledge they have.



This subject is a part of Economics too. These are some mathematical equations with mean, median, mode and many more. 



Some schools have Maths as the subject instead of Computer Application. The students who wished to be freed from the clutches of this can find the solution on the home tutors site Eclassopedia. Here the experienced and well-qualified tutor helps the students in all the areas of maths. Therefore the students can learn it through simple means too.


In a nutshell

To conclude, commerce is one of those things which have become inevitable in our daily lives. But to learn it is a difficult step. But sites like Eclassopedia give tutor services online which makes the subject easier. Therefore the students can learn it in innovative methods and use it in their future too.


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