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Historical Triumphs: The Biggest Odds Horse Winners of All Time

When it comes to horse betting, experienced bettors understand the art of picking longshot winners that can yield substantial payouts. Landing a trifecta win in horse racing is akin to hitting the jackpot, and it all begins with selecting a horse with massive betting odds. Today, OKBet online casino and Sportsbook will introduce you to the Hall of Famers in the category of horse race winners with the highest odds.

Sawbuck (300/1)

Sawbuck made history at Punchestown on May 24th, stunning fans as the longest-priced champion with incredible odds of 300/1. His jockey, Charlie O’Dwyer, attributed their victory to the horse’s excellent form despite previous less successful races.

He Knows No Fear (300/1)

He Knows No Fear also boasts remarkable odds of 300/1 and clinched victory at Leopardstown in Ireland. His jockey, Luke Comer, celebrated his second win after a previous victory at Limerick with odds of 250/1. During his maiden race, he surpassed 14 competitors, but Sawbuck’s record was later outdone in 2020.

Equinoctial (250/1)

In November 1990, Equinoctial won the Grants Whisky Novices’ Handicap Hurdle, becoming the longest-priced winner in British horse racing history. Michael Dods was in charge of the horse then, and the victory was a turning point in his career.

Killahara Castle (200/1)

Killahara Castle, a Bay Filly, achieved a record of 22 runs, two-second places, and two third places. She secured a historic win at Thurles Racecourse, defeating True Self with astonishing odds of 200/1. The race was a significant victory and the last for the seven-year-old horse.

Dandy Flame (200/1)

Dandy Flame claimed victory with remarkable odds of 200/1 in the FCL Global Forwarding Making Logistics Personal Maiden Stakes. Renato Souza rode the Irish colt, who finished in just one minute and two seconds, defeating the unsuspecting Elegantly Bound with odds of 10/1.


These horses have etched their names in history by defying the longest sports betting odds in horse racing. Remember that this list is subject to change as new records are set in races worldwide. In the meantime, let’s celebrate the glory of these UK and Irish mares. If you aspire to emulate their success, consider placing your bets on one of the races at our online casino site to win substantial profits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Biggest Odds Horse Winners

1. What are “betting odds” in horse racing, and why do they matter?

Betting odds represent the probability of a horse winning a race and the potential payout for bettors. Higher odds mean the horse is considered less likely to win, but the payout is more substantial if it does. Many bettors seek horses with long odds for the chance of significant winnings.

2. How do I calculate potential winnings based on betting odds?

You can calculate potential winnings by multiplying your stake by the odds. For example, if you bet $10 on a horse with 200/1 odds and it wins, your potential winnings would be $10 x 200 = $2,000.

3. Are these longshot winners expected in horse racing?

No, horses with extremely long odds, such as those mentioned in the article, are rare. They are considered underdogs in a race, and their victories are celebrated for their unexpectedness.

4. What factors should I consider when betting on horses with long odds?

When betting on longshot horses, it’s essential to research their recent performance, track conditions, jockey skills, and other factors that may influence the race. While the odds are high, winning is still a challenge.

5. How often do records for longest betting odds in horse racing change?

Records for the longest betting odds can change over time as new races occur and horses with extraordinary odds emerge. The list in the article is a snapshot of historical triumphs, and the horse racing world continues to surprise us with unexpected winners.

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