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Good versus Bad Binary Options Brokers

Good versus Bad Binary Options Brokers

If you are looking for an investment advisor, you are likely to get all kinds of advice – from friends, family, and even your known traders. A person’s mind is at ease when they think they have found the best specialist in his field. Furthermore, relying on a reliable recommendation saves you time, money, and trouble. What can you do in order to simplify it?

Make sure that you have reliable information, not just second-hand information. Learn what you need to know.

How To Choose The Best Trading Platform?

Write down your goals before investing. It is important to answer before you begin sifting through online brokers. Are you hoping to invest in binary trading? Or, looking for a long-term retirement fund? Do you wish to learn day trading or more advanced investment strategies, such as options?

You can evaluate brokers based on a few factors after you know what kind of investment you’re interested in:

  • Commissions
  • Reliability
  • Account minimum.
  • Account fees.
  • Pricing and execution.
  • Tools, education and features.
  • Promotions


Get a first-hand understanding of whether a binary options broker or advisor meets these criteria:

  • A good broker is a qualified professional:

It means holding all the necessary licenses and registrations, having a wealth of finance experience, and completing several years of university studies. Someone who is not so good at financial planning is someone who entered the field by default or through another means.

Financial advisors can be anyone: insurance agents, salespeople, bankers – even the guy down the street who recently traded online can call himself a financial advisor. Do your homework early.


  • Good Binary brokers know their strengths:

Brokers should focus on what they do best and leave the rest to others they know well. You will find some not-so-good brokers who will tell you they are experts in tax law, estate planning, accounting, and insurance. You can almost bet that someone who claims to know everything doesn’t even know the basics.


  • Good Binary Options Brokers are regulated:

Regulation is a significant fact that needs to be checked while selecting a broker. Best brokers are always regulated and allow traders to enjoy the best features.

Not-so-good brokers are not that efficient and have zero regulation. As a result, the money is not unquestionably safe and secure. We are not recommending any specific brokers here in this article, but Binary.com could be great.

The broker is regulated and has no scam reports so far.


  • A good broker asks good questions:

Without knowing you, your financial goals, and expectations, a financial advisor cannot give too much advice. To do that, he or she must actively listen and ask questions. Good brokers do both well. If a broker is not so good, he will either waste your time trying to sell you on his services, or he will ask you questions that are clearly meant to lead you back to the sales pitch.

  • A good broker stick with you:

To do this, a good broker develops a plan that works for you and then ensures that it is implemented efficiently and accurately. Brokers who aren’t so good will craft the plan for you then send it to a second-tier broker or outsource the execution entirely.

You should ensure that the broker you are considering is dedicated to the long run.


Suppose Binary.com is a trusted and regulated binary broker that has a good customer care center to support traders. You can ask anything at any time and the team will dedicatedly give you the best solution.


  • A good Binary broker is clear about fees:

In addition to financial advisors and brokers that work on a commission basis, some brokers work on a fee-only basis if that is what they prefer. These brokers will provide you with a detailed commission breakdown in writing so that you know exactly how you will be paid. Poor brokers may fail to be specific, or worse, say “fee upfront, then commission.” Get a written agreement.

  • A good broker leaves you feeling smarter:

This means that after a phone call or meeting, you feel more prepared, more confident, and more in control than you did before. You will feel exhausted, confused, and unsatisfied if you choose the not-so-good broker – and that can sometimes be the point. You should direct your prospective broker to the door if he has a case of the buzzwords.


How To Test A Binary Options Brokers:


There should be fewer brokers on your list now. But don’t make a decision just yet because so much false information is out there. Test out the brokers that most interest you.

  • Take note of the trading conditions by opening a demo account first. Orders should be executed instantly. Check the payout ratio and execution time before placing a trade.
  • You can open a live account with a fraction of the capital you intend to deposit after the demo account has worked for several weeks. Start with $1,000 if you have $10,000 to deposit.
  • Use your partial deposit for at least two weeks. Test customer support during this time, asking questions and evaluating how quickly they respond.
  • Withdraw some of the funds in your account. If your withdrawal method costs several dollars, this is worth it to know whether withdrawals are easy.
  • Your due diligence has been completed if everything seems good. Deposit the rest of your capital and begin trading as usual.


Final Words:

It is best to move forward cautiously with your prospective broker if they seem honest and forthright. This way, you can bet it won’t be a bad deal for you if they aren’t very good.

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