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Expansion In Online Courses And Its Effects On Student Exams

Did you know an increasing number of students are registered in online courses? More than 20% of all united states college students enrolled in at least one online course. Imagine the number of students looking for education but do we know the purpose? Is it really about learning and educating themselves or filling the social pressure of holding any sort of degree or certification to take exam online? The acceptance of online courses with different certifications took a massive boom.


Not only an increased rate of academic pressure but the inflation rate in different countries is high due to COVID-19. In the peak of a pandemic where everything went digital and every product went on an online platform or we say e-commerce. A whole new era of digitalization evolved. When everyone was isolated in their homes a lot of universities and different course providers started free online course services to take the exam online. Here it also increased the market and niche of academic writing on multiple platforms and websites.

Reasons Of Conversion

There are multiple reasons for this conversion from traditional face-to-face courses to the online testing system. Thus, the most highlighted one is the convenience of attending, pre-scheduling of classes and exams saves time and costs less tuition fee than actual university/ institute courses fee.


The potential advantage of taking courses and exams online include in-depth learning, critical thinking, emphasis on learning rather than grades. Which gives reassurance from stress and anxiety. Furthermore, home examination offers a great chance for a student to unleash their potential and to work at their own pace. It helps in distinguishing the herd of students and focusing on microlearning which also exempts the social class pressure and its performance.


The edge-on takes my exam online give the sense of comfort, an extended period to complete answers. Easy excess to notes, texts resources, and other additional inscriptions of subjects according to the needs of students.


There are certain drawbacks of online learning and examination. The fairness of assessment is questionable, we all know the widespread access on the internet to almost everything is a loss and in exams. Every individual tries their best to ace in it, without considering the side effect and source of information. Which jeopardizes the credibility not for the student or an examiner but in practical life when individual claims to know things that they do not know. Passing through cheating will only help in the short term however, the long-term plan and career on that particular learning or skill will become questionable.


We all can agree that physical presence in remote classes made us disciplined and taught us academic behavior. But in the case of online learning, the absence of a supervisor creates in conducting misbehavior and loss of mannerism in class. It is hard to guard the social and academic integrity of a class. 

Teaching Factors That Impact Students’ Performance

In Remote Learning Vs Online Learning 

1. Assessment

In remote classes or face-to-face learning, teachers make sure to give equal attention to almost every student. Even taking mock examinations builds the student’s confidence and they are mentally prepared for the final examination and know how to better cope with the exam stress and anxiety. In taking an exam online you lose that essence and suffer miserably.

2. Oral Communication

Creating a secure environment either for public speaking sessions, presentations or even a sudden impromptu helps in boosting confidence and enhancing the oral communication of an individual. But this is near impossible to achieve in an online course class. The amount of error and difficulties often lead to muting every participant. 

3. Feedback

timely feedback always works in favor. If you are a student or a teacher it does not matter, everyone needs good feedback to improve themselves. To polish their skills and even to learn something new to make an additional benefit for them. Feedback is quite hard to communicate in e-learning or online examination. 

Students Factors That Impact Performance

1. Academic Maturity

the peak of student life is not always clumsy. You get wiser day by day learning something new. Self-evaluation and personal critique transform the best version of a person.

2. Motivation

Motivation for learning something new every day creates adrenaline and excitement. It is not always something positive, but it is helpful even if it is negative because positive and negative emotions create energy. That energy can either lead to satisfaction or frustration. Achievement of personal goals in terms of grade and career is also the driving force of motivation.


Motivation can be divided into two types 1) intrinsic 2) extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation is for students who find interest and extreme satisfaction in what they learn. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is basically achieving an external reward such as grades, multiple certifications, prizes, etc. this could be the hidden motivation to many students who learn from online courses and take the exam online. Because a person cannot filter out the intention of another individual. 

The Final Verdict

There is a massive increase in online courses which eventually lead to taking my exam online. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of any situation, the world is not black and white so does e-learning. You have to pick what works best for you to process learning and developing skills.

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