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Convert Windows Live Mail Emails to PST Files

Best Way to Convert Windows Live Mail to PST

Summary: This article is required reading if you wish to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST. We have covered both manual and automated techniques to export Microsoft Live Mail to PST files. Read this post to learn how to convert Windows Live Mail files to PST format.

How to Convert Windows Live Mail Emails to PST?

This initial method may now be utilized to initiate the migration from Windows Live Mail to PST files. To utilize this approach, a WLM account must be configured on the device. Additionally, you must have an Outlook account configured on your device. Follow the steps below to determine what you must do to convert Windows Live Mail emails and how doing so will benefit you.

  1. Windows Live Mail is accessible after authentication. You may enter the Mail menu by selecting File > Options > Mail.
  2. Now, navigate to the Maintenance tab inside the Advanced menu.
  3. Open the folder in which you intend to save items by clicking its icon.
  4. Everything that has transpired throughout the transmission of your message is displayed here, and you are permitted to make duplicates.
  5. Access your messages in EML format by navigating to the folder containing EML files using the specified location.
  6. When you know the location of each EML file, you may import it into PST.

Convert Windows Live Mail to PST.

Now, there are two options available for converting EML to PST format:

Export Windows Live Mail Messages

You should utilize both MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail, with Outlook serving as your primary email client.

  • After launching Windows Live Mail, select File from the drop-down list. After selecting the Export emails option, select the Email messages option.

Note: If you are using Windows Live Mail for Windows XP or an earlier version, you may reach the File menu by using the Alt key.

  • Choose Microsoft Exchange, then continue.
  • The user gets alerted when messages are exported from Windows Live Mail to Outlook or Exchange. Simply click OK.
  • You have control over which email folders are exported. You may select any folder you like. Make the correct choice and then click OK.
  • After selecting the desired Outlook profile, click the OK button. Commencement of export procedure.
  • When the Export Confirmation Wizard appears, click Finish.

In Microsoft Outlook, review the exported email. You may save these emails as a PST file using Outlook’s Import/Export functionality.

Windows Live Mail Messages Can Be Moved With a Single Drag

  1. After gathering all the emails and verifying the location of the EML file, you may drag and drop the emails from the parent email client into the targeted email client.
  2. Navigate to the location where Windows Live Mail stores its EML files after selecting the e-mails.

Notice: Windows Live Mail EML files may be moved to a device running Outlook by transferring them to a portable storage device such as a hard disk or flash drive. This is only possible if Windows Live Mail is configured on both computers.

Open Outlook and navigate to the mailbox where the messages will be saved.

  1. Transfer the EML files into the PST folder using the drag-and-drop method.
  2. Verify whether any e-mails in the PST folder are pending reading.

It is possible to lose messages while exporting or dragging and dropping files; thus, you should create a backup copy of your EML files.

Windows Live Mail to PST Conversion in One Go

Utilizing the Windows Live Mail converter application is the quickest and easiest way to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST. In contrast to the manual approach, this one is compatible with all Outlook PST versions. Also it can import Windows Live Mail’s saved folders into the PST format in bulk. In addition, it offers an outline of the tasks you must accomplish to finish the work. These will provide you with a better sense of the device’s performance.

Learn More About the Robotic Device

  1. Transferring Windows Live Mail to PST is possible using the same procedure.
  2. Import Windows Live Mail with all attachments directly to PST.
  3. Convert several Windows Live Mail folders to PST without mistake.
  4. Also, it allows viewing of Windows Live Mail messages prior to conversion.
  5. For forensic purposes, Windows Live Mail allows you to see messages in hex and raw format.
  6. You can select the place where WLM files will be saved.
  7. Furthermore, Windows Live Mail may also be converted into PDF, EML, and MBOX formats.


We provided instructions on how to convert Windows Live Mail emails to PST file manually. However, the manual approach differs across Outlook PST versions. The Windows Live Mail to PST conversion process is identical to that of any other email client. So, after reviewing the processes indicated on this page, you may now begin your project.

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