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Convert Excel to vCard Files on Windows

Convert Excel Files to vCard Format in Few Steps

Summary: Read this article completely if you want to convert Excel to vCard files. Here, you may find an easiest way to convert Excel files such as XLS / XLSX directly to any version of vCard files such as 2.1 or 4.0. We suggest you to keep browsing down the page in order to navigate your ultimate solution.

The vCard files are one of the most preferable formats for strong contacts information. Many users use it based on the different advantages they provide. We have detailed some of the vCard advantages which we suggest you to go through.

Benefits of Using vCard Files for Storing Contact Information

  1. The vCard architecture makes it possible for applications operating on linked devices, such as Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and personal digital assistants, PDAs with infrared connectivity, etc., to automatically share contact information.
  2. vCard-enabled programs include mail, voicemail messages, Internet browsers, phone software, service providers, telephony, PDAs, and PIMs (personal information managers).

How to Convert Excel to vCard Files?

One of the most secured and easiest ways to convert Excel files to vCard files is to use the Excel to vCard Converter Tool. The tool, as the name itself indicates, is specifically designed for converting the Excel files directly in any version of vCard format. The app is most trustworthy and is used by many users to ease their work.

While the conversion seems to be the difficult; the tool tries to make it the simplest. It offers you just a few easy steps to convert Excel contacts to vCard files. We have detailed all the necessary steps that you need to follow in order to use the software. We suggest you to read them in order to easily convert Excel to vCard.

Step-by-step Guide to Convert Excel Files to vCard Format

  1. Download the utility on your operating device. Once the downloading has been completely you need to start installing it. You need to accept some basic terms and condition to install the app. Once the installation has been completed, you need to launch it to convert Excel file to vCard.
  2. Now you need to click on the Open tab. once the drop-down menu appears, you need to click either Choose File or Choose Folder option.
  3. Start browsing the files that you want to convert into vCard files. Once you have found them get them all into the tool.
  4. Now, you will see that all of your selected vCard files have been uploaded into the tool. At this stage, if you want, you may preview the Excel files.
  5. Now you need to click on the Export tab. Select the vCard as the file saving option.
  6. Click on the browse button to select the most appropriate location to save the output files.
  7. You may also select the vCard version in which you want to save the Excel contacts. After all is done click on the save button tp convert Excel to vCard files.

So, the above are the entire steps you must follow in order to use the tool to convert Excel file to vCard format. In addition to the process; we have also detailed some of the tool’s functions. We suggest you to read them also to learn a bit more about the tool.

Learn more about the Excel to vCard Utility

  1. Easy Interface: The utility is very easy to use. The all the credit for tool’s easiness goes to its interface. The app interface is very easy to use and can be used by any technical or non-technical users as well.
  2. Mass Conversion: The utility is very capable of converting Excel files in bulk. You may find the utility very best when it comes to converting unlimited number of Excel files. You may convert Excel to vCard files in bulk and without any hassle while employing the tool.
  3. Support for Files: The utility is best at converting any kind of vCard file. With the tool; you may convert XLS, XLSX, and XLT, XLSM files to any version of vCard such as 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0.
  4. Output Location: When using the utility; you are not required to save the resultant files to some pre-defined location. It lets you browse and select the location of your choice to keep the output files. You may choose any folder on your device to keep the vCard files.

In Conclusion

We have offered you the best way to convert Excel to vCard files. With the solution we have offered; you may convert any number of Excel files at the same time without any restrictions. The tool is completely independent and is supported by any version of Windows. We recommend you to download the utility quickly and start converting your files.

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