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Content Promotion: 5 Practical Ways To Follow

Making some content for your brand is easy but making your content can reach a lot of people is difficult one. So, you need to promote your content that will make some impact for your brand or company selling. 

As a content creator you need to pay attention to the trend so make sure that your content is current. Beside that, you can promote your content by using some ways below that to increase brand awareness. 

#1. Make Company Website or Blog 

The first way is making a company website or blog which can be a place for your SEO content growth. You can share some articles, white pages, newsletter subscriptions that end with promoting your product. 

Also, you can put in some important information like terms and conditions if the customers buy the product in your company. Or you can give some updates about new services that can make the customer easier buying products from your website or blogspot. 

Then, the key point to make your blog or company website has a huge engagement is to make sure that your blog has content as relevant as possible, always updating the stock of your products, and posting some content regularly. 

If you see, most of the top blogs always recycle their blogspot or website content based on reach analytics from the last content. Always make new content regularly, also make a high possibility for people to subscribe your company website or blogspot. 

#2. Social Media for Content Promotion

The second way is using social media as a platform for promoting your content. Social media here such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Social media is the easiest way for you to communicate with new people at one time. 

Now, a social media that has a lot of users is Instagram. In Instagram you can promote everything and try to get some benefit from it. Same as promoting in a website, in social media also need regular content so people want to follow your social media. You can post an event video or any kind of videos on it. 

For managing that, you can use some tools like Canva, Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your content to share by the date and time that you set before. 

For the last one, if you promote some content in social media, don’t forget to always put the hashtag to reach the larger people. Especially if you share your content on Twitter or Instagram. 

#3. Online Communities 

The third way is using online communities such as Growthhackers, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn, Medium, etc. This online communities different with social media but you can use this one to promote your content. 

For example in Quora, you can share your content by leaving comments in some threads. You can write some words in comment and then link them with your content for supporting material. Also, consider using explainer video with a clear sound effect so your audiences will understand better.

But pay attention to not spamming some comments in online communities, because your comments will be deleted easely by the admin. 

#4. Email Broadcast 

The fourth way is using email broadcast for content promotion. You can use some email receipts that are already in your email to share your new content. You can send them some link of social media posting or your company website and ask them to watch, like, follow or subscribe. 

In this broadcast email, you can send a link which connects to the content that has been made before. They will open the email and click that link so they will see your content. 

Using this way is easy enough especially if you have a lot of email addresses like your friend, siblings, classmate, etc. And by clicking the link even if you didn’t watch it full of the content, you still can get the increase of the engagement in your content. It will be amazing to promote your content. 

#5. Paid Ads 

The last way is using paid ads for content promotion. From the first to the fourth way is free, the last way you need to pay to promote your content. There are so many types of paid ads, but in this case we will discuss Google Ads. 

By using google ads, you can promote your content so it can come up in the first search page so people can easily find and read your content. Using this way will help you to reach the target market and get brand awareness. 

So, five ways to promote your content above looks like easy peasy right? But remember, you must continuously make good content and pack it as nice as possible so your audience can enjoy your content.

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond and Explainerd , an award winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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