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Common Mistakes in Web Development

We must constantly update and upgrade our strategies to thrive in this digital era. The increasingly competitive online market has led to more creative ideas for business growth. Website design and development are one of the most crucial factors for online success. They help you gain a digital presence and build a stronger digital community. The benefits of Singapore Website Design are endless and ever-evolving. It has been seen that some websites have major mistakes that lead to de-ranking on Google searches. Have you tried all the pro tips for website optimization and still struggling with leads and conversions? If that is the case, you might have some common mistakes in your Singapore website design and development. Connect with a web design company for a professional assessment.

Here is a list of practices that will damage your website optimization. 

Common Web Development Mistakes You Must Avoid

A web development investment can be lucrative if done the right way. While hiring for Singapore website design, you must hire a pro or a web design company; if your website is not helping you grow your business, spot these common mistakes that might damage your digital presence.

  • Using Outdated Developmental Techniques


Nothing is constant in the digital developmental world. The developers are regularly updating for better website reach and beat the competition. You have to follow the optimization rules to excel in digital presence. Observe if your website development has outdated developmental elements. Some outdated web development practices are:

  • Using Flash support for website
  • Excessive pop-ups
  • Keyword meta-tag
  • Non-traditional scrolling
  • Redux to store backend state
  • Manually formatting codes

Updated web developmental techniques are smarter and time saviours. These are more creative and help gain a better digital presence to build a lucrative business. 

  1. Content Stuffing

To have a successful career, you cannot rely on one skill. You need to constantly polish and expand your skill sets. Web developers often ignore the importance of content. An unprofessional web developer will do content stuffing that will kill the whole optimization chances. You do not need to add everything to one page to generate leads. Overcrowded content pages will confuse the visitor where to look and fail to catch the highlight of the page. The content placement should be aesthetically pleasing. Get in touch with a web design company or graphic designer to learn about appealing web page layouts. Any graphic or video content should be of high quality and not copy-pasted. 

  1. Non-Responsive Design 

The majority of web surfers use their smartphones. A responsive website means the ability of the web pages to adjust according to different screen resolutions and become compatible with all devices. Whether you use a laptop or a phone, the website has breaking points where it can adopt a relative device orientation and respond to user behaviour. 

If you have a non-responsive web design, your website on the phone will look smaller, and the user might find navigating different pages difficult. The user must zoom in from his mobile to click on desired links. The visitor will switch back to another website. 

  1. Not Applying SEO Strategies 

You cannot be successful without SEO optimization. Without a competitive SEO strategy, it is difficult to beat the competition and appear on the first searched pages. A web developer must update his knowledge on SEO web development optimization. The Google Algorithm strictly observes website performance and ranks accordingly. Your website should be according to Google’s good books. Having plagiarism content, poor quality images and videos, slow page loading speed, and incomplete content will de-rank your website. Connecting with an SEO agency is recommended to help you develop an optimized Singapore website design.

  1. Ignoring Input Validation

Input validation is essential for both client and user-side input. Input validation means verifying and testing any user input in the form of information, upload, webpage activity, or more. Ignoring or incomplete input validation can increase the chances of hacking and other web-related problems like SQL injection or cross-site scripting. It must be assured that the input data is according to the rules. As input validation can be a timely process for web developers, they mostly do client-based input validation. But if the JavaScript is disabled, the client-based validation can be bypassed, increasing the website vulnerability. 

It is essential you validate for both ends, and the rules are the same as well.  

  1. Forget to Name Your Default Index File 

Your default index file name is of crucial importance. When a visitor writes the website but not the file name, the web server will have to choose a default page. When the web server receives a request, it will choose from default file names like index.html. You must name your default page file by index.html. Whatever page you wish to be set as default, change its name so the visitor will be directed to that page through the web server.


Singapore Website design and development is essential for a lucrative online business. Web development is no less than an investment that also greatly affects your digital presence. Connect with a trusted web design company like Dynamic Web Development. We will ensure your website has none of those mentioned above mistakes. We will revamp your website with competitive website design and development that will help you rank better on Google and reach your ideal clients. 


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