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Best Toys and Gift Ideas for your Children

Toy and Gift Ideas

Stocking stuffers for little kids can be simple and inexpensive. In my son’s stocking, I like to include special items like travel toys, everyday items, and something with his name or initials. This Best Toys and Gift Ideas for Children for stocking stuffers for children aged 1 to 5 that they will love.

This bath toy is a great, affordable stocking stuffer for children. My son loves the Boon pipes bath toy. The tub is a great way to have fun and learn about water. It’s also good for ages 12 months and up.

There is a tremendous growth spurt in physical, emotional, and cognitive development for children aged 8. Toy Insider senior editor Jackie Cuckoo says that when it comes to trends, “a lot of retro toys are making a comeback with a new spin on them to keep them relevant.” And so, in the interest of exposing them to new things that will challenge and entertain their exploding brains and bodies.

Model shops present the following gifts, from those recommended by professionals like Stuller to those found in the hands of Kate Hudson’s son. You can explore education and reasonably priced options here or read all the way through to learn more about what kids are into. So whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a holiday, or any other day, it’s a list that keeps on giving.

Crayola Color Bath Dropz 

What is cooler than using colored bath water? Not much if you’re a little kid. This container has blue, red, and yellow tablets that allow you to make different colored bath water combinations. So naturally, the person feels the color could be stronger than in the previous iteration. But I’ve found it easy to create a more intense color by adding another tablet or two.

MAPIXO Light-Up Floating Dinosaur Bath Toys Set

Glow stick baths can be fun, but if you’re looking for a reusable target, you should check out these light-up floating dinosaur bath toys. These dinosaurs light up when they hit the water and turn off automatically as they dry out. We’ve had this set for over a year, and they’re still working great!

Fuzzy Socks

Fuzzy socks are a new concept that my 4-year-old likes. I plan on adding a few pairs to his stocking this year. These fuzzy socks are Christmas-themed and come in a variety of sizes.

Maple Landmark NameTrain Bright Letter Car

I like to include something with my child’s name or initials in his stocking. So when I came across these Letter Train Cars, it was the perfect fit!

LEGO DUPLO Town Farm Animal Care

These small LEGO DUPLO sets are a fun addition to any stocking for a toddler or preschooler. In addition, these sets are less expensive and typically include fewer items in the larger sets.

Bruno Pop Tubes Sensory Toys

These sensory tubes are much fun for little kids and perfect for the go – making them ideal for holiday gifts.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Flashlight

Rounding out our list of stocking stuffers is another everyday item, but fun. This flashlight from Melissa & Doug is a colorful and durable flashlight that is perfect for children. It is perfect for exploring dark spaces or for everyday use. Plus, this flashlight helps keep my kiddo in bed by letting him read and check out far-off corners of his room for monsters.

Laser Maze Logic Game

This game is amazing at teaching kids how to think logically. The goal is to hit your target with the laser beam. This toy is great for fourth graders and engineers. Please make up your cards and make them big and long! It’s all fun. The game is really popular in my classroom, and it has greatly impacted two serious young adults. They were made to stop playing it by the teacher.

Stare! Junior Board Game

This is a game that can be enjoyed by both children and adults who are interested in learning about memory. The game is based on matching pieces from a memory card to create a particular scene from a story. For example, each card has an illustrated scene at the beach, a potluck party, or making pancakes. You have 30 seconds to stare at each scene and then recall as many details as possible. “It’s fun, mind-engaging, and highly entertaining,” Owens says.

VATOS Dinosaur Eggs Dig Kit

Each of the twelve plaster-coated dinosaur eggs comes with tools to help your child’s inner archeologist: as they crack them open, they’ll eventually find a different kind of dinosaur inside each one. These toys are great for children because they give them a window into science without knowing it. There are informational cards about all the dinosaurs and a basic guide to the creatures. To speed up unearthing eggs, you can soak them in water first.

Educational/Reasonably Priced

You might remember the feel of these rectangular decks in your hands as you fanned them out from their fastened corner (brilliant design detail — this way, the cards never get lost) and revealed each of a thousand trivia questions, with their full-page illustrations, written by Chris Welles Fedder (eldest daughter of Orson Welles). The look has been modernized, and the material has been updated since you were a kid — it’s based on school curriculums, with categories for the third-grade set, including math, science, social studies, and language arts.

But they don’t feel like an extension of school for kids — the quizzing, in this form, becomes a game. They can be played in the car or on a plane (and come with a convenient carrying pouch). “And even during dinnertime,” adds Kate S., a nanny for the New York-based Smart Sitting agency. She likes to buy sets for the level just above the child’s actual grade “to challenge them and help them get ahead in school.” And the price of around $10 for an educational Gift Ideas like this, she says, can’t be beaten.

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