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Best 4 and 5 Star Resorts in Jim Corbett

Best resort in jim corbett with offer

Wondering where to spend your next Jim Corvette vacation? Below is a list of the best 4-star and 5-star resorts in Jim Corbett National Park that will make your stay in the midst of Jim Corbett’s wilderness a memorable and enjoyable experience.

These carefully selected resorts are located near the entrance zone of the Tiger Reserve, saving you time on the jungle safari. Check out the list below


Best 5-Star Resort

resort in jim corbett


  1. Latiggle Resort

This is a resort where the sun and the chirping of birds awaken you from cozy comfort and welcome you to good morning. Forests and towering mountains form the backdrop of a picturesque town. Spacious rooms with all the modern conveniences complement the above.

  1. Aahana

If you are fascinated by the ideas of the wilderness of nature, you should plan your stay in Ahana. According to TripAdvisor guest reviews, it is one of the top resorts in Jim Corbett National Park. A jacuzzi, swimming pool, private yoga and Ayurvedic practice area, it’s the perfect retreat for those looking for comfort with a variety of options.

Ahana is one of Jim Corvette’s top luxury resorts and is highly recommended for your stay in a beautiful environment and surrounded by a variety of wildlife.

  1. Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort

With its elegant interior and excellent design, this hotel is one of the best resorts in Jim Corbett. If you combine all of this with nature, you will have a winner. You can choose from 5 types of cottages, each of which is unique.
Corbett The Baagh SPA & Resort is one of the best hotels in Jim Corbett near Ramnagar. Book our luxuries SPA resort and hotels in jim corbett national park Uttarakhand with world class amenities.


Best 4-star resort 


  1. Wood Castle Spa & Resort

Wood Castle Spa is a beautiful resort near Jim Corvette, one of the most famous national parks in the world. It offers spectacular views of the river and the surrounding woodlands. Only 30 minutes drive from the Ram Nagar area, it is one of the closest parcels to the Dungari Gate, the entrance to the Dikara Zone. The

property offers several categories of rooms with beautiful views of the gardens and some of the forest reserves. The

resort has several restaurants. Apart from that, there is also a children’s playground, SPA facilities and some activities to choose from during your stay. Room rates for

usually start at Rs 5000 per day and may be higher during the season depending on availability.


  1. River Creek Resort

River Creek is a fascinating family resort like no other than the jungle itself, making it an ideal choice for nature lovers and of course families. Surrounded by dense Jim Corvette forest, the property location is very attractive. It is about 33 km from the town of Ram Nagar and it takes about 50-65 minutes to reach this point. The

property offers several categories of rooms with views of the forest area and of course the river.

There are two restaurants on site, serving delicious and luxurious cuisine to guests. Accommodation includes a children’s activity room, a large lawn area for outdoor activities, and spa facilities. Room rates for

typically start at Rs 55006500 per day and may increase during the season.


  1. Corbett The Baagh and Spa Resort

Corbett Corbet Surrounded by the Tiger Reserve Forest, Baagh Spa & Resort is the perfect vacation for nature lovers. If you want to feel the perfect combination of luxury and wilderness, this place is the perfect choice for you. It is about 60 minutes from the town of Ramnagar. The

property offers multiple indoor dining options. You can also choose from a very large lawn area, a children’s playground and several activities. Offers for

rooms typically start at Rs 6000-7500 per day and may increase during the season.


  1. Golden Task Resort

Surrounded by lush forests, Golden Task Resort is another name for rest and relaxation. The resort is located in the quiet countryside of the Ram Nagar district on the edge of a forest reserve, just a 10-minute drive from the two famous safari zones of Jirna and Della. The

property offers various categories of rooms with beautiful views of the garden, pool and forest area.

Resort offers multiple dining options and additional underwater dining experiences

Apart from that, there are several indoor and outdoor activities to choose from at resorts and children’s playgrounds. Room rates for

usually start at Rs 5000 per day and can be a bit higher during the season.


  1. Grand Resort Corvette

In terms of inventory, it is one of the largest resorts in the Jim Corvette area. Located in Santo Spur Choi Village near Hanuman Dam, Grand Resort offers 100 luxurious cottages and rooms on 18 hectares of land.

Visit and discover a fun vacation at The Grand with first-class amenities, excellent service and enchanting wildlife views.

There are several restaurants on site, including indoor and outdoor activities, meeting rooms and a playground. Room rates for

typically start at Rs 55006500 per day and may increase during the season.


In other words, these best 4-star resorts at Jim Corvette need to be part of Jim Corvette’s itinerary.



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Corbett The Baagh

Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort is a blissful cocoon amidst verdant nature providing an undulating view of the scenic mountain ranges. Snuggled near the foothills of Nainital, it promises an extravaganza of comfort, fine dining, and culinary delights. The tranquil nature, unmatched hospitality and mesmerizing location compels one to revisit this vibrant resort. Destination wedding at jim corbett Best resort in jim corbett Resort in jim corbett Jim Corbett National Park Resort

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