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Software is becoming increasingly important in our lives. Both private and business. Good standard software is available for some generic processes. For company-specific proces犀利士
ses, you as an organization want software that is tailored to your company. Delta-N is specialized in custom software. Based on our many years of experience, we quickly develop high-quality software based on available standard components. If you have an idea for an application, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation intake with Microsoft Development Services.

It enables companies to innovate faster and deliver new functionality to users, thereby generating business value. In doing so, costs can be reduced. Cloud adoption has therefore taken off enormously in recent years. The business benefits that Cloud solutions offer are clearly demonstrated.

Software as a Service

Online versions of the most important software products in use by many companies are now available that are used according to Software-as-a-Service. For the suppliers of these applications, this offers enormous advantages because these applications can be maintained much faster and easier and users can receive updates more often. Users always have the latest version of the software. Also, the capacity of your own data center is no longer the limiting factor. Sufficient capacity can always be made available in the Cloud and at lower costs. Thanks to the pay-for-use principle, you have full control over costs and you will never run out of capacity. Imagine realizing this with your own on-premise data center.

Turnkey Services

The Cloud also makes it much easier and more cost-effective to store and analyze massive amounts of data. The Cloud also makes it easier to include intelligent functionality in applications that can be easily called from an application as ready-to-use Cloud services. This makes it much easier and therefore faster to include advanced functionality that could not be included, or could otherwise be included at very high development costs. This makes it more important to think of scenarios that make smart use of these services, instead of producing a lot of code yourself. With cloud services, small specialized teams can create and implement breakthrough customer solutions that would otherwise only be available to software manufacturers with large development teams and budgets.

DevOps for Continuous Deployment

Delta-N has a lot of experience with software development in the Cloud. Our certified Cloud experts closely monitor developments. Because if there is one constant in Cloud computing, it is change. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we have chosen Microsoft Azure as a cloud platform in combination with Azure DevOps as a development environment. Thanks to the integration of Azure DevOps with Microsoft Azure, we can store your code directly in the Cloud, but also roll it out directly to the Cloud.

As Delta-N specializes in DevOps practices, we can help Agile teams professionalize (optimize and automate) the development, integration and deployment process, speeding up the rollout of new functionality to minutes in instead of days or even weeks. With cloud monitoring tools, the production environment can be closely monitored and action can be taken in real time if necessary. As a result, more value can be generated for the business by eliminating waiting times, freeing up more time for developing things that really matter.

Application modernization

Do you want to have a new application developed to replace an outdated system? Often, completely replacing such outdated systems is not necessary and modernizing is a much more attractive option.

8 benefits of Microsoft 365

Originally Microsoft Microsoft is a software package that you buy and install locally on workstations and servers within the organization. The same principle applies to Exchange, Skype for Business and SharePoint. With Microsoft 365, this structure changes to that of a cloud solution. The aforementioned software packages are hereby offered jointly as a service in the form of Software-as-a-Service. This new subscription structure, which largely works in the Cloud, brings a lot of advantages. That’s why in this blog: the 8 most important reasons to migrate to Microsoft 365.

1. Flexibility / Accessibility

Flexibility and accessibility are the main reasons for choosing Microsoft 365. ‘Anytime, anyplace, anywhere’.  This gives you access to e-mails, calendars, documents and contacts from anywhere. This can significantly improve collaboration and communication among employees. They are able to respond faster to emails, communicate directly and share documents via Teams or SharePoint. In addition, Microsoft Apps on-demand can be used.

2. Unburdening / Convenience

With Microsoft 365 you always have the latest versions of Microsoft, Skype for Business, Exchange and SharePoint. After purchasing a subscription, you can start using Microsoft 365 immediately. As part of the service, Microsoft takes care of management and maintenance and makes updates or configuration changes when necessary.

3. Cost structure

A local installation of Microsoft software involves a lot of costs. This includes costs for hardware in the form of servers, support contracts with hardware suppliers, costs for an operating system, licenses for Microsoft, Exchange, Skype for Business and SharePoint, implementation costs and finally a maintenance contract for the necessary updates and check-ups. In most cases there are also costs for management and IT personnel. These are often long-term commitments and migration processes will certainly take place within this period.

With Microsoft 365, this is no longer the case. It is now possible to purchase a subscription for X number of users for a fixed amount per month, or pay-for-use. For example, there is a shift from CAPEX (Capital Expenses) to OPEX (Operational Expenses), capital investment falls and variable costs rise. For example, costs for hardware maintenance contracts, management, updates and licenses no longer apply. These are all part of the service.

4. Scalability

Another important reason to choose Microsoft 365 is scalability. With Microsoft 365, you pay for what you need, when you need it. You can choose from various packages, from small business for a few users to enterprise packages for thousands of users. Within the limits of the chosen package, you are free to scale up and down when the market or internal developments demand this from you. Microsoft 365 is therefore a solution that can move with you in real time like no other in the event of sudden growth or shrinkage of your organization.

5. Insightful and predictable costs

Traditionally, the Microsoft package was something you bought, with Microsoft 365 it becomes something you rent. You choose the subscription form that best suits your organization and you pay a fixed monthly amount per user. This makes the costs you incur in this area transparent and predictable. In addition, there are possibilities to further customize subscription types, for example, for certain user (groups) only a Microsoft 365 subscription for e-mail or for document management can be purchased with Microsoft Development Services.

6. Security

Microsoft takes the management off your hands and ensures that you always have the latest version of Microsoft, Skype for Business, Exchange and SharePoint. In addition, Microsoft guarantees you an uptime of 99.9%, an uptime that they have more than lived up to in recent years. Should the data center you use go down for whatever reason, someone else will take over these tasks. This way you are assured of the highest availability at all times in Microsoft Development Services.

7. Security/Compliance

When people talk about the Cloud, they automatically talk about security. In-house you not only have an overview of where your data is stored, but you also have full control over what happens to it. With the (public) Cloud, this is not a certainty for many organizations and therefore a major concern and an important reason not to opt for it Microsoft Development Services.

Microsoft is aware of this and has therefore provided Microsoft 365 with state of the art security solutions, this part is even included in the Service Level Agreement. This applies not only to the software itself, but also to the Microsoft Data Centers. Microsoft 365 thus complies with the very strict European privacy conditions for the storage of data, Microsoft is the first cloud service to which this applies. In addition, by being given the right to conduct research at Microsoft, DNB has paved the way for financial institutions to use Microsoft 365. Another certificate that guarantees the security and reliability of your data at Microsoft 365 is the ISO 27001 certificate. for information security with Microsoft Development Services.

This makes it easier for you to meet the high compliance requirements that customers demand from you.

8. Rollout Options

With Microsoft 365 you can choose to what extent you migrate to the Cloud. You can choose between using the public Cloud, on-premise or a hybrid deployment with Microsoft Development Services.

For these reasons we have completely switched to Microsoft 365 ourselves, we are very satisfied with that!  We are happy to help convert issues and challenges in the Cloud area into opportunities and possibilities. For more information in the field of Cloud solutions, please contact us with Microsoft Development Services.

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