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All You Need To Know About Purple Sapphire Gemstone

Purple Sapphire is known to have huge mystical powers as it is a rare gemstone and its effects are also uncommon. It helps to attract power and brings prosperity to the wearer’s life. A Natural Purple Sapphire Stone is an aluminum oxide mineral that belongs to the corundum variety of minerals. The ruling planet of the Purple Sapphire is Saturn or Shani. Due to the presence of pinkish or reddish tones and unique indications, this stone is also known to gain the blessings of the planet Mars. 

                 According to Vedic astrologers, this beautiful gemstone frames the strongest form of the Blue Sapphire gemstone, aka Neelam Ratna. Purple Sapphire is also known as Khooni Neelam in Hindi. Its supernatural cosmic energies are supposed to help the wearer in reducing fear, unwarranted worries, and also open up the crown chakra. Here in this article, we will certainly look at different perspectives of a purple sapphire gemstone. Let us together explore this stunning stone in a little more detail. 


Color and Clarity:-  

A Purple Sapphire Stone is usually found in a different range of colors, from bluish-purple to purplish-pink color with reddish or pinkish tones. This gemstone is also found in violet color which is formed by the presence of vanadium, which makes it more unique and adoring. On the clarity scale, alkie other precious stones, it is quite hard to find big sizes in Natural Khooni Neelam with remarkable clarity. 

purple sapphire stone


Natural Purple Sapphire generally goes through two kinds of treatment: lattice diffusion and standard heat treatment. Lattice diffusion leads to the formation of various purple shades. Standard heat treatment deepens the color of stone when it is light or faint. Heat treatment helps to set the clarity of the Sapphire stone. 



A clear-cut purple gemstone attracts money that’s why it’s very expensive in the world. It’s very rare to find perfect and authentic Purple Sapphire Stones with perfect cuts because the color and the clarity of the stone are not likely to co-exist on the same scale. So if you find an absolutely clean piece of Khooni Neelam in your customized shape and desired carat weight, then it is your go-to stone. Grab it without delay. 



Original Purple Sapphire Stones are majorly mined from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, and Thailand. Amongst this, the Purple Sapphire Stone obtained from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is the most beautiful and expensive gemstone due to its finest quality. Sri Lankan Purple Sapphires also fetch higher value due to their velvety texture making them excessively beautiful. Madagascar Purple Sapphire is also desired for its overall quality. 


In the Western region, Purple Sapphire was primarily used as jewelry for its beauty. According to Vedic astrology, Purple Sapphire helps to clear the useless thoughts of the mind and open up the chakras which is the source of spirituality. There is famous folklore surrounding the cursed Delhi Purple Sapphire which is now on display at the Natural History Museum.   

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Purple Sapphire  


A certified Purple Sapphire Stone is entitled as an incredible healing gemstone. Besides beauty, it delivers the utmost benefits to its wearer. Listed down below are some of the popular perks of wearing this purple gemstone

purple sapphire gemstone

  • Purple Sapphire helps in psychological as well as physical ailments. 
  • This gemstone prevents overthinking. So if you are also among those who usually go through the problem of overthinking, opt for wearing a real Khooni Neelam stone in a silver ring. 
  • It helps to regulate hyperactive metabolism and also supports the healthy functions of one’s glands. 
  • Purple sapphire in its natural form increases the spiritual vibes and brings enormous blessings to the wearer’s life. 
  • Wearing of a certified Khooni Neelam Stone boosts self-esteem and brings knowledge to the wearer. 
  • This stone provides powerful insights into the potential repercussions of the wearer’s decisions. 
  • Khooni Neelam is best known for bringing peace, prosperity, and abundance to the life of a person who owns it. 
  • This stone also helps to gain higher knowledge and wisdom to its possessor that supports the wearer in his or her endeavors. 


Buy Purple Sapphire Online 


No matter what gem you are buying, be it Manik or Khooni Neelam, make sure you are only purchasing a real one because any astrological stone delivers its utmost advantages when worn in its purest form. Thus, astrologers recommend wearing of only natural gemstones. Since the market, today is heavily flooded with endless deceit sellers who are selling artificial, synthetic, and heat-treated gemstones in lieu of original ones.        

                        Thus, make sure to emphasize only to buy an authentic purple sapphire gemstone, from a reliable gemstone store, especially when you are planning to purchase it primarily for astrological purposes. Whether you are buying gemstones from an offline store in your local market or from an online website from the digital platform, always ask for a certificate of authenticity and check the credibility of the seller before buying anything, particularly something this precious like a gemstone. Get double assured about the originality of the gemstone. 

For the widest range of real Khooni Neelam stones online, you can also explore Navratan, the online gem Bazar. It is one of the most trusted gemstone stores that only deal in genuine gemstones via the online platform. They provide you with a certificate of authenticity from the world’s renowned and independent gemstone testing laboratories such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin alongside every stone you buy. Be very wise before investing your hard-earned money. 

Explore certified purple sapphires online at the best price with Navratan. Make Happy Purchases..!

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