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All About Google Ads And Advertising On It

Faced with the prosperity of e-commerce, Google launched a search engine dedicated to products and a price comparison platform: Google Shopping. What is it exactly? What are its advantages for e-merchants?

Today, Google Shopping is used by a large number of Internet users to search for products and compare their prices . Once the desired product is found, the consumer can buy it in the associated online store. The platform is also used by e-merchants to advertise their items. You can get the services of Best Google Ads Agency in London. An essential way to boost your sales! Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of Google Shopping? In this article, find out everything you need to know about this tool.

Google Shopping: what is it exactly?

It is a search engine dedicated to products from e-commerce sites and a price comparator. Google Shopping brings together thousands of products for sale on the web .

To rank the products, the platform uses an algorithm similar to that of the search engine.

The display of a product on the platform is composed of an image, a title and a description. Note that the description and the title are very important. Indeed, the Google algorithm takes into account the keywords present in these two elements and crosses them with the searches of Internet users.

Why advertise on Google Shopping?

Online advertising is a fundamental element to make its products known and thus boost its sales . And Google remains an indispensable tool for all e-commerce players.

Indeed, the search engine is the one that collects the largest number of requests : more than 90 billion each month. By going to Google, Internet users are sure to find the product they are looking for. E-merchants can therefore use Google and Google Shopping to acquire more customers and increase their turnover . That’s not all, the platform has the advantage of offering the products to qualified traffic. In addition, the cost per click system is to the advantage of sellers.

Note that the platform allows a double visibility of products : via natural referencing and via paid referencing . Google Shopping offers naturally referenced products and sponsored products.

How does Google Shopping work?

Google Shopping works differently: for Internet users and for e-merchants.

For internet users

One of the biggest advantages of Google Shopping is its ease of use. To access it, simply click on the “Shopping” tab at the top of your search results page. This tab allows you to search for the products you want, like on Google. To optimize the search, you have a “filters” option (color, size or brand of the product).

Once you have typed your search, the results appear. The first are the most relevant to your query. The platform also offers a price comparison . Depending on your search, you will see the prices offered for your product by the different sellers.

The products offered depend on the good natural referencing (SEO) of the products or sites. The most well-known sellers (like official brands) or those with a large number of sold products and positive reviews are often the most preferred. Then you will also find products and sites offering sponsored products.

Be aware that recently Google Shopping allows you to buy certain products directly via their Google Actions program (identify with the mention ” buy on google “). Otherwise on click you are redirected to the seller’s online store .

For companies

It’s a completely different way of working for e-merchants. Indeed, in order to be referenced and appear on Google Shopping, e-merchants must first create a special account in order to promote their products. They need to follow some steps and create a “Shopping Feed” . In addition, product sheets must contain mandatory attributes: a description, photos and prices and optional attributes.

Google Shopping plays an intermediary role in the sale of products. It serves as a showcase site for online stores. Businesses subscribe to Google Shopping services with the intention of targeting many more prospects. It is important to know that you will be charged for each click to your store .

E-merchants using Google Shopping have many features . They can add products, optimize ads, and add special offers.

How to create a Shopping campaign on Google Ads?

The duo Google Ads and Google Shopping represents an effective solution to gain visibility. A Shopping Campaign makes it easy to promote your products. Even if Internet users do not click on your ad, they will be informed in detail about your products. When the Internet user clicks on your ad, he has immediate access to the product sheet in your online store. This will allow him to go directly to an order.

To do this, you must first create a Google Merchant Center account and associate it with your Google Ads account. Then it is necessary to create and update a Shopping feed by specifying the products concerned by the campaign. This feed should include information about your products such as prices, availability, images, etc. The success of your campaign depends on the quality of this feed. Remember to properly configure your data feed in order to indicate to Google and Google Ads the characteristics of your products.

The next step is to link the two accounts . Log in with your Google credentials to your Merchant Center account, then enter the information about your online store (“menu” > “Settings” > “Google Ads”). Then, all you have to do is click on the “Link account” option.

Once your Ads and Google Merchant account are linked and the feed is set up, go to Google Ads. In the interface, click on “Campaign” and choose “Shopping” . Then name your campaign, select your reference and choose the country of sale and delivery of your products. Finally, choose a targeting via “Included Search Network Partners”. The choice of targeting is an essential step. It helps deliver your ads to the right people (your target audience). Good targeting guarantees good performance . In other words, an increase in conversions. Note: if you are targeting several countries, you must divide your campaigns by geographical area.

There are other settings to configure. Among them, the daily budget  (the amount you plan to spend on this campaign), the priority of the campaign, the product concerned by a promotion, etc. Google Ads offers a variety of settings for Shopping ads. Don’t hesitate to ask a Google Ads expert for advice on creating, managing and optimizing your Shopping campaigns.

Thanks to Google Shopping, finding trendy products at affordable prices becomes more convenient and easy. For e-commerce sites, this is an effective strategy to gain visibility and boost sales.


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