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A list of the best accounting software in India

What is the most efficient accounting software available in India? Let’s learn!

All businesses of all kinds and sizes require top accounting software India to handle their finances. This useful tool can help keep track of transactions, provides an understanding of the profitability of the business and also helps owners prepare for tax time. If you’re looking for the top accounting software in India There are many options available. You must select the one that is perfect for your business’s particular requirements.

What is the top accounting software available in India?

In the past managing the books required the use of paper-based procedures. It was necessary to keep an account ledger, create a lot of columns, and then write down all your financial information. Things have changed. With the advent of automation and digitalization that requires an accounting software that is reliable to keep in control of your financials. Since the financial aspect of your business varies according to the size and the nature of the company, the software you choose should be compatible with your needs.

The three primary aspects you should consider when selecting a software for your accounting are:


Do you think you would use the program for both accounts payable as well as accounts receivable? What kind of reports do you want to be able to create? Do you intend to use it to keep track of the inventory? Do you want a program with additional services, such as time tracking, project management and payroll? Consider options based on your answer to this question.


How many users would be using the program? Do you want an online system that could be accessed anywhere? Do you want it to include an app for mobile devices? What kind of features do you wish the app to offer?


Do you want a simple accounting software that’s affordable? Would you prefer one with a variety of features that are more advanced, such as finance cloud, but with a cost? Check your budgetary limitations prior to making your final choice.

What is the most efficient software for accounting in India?

Over time there have been important changes to the tax structure of India. In the past, there were a variety of indirect taxes that have been replaced with GST. There are four distinct slab rates that are associated with GST which require exact calculation. In the management of your books and taxes is a challenging task that is made simple and painless with the help of a good accounting software.

These are the 3 top accounting software that you can choose from:

Tally.ERP 9

For more than two decades, Tally has been dominating the world of accounting. It remains among the top accounting software available in India. Since its launch it has been through numerous modifications. It is now an all-inclusive ERP software that acts as a complete solution for tax regulations. Tally.ERP 9.9 is the most current edition of Tally.ERP 9 accounting software which provides single-user and multi-user versions.


  • Control your accounts effortlessly
  • The perfect GST-ready software
  • Easy to use banking
  • Ideal for businesses that have significant transactions


  • A bit difficult to grasp for someone who is new to the area.
  • Small businesses are often the most expensive.

Zoho Books

If you’re in search of an efficient online accounting tool look no further than Zoho Books. The software is noted for its automation to ensure ease of compliance, the application allows you to easily handle your money. It streamlines workflows for business and ensures that you are GST compliant and allows you to work collaboratively across different departments. Zoho Books includes accounting modules like receivables, payables bank, inventory and contact management, timesheets and reporting.

From negotiating deals to increasing sales orders , to invoices, Zoho Books helps you to do it everything. With this program it is possible to create GST invoices, learn about tax obligations and submit your tax returns. The GST-compliant accounting software[GST Software] is without doubt one of the top options available with more than 40 applications which can help you grow your company.

  • Access from any location
  • Price is reasonable
  • Perfect for small-scale businesses
  • Excellent service
  • It is difficult to put up
  • A bit difficult to grasp since it is based on US accounting concepts.


Talk to any reputable software consulting firm you can trust, and they’ll inform you that Quickbooks is an accounting software that is reliable with more than 4.5 million users around the globe. Popular among small-scale firms in India This software offers distinctive features like online banking, invoices, and custom reports. Quickbooks allows you to create professional-looking, custom invoices, estimates, and sales receipts within minutes.

Do you want to know the performance of your business? Look at the dashboard and create custom reports! You can also input bills from vendors and make payments as they become due. It is also possible to save time by setting up periodic payments. The software also tracks the hours that are billable and automatically add them on the bill.

  • Many options and features
  • Excellent service
  • Accessibility
  • Pricey
  • It is difficult to master

In the field of Accounting software there’s many choices available. But, these three are our top three choices due to their quality, reputation as well as their user base. Compare these tools to your company’s needs and check whether they’re compatible with your needs.

Consult a software advisor to help you find the perfect accounting software for your needs.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect Accounting software to suit your company contact an established software consulting firm like iTrobes. Being among the most renowned firms for software development and consulting in India we assist companies discover the best solutions for their software-related challenges. Our in-house team is comprised by highly skilled and energetic professionals from various disciplines of technology. If you’re seeking expert advice We are there to assist.


Since the beginning of our existence since our inception, our IT consultation services been very popular with firms of all types and sizes. We have worked with medium and small companies as well as big companies.


Our industry experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop an unique view that always serves the best interests of our customers. For more information about our offerings as well as how we could assist you select the most effective accounting software contact us. Contact us by phone or send us an email right now!


Ankit Dhamsaniya

Ankit Dhamsaniya is a Software Analyst and Writer of Restaurant Management Software, Accounting Software, and HR Software with good experience in various genres of blog writing in various industries under several topics. Who loves to write on the latest Software technologies and their impact on businesses

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