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7 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow for Rest of the 2022

Today, we will learn about 7 amazing digital marketing trends of 2022. Our lives have grown intricately entangled with the digital environment since the inception of the internet. People communicate via email, look for information, and, most crucially, make purchases. 

Prospects go online first before even thinking about a B2B supplier. They could come across your name on a sponsored advertisement, in a video, or in a search engine result and decide to do business with you. 

You can do all of this if you get hold of some of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada.  They help you tailor brand experiences by building better awareness, and reaching to right audience. It is less expensive than traditional marketing, and reaches consumers at a larger scale.

We’ve compiled the latest trends you may use in 2022 to keep you current on the aspirations that push you to focus more on the digital aspect of your company.

Marketing through visuals is important in Digital Marketing

The future of marketing is largely acknowledged to be in a video. According to Google, YouTube reaches more adults between 18 and 49 than all cable networks combined. Additionally, postings with images and videos receive more interaction than ones with only text. 

For any organization, including video in strategy must be an afterthought. It offers a fantastic chance to establish connections with more people and win their trust. It humanizes your brand and aids in giving people a better knowledge and sense of it.

Data is the new gold

Currently, a lot of individuals use analytics strategies to produce more individualized content. Making the most of data, one of the most precious and potent resources available to any business, is essential to developing an efficient marketing plan.

Having data, analytics, and technology experts sit in-house is a smart move. Understanding your consumer business gives you a better platform to think about how your marketing and communications to consumers should look. 

Using the power of your data also makes it possible to create a more accurate portrait of your clients and their behavior. This enables you to personalize your campaigns immediately.

Content is top-priority

Content marketing is a strong strategy which allows businesses to reach out to customers directly. Any company’s credibility is increased through quality content.

A steady stream of top-notch, thoroughly researched, and pertinent content demonstrates your experience and authority to potential clients. Regardless of the platforms or media you employ, good storytelling can make your business a compelling topic of conversation.

Virtual events

People are grateful for and enjoy having the chance to attend events that may otherwise be inaccessible in person. Virtual events extend a company’s reach and raise brand recognition while being a cost-effective solution.

Not just small organizations can host virtual events. Larger businesses are increasingly seeing their significance as well. The caliber of your video material and ensuring you have the funding to thrive in this medium is crucial for success in virtual events. 

Businesses are increasingly dedicated to developing their own in-house online video skill sets. These abilities can be used for planning and conducting virtual gatherings. Platforms like YouTube Live, Twitter Live, and Zoom increase opportunities for interactive virtual events.

Solid social media content

To draw users and boost engagement many businesses have been using social media channels widely in 2022. You should also consider your video and visual material while using social media.

High-quality photographs must be a component of your campaign, particularly on LinkedIn and Instagram. You must optimize every aspect of your social media strategy to stand out from the crowd.

You can’t just share stuff when the mood strikes or sometimes schedule posts. Your calendar has to be well-designed and well-thought-out, just like the other components of your digital marketing plan. A well-thought-out approach is also simpler to oversee and execute than impromptu publishing. Also, you can learn about Google Ads Cost.

Personalized campaigns

A dedicated personalized campaign is what underpins all developments in digital marketing. Personalizing your marketing efforts increases engagement, generates debate, and draws in new clients. The popular #SpotifyWrapped feature, which creates a buzz each year, is a terrific example of personalization. 

Making the most of your data and research while acknowledging the importance of design can help you personalize your marketing strategies. Create real-time adjustments to your constantly branded advertising and campaigns with ease with current tools.

Marketing through influencers

Some businesses’ marketing methods heavily use influencer marketing. For others, it represents a brand-new endeavor, nevertheless.

The goals of your company will mostly determine your plan for influencer marketing. However, businesses are starting to recognize the importance of influencers who don’t necessarily have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. 

Micro-influencers are becoming more popular because they let companies precisely target their niche. Micro-influencers have fewer followers, but they have a strong track record for engaging with the ones they have.

You may obtain immediate access to targeted leads that are ideal for your company by identifying the correct micro-influencers for your brand.


Marketing experience will become more individualized due to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and improved social media algorithms.

The audience’s window of opportunity to be seen is shrinking, and they are getting pickier about the content they want to watch. 

Leveraging some of these trends would need you to hire digital marketing services in Calgary and be on top of your game — and one step ahead of the competition.

Such agencies unlock the right use of cutting-edge, machine learning-based marketing tools coupled with creative writing that drives engagement.

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