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6 Amazing Apps That Everyone Should Know About

Car Owner Must Have All Of These Applications On Their Phone

Owning and driving a car is no exception. That is why we will now dedicate this article to finding out the most amazing apps for drivers and car owners.

As the years go by, technology penetration into everyday life is inevitable. The environment is becoming increasingly digital. Just look, for example, at the entertainment industries, which have transformed people’s habits.

Let’s not forget that the automotive world is an industry of constant innovation, and we are practically in a new digital era. As time goes by, the technology implemented in cars is advancing rapidly. 

On the one hand, it has been able to offer greater safety to users. Plus, it has given drivers and passengers a more comforting and comfortable experience.

6 Super Useful Driving Apps For Car Owners

Nowadays, apps have the mission to make our lives easier, and on board, the car is no exception. Mobile apps influence driving, as in many other facets of daily life. Some help us to control our car expenses, to receive help in case of an accident, or to find parking.

Under this concept, we set out to find some of the most useful mobile applications for any driver. Therefore, we have prepared a list of 11 amazing apps that will give you a different experience when you are behind the wheel.

Google Maps

With contemporary GPS and mapping technology, looking up the location of an unknown point or route is no longer a cumbersome task. Google Maps is one of the most popular and used apps for this purpose.

It is one of Google’s stellar products. Its function has made it an indispensable tool for getting virtually anywhere. Google Maps shows you the different ways to reach different destinations and tells you how long it would take depending on the chosen route and the traffic in real-time.

Although to exploit all its resources, you need an internet connection, because it works with your GPS, you could use it even without it. The application allows the user to download maps, so you can use them, even without being connected.


This is an app that has gained ground among drivers. The great success of Waze is that it is interactive. That is, it works thanks to users’ participation, including chat options. Its main function is to reduce travel time and plot the best route.

Experts at Youramazingcar.com say it offers driver control on several fronts. For example, it promotes road safety and avoids fines with the “Speed Limit” function. It can even allow you to plan your trip to avoid hours of congestion.

Unlike Google Maps, Waze does need a connection to work, so you should plan for that if you are inclined to use it.


You can manage your vehicle’s expenses completely, whether it is the fuel load, maintenance services, or the real-time performance of your car, among other data. 

It is a good app because it helps you with graphs, statistics, and reports with everything you need to know in real time. Also, It is available for Android and iOS. It is free, but apparently, it has ads you must pay a membership to remove.


Created in 2012, this American solution that recently targeted the Mexican market is Uber’s strongest competitor in its country of origin as it offers much more affordable fares.

Instead of waiting for the bus with Lyft, you can register and request a ride from the application. To do this, you must provide your phone number, and you can opt for a valid payment method, either by credit card, debit card, cash or PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet, among many others.

The prices on the platform will vary according to the type of car you choose (traditional and luxury) and the number of passengers traveling, which can only be up to 4. Still, in the opinion of many users, it is somewhat cheaper and more popular. 

Although it has dynamic rates in which the price rises but there are times called happy hour when discounts are given in the routes to all customers.

In Driver

This service of Russian origin differs completely from all the previous ones because it offers a negotiation modality between driver and passengers. In this sense, the price to be paid is not established based on algorithms. 

Furthermore, the users establish a trip price based on an estimated or recommended rate which, according to them, is always lower than that of the major competitors.

With In Driver, the trip is requested from the app by filling in your data in “Place of departure,” “Destination,” and the “Offer price,” where you indicate how much you have to pay. 

A free driver nearby will choose whether or not it is convenient to take you to the indicated point. This can help passengers get fares up to 20% less than Uber or DiDi.

For security, it has functions to identify the driver, vehicles, and trips made, apart from being able to share your route with acquaintances for greater peace of mind.


This application, which works similarly to the previous ones, promises a quality service in private cars with high safety standards. When you request a trip, you will have a car with a driver or a cab service available to take you wherever you want.

To start a trip, you open the app and give your location. Here, you select your destination and the type of car you want to travel in: Lite, Executive, or Easy cab. It all depends on your city. 

Then you confirm the trip, and your driver will be on his way. They will tell you your name, vehicle type, license plate, and distance from you. It also has a function to share the details of your trip with family and friends so that they know where you are at all times and you feel safer.

Before accepting the trip, you will know your estimated price, whose minimum rates are $ 35.08 in the immediate model and $ 100.00 when you make a reservation. You can pay by using the card, cash, or Paypal options.


Considering the latter situation, even the automakers have sought to provide new vehicles with more technology. Having a late-model car to access the utility, safety, and guidance options at hand is unnecessary. It is enough to own a smartphone to access maps of the entire country or routes to avoid traffic.

These amazing apps will definitely help you and your drivers to save a good amount of money which you can later invest in something else.

Download and install these amazing apps now if you’re looking for extra assistance when it comes to saving on fuel and other expenses related to driving.

John Snow

As a car enthusiast i love talking about cars and driving, so mostly i love talking about road trips with my friends. With over 20 years of experience dealing with car problems , i would like to share my thoughts about some tips that can help you in saving fuel and money.

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