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5 Reasons Why Schools Opt For Modular Construction

Photo by MTX Education U.K. (two-storey modular classrooms)

Schools are the place where children learn, develop, and improve themselves. Students don’t only learn about history and arithmetic – but also learn how to interact with others. Over the years, schools have strived to develop ways to promote a better learning environment. 

One way of doing so is by expanding their school premises. Modular education construction has become one of the top options for extra school spaces. Even small primary schools now prefer modular classrooms over traditional construction methods.

Despite all that, some are still sceptical about the quality of modular buildings. The truth is modular construction has a lot of strong points that make them preferable. Let’s look at the five reasons why schools opt for modular construction.


1. Timely construction period.

One of the best points about modular classrooms is their construction period. Unlike traditional construction methods, modular construction has a fast turnaround time. If your school needs extra space for more classrooms, modular can provide you with that immediately. 

Usually, schools would need to transfer their students to another room in their school; during building construction or renovation. If you opt for modular classrooms, your students won’t have to sacrifice their focus and environment in learning. 

If you have a timeline to follow, modular education construction can be the best option. You won’t have to delay or move your school year just so you can accommodate all of your enrollees. In short, the school will continue to operate if the construction period is timely. 


2. Modular construction does not cause any disruption during school hours. 

If you’ve already had a neighbour property that’s doing some renovations, you know how noisy it can be. It’s hard to focus on your work if your surroundings are disruptive. Can you imagine how students can learn and focus if they hear drills and hammers every minute?

I can, and it’s probably a learning environment I wouldn’t want kids to go through. It’s important to note that students can have a short attention span – especially if your enrollees are primary school students. Also, parents surely don’t want their children to go through that kind of learning environment.

After all, they’re paying so much for their education. It is the school’s responsibility to provide the best learning environment that there is for their students. If you opt for modular construction, none of these unwanted scenarios would happen.

You might be wondering, why? The thing is, modular classrooms are built in factories. Once they’re constructed, they’ll be transported to the school. If your modular buildings have more than one storey, the final construction will be done onsite — to connect the modular rooms. 


3. Modular classrooms can be easily moved or relocated.

Another strong point of modular classrooms is that they can be relocated. If in the future, your school plans to have more renovations, the modular classrooms can be relocated. The modules of the classroom can be easily deconstructed and reconstructed in a new area.

If ever the area where the modular classrooms are placed needs to be renovated – your money won’t be wasted because the classroom can still be reconstructed. If you’re looking for ‌good value for your money, modular classrooms are the answer.

Even though they can be deconstructed, it is guaranteed that the modules are of good quality and can withstand any weather changes. 


4. Less carbon footprint and less wastage.

One of the biggest differences between modular construction and traditional construction is materials wastage. Since modular classrooms are built to a specific size, no excess materials are wasted. Often, in traditional construction methods, a lot of cement and other materials are left unused. 

One factor that causes materials waste is the weather. If it rains, traditional construction can’t push through. They’ll have to recheck the foundation of the blocks to see if it needs to be solidified again. Since modular classrooms and buildings are built in factories that follow a specific size and design, you won’t have to spend money on materials that won’t be utilised at all.

Another great thing about modular buildings is that they’re recyclable. If a modular building is deconstructed, it can be reused for other projects. As an owner, you won’t have to feel bad about the modules because they’ll be put to good use. Also, even though the modules are reused, they’re still built to last for decades. That’s a good way of helping the environment in a small little way.


5. Modular classrooms are cheaper than traditional constructed ones.

Last but not least, modular construction is cheaper than traditional construction. A lot of schools run on a tight budget. If you opt for traditional construction, you’ll also have to think about the cost of labour, design, and other services. 

Unless you have an allotted budget for school construction, you might have to sacrifice other school projects for the renovation. If you want a fast and cheaper solution to your space needs, modular education construction will provide you with that. 


Indeed, modular education construction is a great option for your space needs. 

What do you think about the five reasons I discussed above? Has your perception of modular construction changed? If you’re looking into adding more space to your school, I suggest considering modular construction. You won’t only get to save money, but also, time, resources, and waste.


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for MTX Education U.K., an affordable, flexible solution to educational space needs. MTX are one of the UK’s leading providers of off-site modular buildings with a wealth of experience in the design, engineering, production and delivery of bespoke education buildings.


Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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