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5 Reasons to Buy Sterling Silver Jewellery


Some people consider sterling silver too expensive for its quality, while others consider it unworthy of its value because it is not pure and rich like gold or diamond. Sterling silver has become a middle metal for someone looking to buy an expensive piece of jewellery but not too expensive to empty their bank account. These two groups of people like to ignore silver completely. However, today we will burst some myths and folktales about sterling silver and inform you why you should start building up your collection of sterling silver jewellery. 

Sterling silver consists of 92.5 per cent pure silver and 7.5 per cent alloy. However, the mix of the alloy is not as bad as many people think alloy to be. There is a good reason why jewellery makers mix alloy with pure silver. You can add to your collection a gorgeous Turkish jewellery silver necklace and a set of bracelets to accompany your evening party.

You must have heard the phrase – born with a silver spoon. Why do people associate wealth with silver? Because silver has its own richness and sophistication. For years, people have considered sterling silver jewellery an all-time best friend and evergreen piece of metal for jewellery. It is versatile, and you can pair it with any clothing. The simple yet elegant look of sterling silver is worth its value, and people admire this metal. Sterling silver has become a classic material for making jewellery with time.

Why should you buy sterling silver?

Below are five reasons why you should go for sterling silver jewellery.

Durable and worth its value

Find a person who would like to spend dollars for an earring only to find that it has bent while wearing it the next time. People love to invest in sustainable things, and it is one of the reasons, why you should prefer sterling silver. Pure silver is light and can break off easily. It is difficult for designers to work on pure silver. Also, sterling silver is cheaper than diamond and platinum but provides almost the same sophistication as the former two would. So, why not opt for this enchanting metal jewellery?

Build novel collection

So, you are just starting out in this field and have no idea how to build a proper collection? Do you want to purchase a bracelet that would accompany your cocktail dress and formal trousers? Then, you must be looking for sterling silver jewellery. Cannot find a shop in your neighbourhood? Do not worry. You can buy Turkish jewellery Australia on a digital site. Purchasing jewellery has become easier in this digital world. Build a diverse collection with your favourite pieces of sterling silver jewellery.


Okay, this one is very important. You came back from your friend’s birthday party and are feeling sleepy. Do you want to spend time cleaning your jewellery to make it last long? Obviously, not! You are too tired to do that. Sterling silver pieces of jewellery are super easy to maintain. Ensure they do not come in contact with moisture for a long time. Even if they do, you can take your necklace to a professional to clean it. 

No Allergy

The main reason why women avoid silver jewellery is because of its allergic reactions. You can develop skin allergies if you buy cheap silver pieces of jewellery. Cheap ones contain nickel, and that can be harmful to sensitive skin. Sterling silver is costlier than a nickel, but it is worth the investment. With this, you would not be running into the risk of developing any allergy. A good one-time investment is worth the health benefits if not the beautification it offers. So, avoid nickel and buy sterling silver pieces.

Trends define us

Would you wear a backless gown to a party where women go in short and tight cocktail dresses? That age is over, ladies! We should keep up with trends. Similarly, we would not like to wear outdated jewellery. With sterling silver, you will never have to fear running out of fashion. There is a good reason why designers and experts say that pieces of sterling silver jewellery are timeless and classic. A Turkish jewellery silver necklace can look evergreen even on your granddaughter.


So, are you happy with our reasons for purchasing sterling silver jewellery? Next time you go to a jewellery shop, ask the experts why you should prefer this metal. You would be amazed to know that they can provide you with a list of reasons to opt for this metal. To date, no metal looks as sophisticated and rich but is not super expensive as sterling silver. So, turn on your internet, open a jewellery website and order Turkish jewellery Australia today. Experiment with different types till you find out what you like most. Happy shopping!

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