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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Essay

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Writing an essay for academic purposes is not simple. Some students believe that they have written an excellent article. But, their marks show the exact opposite. What went going wrong with your essay? Writing a plagiarism free essay is not an easy task. It’s possible, but. Students always make mistakes that are commonplace when creating their essays. The top five mistakes made when writing 100% free essays are typical. You’ll be able to recognize your mistakes in the list. Try to be aware of the common errors in essays and avoid them altogether. It will assist you in achieving success in your research. Also, it will improve your writing ability and grades substantially. It will also be able to make writing easy instead of having to do it every time.

Too “broad” topics

Don’t be disappointed if you’re assigned an essay topic. In general, professors don’t assign “losing” themes. You will be given an issue that won’t permit you to discuss obscure things in most cases. This is not the case when you must come up with your idea yourself.

You must select a subject that won’t “sink” you in this scenario. Have you gone through a quality research paper sample? you’ll notice that they’re focusing on a single subtopic. This is the best strategy. One common mistake while writing your plagiarism free essay is not picking broad subjects.


Wordiness is among the most frequent mistakes students make when they write sentences. Of course, we all know about the word count. But using the most words you can isn’t the best way to achieve it. Many unnecessary words and phrases will not create a positive impression. Furthermore, they make the text difficult to read.

Don’t add unnecessary words. You can simply extend the text differently. For instance, you could include more research and proof. Then, simply expand the reasoning behind your conclusion.


Academic writing requires academic vocabulary. The language you use in everyday English could be good, but you can’t use it in your essay. Academic writing requires formal vocabulary. Beware of informal vocabulary. Words to stay clear of when writing academic writing are:

  • Contractions: can’t, won’t, will not, can’t, or won’t
  • Informal language: to do, execute, carry out or perform.
  • Tone too personal: No one is like – – they, etc.
  • Colloquial language/slang: buddies – friends, cops – police

But, there are exceptions. For example, when you write a book report, it is common to include lots of informal language quotes. In this case, we’re discussing what you are aiming for in your paper.

Too many sentences and complicated sentences

Long sentences can be confusing to readers. Don’t create excessively complex sentences. Instead, use simple and concise sentences. Readers can easily forget the meaning while reading your essay. It is easier to understand any information when it’s properly presented. This can lead to excessive wordiness and should be avoided at all costs.

Countries should think about removing executions. This is against the principles of humanity. It is morally unjust.


Plagiarism is among the significant issues when writing essays. This does not mean that you’re copying and pasting other people’s ideas or even. It is not a crime to copy and paste; but, you can still copy and paste without intention.

To ensure that you are not a victim of plagiarism, you should

  • Paraphrase in place of copy-pasting
  • Rely on the thoughts of scholars
  • Be sure to reference it appropriately
  • Examine your essay using one of the plagiarism checking tools

These are straightforward guidelines to keep in mind when you write your essay. Examining your paper for plagiarism is exceptionally effective. Even if all the content was written yourself, the program might find some similarities. In this situation, you should rewrite the sentence you have marked and verify the source. The ideas you came up with were before utilized by another person. They might have published it online. References and citations are essential. Don’t forget these while writing a plagiarism-free essay.

Are You Now Aware of The Common Mistakes?

These are the most common mistakes students make when writing 100 free essays. First, you need not forget to proofread your article. It is best to complete it more than once and rest for several days. If you’re not sure you can do it, you could always seek help from a professional. They will ensure that the work is appropriately proofread and edited.


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