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5 Best Ways To Prepare Science For Class 10 Students

Now is the beginning of the new session. With the new session, students will face board examinations for the very first time. The fear of the board examination is enough for students to make them anxious. Because of this fear, students only refer to several reference books rather than going with their NCERT Textbooks.

Science is a crucial subject in class 10 and is very important for students to score good marks in science as it not only boosts your result, but your future is also dependent on this. If you’re wondering how to avoid these issues then follow these 5 tips to prepare Science in an easy way for Class 10 students:

5 Tips for Preparation

  1. Know your Syllabus- The very first and the most basic step is to go through the syllabus. Only after then you should go through the topics, pattern and marking scheme. Syllabus will help you to make a plan for your studies for the examination.

Term 1 Syllabus

S.no. Chapters
1 Chapter -1 Chemical reactions and equations
2 Chapter – 2 Acids, Bases, and Salts
3 Chapter – 3 Metals and non–metals
4 Chapter – 6 Life processes
5 Chapter – 10 Light – Reflection and Refraction
6 Chapter – 11 Human eye and colorful world

Term 2 Syllabus

S. No. Chapters
1 Chapter – 4 Carbon and its compounds
2 Chapter – 5 Periodic Classification of elements
3 Chapter – 8 How do organisms reproduce?
4 Chapter – 9 Heredity and Evolution
5 Chapter – 12 Electricity
6 Chapter – 13 Magnetic effects of current
7 Chapter – 15 Our Environment


  1. Follow the Exam Pattern- Next step is to look for the exam pattern for the board examination. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science will help you with all the important points you need to know for the board examination. There’ll be different sections in the board examination and each section is important whether they’re one word questions or long answer type questions.
Section Type of Question Marks per Question Total Questions No. of words for Answering
A MCQs, very short, assertion reasoning type 1 20 1 word or 1 sentence each
B Short answer type questions I 2 6 30 to 50 words each
C Short answer type questions II 3 7 50 to 80 words each
D Long answer type questions 5 3 80 to 120 words each
  1. Complete NCERT Textbooks first- NCERT Books are published according to the guidelines issued by the CBSE Board and the board recommend NCERT Textbooks for the board examinations. Your primary goal should be to complete the NCERT Textbooks then only if you have time you should refer to other reference books for the practice.
Reference Books Publication
Science – Textbook for class X NCERT
Laboratory Manual – Science Class X NCERT
Practical Skills Assessment in Science – Class X CBSE
Biology for Class 10 Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
Science for Class 10: Physics Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
Science for Class 10: Chemistry Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur
  1. Go through all the important topics- After going through the NCERT Textbooks and the reference books, also, it’s time to go through the important topics otherwise work on the important section of the chapters in each of the subject. Here’s the list of all the important topics of each book for your reference. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll not study other topics. This list needs a lit bit more focus and practice.
S.no. Important Topics for Physics
1. Electricity
2. Magnetic effect of electric current
3. Verify Ohm’s law and its applications
4. Working on AC and DC generators and their applications
5. Fleming’s left-hand rule
6. Fleming’s right-hand rule
7. Electric circuit based questions
8. Human eye
9. Defects of vision and their corrections
10. Glass prism and white light spectrum
11. Images formed by the lens and mirrors
S. No. Important Topics for Chemistry
1. Periodic Classification of Elements
2. Carbon and Its Compounds
3. The cleansing action of soap
4. Nomenclature of carbon compounds
5. Isomers and isomerization
6. Elements’ properties
7. Triads of Periodic table
S. No. Important Topics for Biology
1. How Do Organisms Reproduce?
2. Heredity
3. Our Environment
4. Sexual and asexual reproduction
5. Female reproductive system and role of the placenta
6. Contraceptives
7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
8. Food chain
9. Laws of Mendel
10. Homologous and analogous organs
11. Diagrams of reproductive systems, ovaries, etc.
  1. Solve Sample Question Papers- After completing everything, the last step would be to solve the sample papers and the previous year question papers for class 10 science to get the idea of the question paper of the board examination. Make sure you practice with the sample papers, otherwise you’ll end up having trouble with the complex questions of the examination.


Although we’ve mentioned tips and tricks above here, but it’s totally up to you how you use them and prepare for the examination. With the help of these good tips and with your preparation you can easily score 95% in your board examination. 

But, make sure you complete your studies on time and do the revision with the help of sample papers and the previous year question papers also. We really hope that these tips will help you with your board examination.

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