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10 Tips for Choosing the Best School for Your kids

Choice of school can make a lot of difference in your child’s life. If you finalize the best international school in Pune, you can assure academic success, a fruitful career, and the child’s holistic growth. There are countless CBSE schools in Maharashtra, offering the best education, state-of-the-art amenities, and a productive teaching methodology. Thus, the challenge parents face is, choosing the best school out of a lot. 

10 tips for choosing the best school

If you are also a parent looking forward to designing the best educational journey for your child, we understand your dilemmas. We will help you with the expert tips listed below to narrow the choices and finalize the best school for your child. 

Decide the Curriculum

The first thing that you have to decide is the curriculum or board. There are many options available these days, and you can pick one based on your plans for your child. One of the best options would be a CBSE school, as it is an internationally recognized board with an excellent record of raising learned and disciplined students. 

Note your requirements

Once you finalize the board, make a note of all your requirements. For example, mention the fee you can afford, the distance between your home and school that you will be okay with, the co-curricular activities you want, and everything else you need. 

Core Values of the school

Check the school website thoroughly to understand their core values, making sure they believe in the holistic development of every child. Furthermore, confirm that they emphasize character building by infusing compassion and self-confidence in every child. 

Amenities offered

Other significant things you should check are the amenities or facilities that the school offers. This information is also available on the school website. Emphasize choosing a school with technically advanced classrooms, fully stocked digital libraries, and excellent sports facilities. Ensure the school has the best infrastructure for sports, fine arts, and skill-building, as they are equally significant in this competitive world.

Teaching methodology

It is vital to confirm the teaching methodology that the school follows to ensure academic and intellectual growth. Of course, the ideal way is to pick the school that does not believe in raising bookworms. Instead, it is fruitful to choose a nurturing environment where learning is fun, and that is what you should look for in the school you choose.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Confirm the student-teacher ratio at the school where you plan to enroll your child. Make sure it is not too much to affect effective lecture delivery. The idea is to ensure that every child gets equal attention from the teacher. 

Your child’s interest

Spend quality time with your child, trying to understand and figure out his interests. For example, if your child is inclined towards fine arts, it is better to choose a school that excels in it. Similarly, if he likes sports more than anything, find a school with excellent sports clubs and supportive infrastructure. 


One of the crucial aspects of choosing the best school is, checking its fee and figuring out if it fits your pocket. Luckily, there are plenty of schools these days, and you can conveniently find an affordable one. 

Academic Results

Talk to the school authorities, asking them to share the previous year’s results. Check the records for at least five years, and if you see a significant hike or even a balanced performance, you can go ahead with the final admission. 

Personal Visits

The pro tip is to visit the school personally to check the environment and verify if they are walking the talk! Stay vigilant and carefully observe a regular day at school. If you find everything fine, you can enroll your child there.

These simple yet effective tips can help every parent choose the best school for their child and give them a promising career path. Ensure that you do not skimp on the research part and explore every possible option. Around you before enrolling your child. Parents are often confused about the quality of schools in their area. Check the reviews and ratings of the school on multiple platforms to get a clear idea about its market credibility and reputation. If you see positive feedback from parents, you can enroll your child there.

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