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Zai Rickards Top Social Media Trends in 2022: How to organically incorporate them into your business

Zai Rickards Top Social Media Trends in 2022

There’s always anticipation hinted at the start of each New Year about the up-and-coming trends. Trends are vital in communications and marketing because they allow marketers to connect more in-depth to their core demographic users.

Zai Rickars New Images Of the Year 2022

Enabling businesses to capitalize and align themselves with the trends as they become more popular requires knowing about those trends way before they go mainstream. When it comes to preparing utilities and communication tools, Zai Rickards, an expert digital marketer, believes that being ahead of the curve often offers an advantage to marketers to capitalize on those trends.

This post will list some latest trends Zai Rickards deems essential to master in 2022. Also, this article will explore the effectiveness and the ways to incorporate the trends into your businesses.

What are the upcoming social media trends in 2022?

For 2022 and beyond, Zai Rickarrrds views video content and social selling as the most popular new features on popular social media platforms. With the rise of TikTok, video and live streaming has grown in popularity like never before. Indeed, Instagram introduced Reels in 2020, which many social media experts believe in countering TikTok’s dominance in the video space.

Also, Zai Rickards observes that social selling has been on the rise since Facebook introduced Shops across its network in May 2020. Brands can now use social media in the same way that e-commerce websites do by uploading products purchased directly through the platform.

Marketing multi-million dollar brands have taught Zai Rickards what works well, what produces ‘okay’ results, and what marketers should abandon. He believes that it is part of marketers to be adaptable. Marketers can’t stay in their old habits.

To act his beliefs out in practice, Zai Rickards is always on the lookout for the next best strategy, tactic, and technique for amplifying his respective funnels. The following three are the major marketing trends that have been a focus of Zai Rickards’ work routine with multi-figure clients:

  • High energy behavior-based content Is essential
  • Omni-Channel marketing is on the horizon
  • Voice Search Is increasing

These are the developments; Zai Rickards suggests that you should also be following. Because the marketing world isn’t slowing down, and this rollercoaster ride marketers are on is about to take another turn.

Reasons for Effectiveness of Social Media Trends

What is it about these social media trends that make them so effective? According to Zai Rickards, the studies show that audiovisual material is 40 times more likely to be followed than non-audiovisual posts. And video advertising is the most clicked form of advertisement, with higher engagement than image and text ads.

When considering a purchase, Zai Rickards quotes 80 percent of consumers prefer to watch videos instead of reading content. With statistics like these, it’s clear that consumers prefer video, which marketers can take advantage of when developing campaigns. According to some social media experts, videos could drive up to 30% of conversions.

According to market research, Zai Rickards also believes that 87 percent of consumers believe that social media tends to help them make purchasing decisions. Typically, consumers would conduct product research on social media, reading reviews and content before purchasing on a company’s website.

Consumers can now purchase products directly from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram thanks to new shopping functionality. As per Zai Rickards, this results in a simpler and more streamlined consumer journey, which increases conversions. According to data from China, 70% of Gen Z consumers make purchases directly via social media.

How to Incorporate New Social Media Trends into Your Business

While high-tech cameras and skilled editors are available, Zai Rickards maintains that anyone with a smartphone can make a video for social media. Marketers can use Stories, Reels, and Lives to boost engagement by repurposing evergreen material to create videos.

For the best results, Zai Rickards stresses that social media teams should evaluate audience data to identify the best kinds of content to post and the best times of day to post. And, instead of attempting to be present on all channels, concentrate on the platforms most frequently used by your target audience.

Finally, Zai Rickards strongly recommends that marketing teams go to their account settings to set up shops and upload products for social selling

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