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Your short guide to the corporate video production process

Film-making is an art that has been enveloped in history. Everyone is curious to know the mystery behind the film. Corporate video making is also a kind of filming. To unravel the mystery some of the steps have been given here that would give you a picture of the work done behind a video.

How is corporate video production done?

If you are curious to know how does corporate video production in Melbourne is completed then these steps will surely give you an idea of the same

  • Initial enquiry 

The first step of making a corporate video production is enquiry from the clients either over a phone call or an email. In this initial conversation, a video production company learns much about the project they are going to start. 

In the call they ask about the purpose of the video, the client’s message to their audiences, their intended audience and how they want the message to be delivered. Budget is another aspect a company wants to know at the early stage.

  • Concept development

In the next step, the concept of the video will be discussed in a detailed way. There will be a discussion on the targeted audience and a smooth way to reach them. Creating the best way to reach the audience with their message is important as the audience shall only accept the contents that will have some value.

  • Planning and scheduling

In this step, deadlines to complete the video will be organized. This would depend on the feedback of the client for the edited drafts. Some software is also used to make sure that the video will be produced as per the timeline. 

  • Site Inspection

To ensure the best video is captured, the production company needs to explore the location where the filming shall take place. Things that will be noticed are the background noise, a glance from the windows, etc. 

  • Video preparation

Before the entire crew arrives at the location, a guidance document is sent to the client so that he gets an idea about what to expect. On the day of shooting, The crew will set up and get ready to film, so that the client need not spend much time on location. 

  • Shooting the video

As because the prep is done before shooting, the duration of time of interview becomes shorter. The interview can be conducted within half an hour. 

  • Draft video

After finishing the first edit assembly, the video is sent to the client in which he would give his maximum feedback. The suggestions will be incorporated in the next edit.

  • Second edit

In this stage, only minor changes have to be done. Then it will be again sent to client doer approval. If the client is happy, the video will be rendered in full HD quality.

  • Video promotion

Finally, video promotion shall be done. A strategy has been developed to reach maximum views of the intended audience.

Bottom line

These are the basic steps of corporate video production. With different brands, messages, and contents, these steps do vary. 

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