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You Will Be Amazed At These Raised Planters

Might you be a windy person? If yes, this might come in handy for you. However, planters that are raised up high off the ground a few inches can quickly raised planter get worn down by the wind. With some creative planning, these types of planters wouldn’t need to be replaced so often. See how much creativity can go into making something long-lasting with this article!

The History of Raised Planters

Raised planters have been around since before man ever set foot on the earth. They are an ancient form of garden furniture that originated in the Orient and Raised Garden Bed was used to grow plants in dry climates. They are still popular in dry countries today, such as Iran and Turkey. 

There are several different types of raised planters, each with its own unique features. One type is the Chinese pot, which is a deepish vase-like container with a flat bottom and a curved rim. It is usually made of clay, but can also be made from metal or wood. The Chinese pot is best suited for herbs and flowers that need plenty of water and ventilation.

The Urn Planter is another type of raised planter that has a cylindrical body and a flat top. The body of the urn planter is usually made out of clay, but it can also be made out of stone, brick, or concrete. The top of the urn planter is usually removable so that you can access the plants inside. The urn planter is best used for plants that do not require a lot of water or ventilation.

The Dutch Masters Planters are similar to the Urn Planters

What Are They Useful For?

One of the most popular plant accessories to come along in recent years is raised planters. These innovative pieces of garden furniture provide plants with much-needed drainage and help improve root growth. A raised planter can be used for a variety of plants, from succulents to herbaceous foliage plants. Here are five reasons why you should add a raised planter to your garden: 

  1. They Improve drainage. When planted correctly in a raised planter, plants will benefit from improved drainage and less chance of root rot. Raised planters also allow water to flow freely away from the plant roots, keeping them hydrated and preventing Brown  Raised Planter Recluse Spider mites from attacking your plants.
  1. They Encourage healthy root growth. When plants are given plenty of room to grow and develop their roots, they tend to thrive better than when confined to a pot or other container. This is especially true with succulents, which need large amounts of space to send their roots deep into the soil. A good way to test if your plant needs more space in its pot is to water it well and then place it in a small pot for a few days without water; if the plant does not look wilted or

How to Make a Raised Planter

A raised planter is the perfect way to add a pop of colour and life to any patio or garden. They’re also a great way to show off plants and flowers in a Contemporary or Modern setting. Here are four easy steps on how to make one yourself:

  1. Get the supplies you need. You’ll need a sturdy board, some nails, some screws, and water. 
  2. Begin by measuring the board. Cut the board to the desired height, then measure again and make any necessary adjustments. Don’t forget to account for your planter’s curve! 
  3. Drill several pilot holes into the board at evenly spaced intervals. Use screws to attach the board to the nails at these points. 
  4. Fill your planter with soil and plants of your choice, then water them well. You’re ready to enjoy your beautiful new raised planter! Apple sets March 21 event, Wall Street sees new, smaller iPhone

Growing Plants in a Raised Planter

Anyone who has ever tried to grow a vegetable or flower in a traditional pot or garden bed knows that it’s not easy. The soil is usually too dry or too wet, the plants get gnarled roots, and the space is too small. A raised planter, however, solves all of these problems. A raised planter is simply a container that is elevated on legs above the ground. This way, the soil can be kept much drier since water will drain away quickly and root growth will be hindered. Plants also receive plenty of sunlight and air circulation, which is important for healthy growth. If you’re thinking of adding some fresh produce to your diet but don’t want to deal with the hassle of growing your own plants, consider investing in a raised planter. You will be amazed at the difference it makes!

Sunset (Gardening Blog)

When you want to show off your dazzling flower gardens, nothing beats a raised garden planter. Whether you have a small front yard or expansive back patio, a raised bed is perfect for showcasing your blooms and plants. Plus, they’re super easy to maintain – all you have to do is water! Here are four stunning raised garden planters that will amaze you – and inspire you to start planting today!

  1. This Modular Garden Planter is a great way to show off a variety of plants.
  2. This Wooden Raised Garden Planter is perfect for smaller spaces.
  3. This Polycarbonate Raised Garden Planter is both sturdy and stylish.
  4. This Aluminum Raised Garden Planter can hold a lot of plants and looks great on any patio or deck!


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