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You Should Switch To Silk Pillowcases

Silk sheets have always been a “luxury” item. Think of what you would buy if money was no object. Think of how you would furnish your bedroom. Would a set of silk sheets be on your list?

Silk sheets are very popular, and for good reason too! Silk has many advantages over cotton.

In fact, here are 7 benefits of silk:

  • Causes fewer wrinkles on your face
  • Less likely to pull or tangle hair
  • Anti-aging
  • Regulates temperature more effectively
  • Better hypoallergenic qualities
  • Maintenance is easier
  • More durable than cotton

But you don’t necessarily need an entire sheet set. You can get all of the benefits with a pillowcase. So, you really just need a silk pillowcase.

Let’s discuss the 7 factors above, and find out why…


Causes Fewer Wrinkles On Your Face

Silk is very smooth, and of course, much smoother than cotton!

Because of the shape of cotton strands, cotton fabric has many ridges. These ridges, pull your skin in different directions and cause wrinkles. Do you regularly wake up with wrinkles all over your face?

Those wrinkles are from your cotton pillowcases!

an infographic showing the thinness of a silk fiber

And it doesn’t matter if you’re using a $20 sheet set from a thrift store, or a $1000 luxury set from Sferra. Cotton is cotton.

Silk, on the other hand, is very smooth. Silk doesn’t have the texture and ridges that pull your skin. As you move your face across your pillowcase, your skin glides across the surface. There’s no friction. So…no wrinkles!


Less Likely To Pull Or Tangle Hair

Cotton pillowcases ruin your hair!

Cotton doesn’t just pull your skin, it also pulls your hair. Do you frequently have strands of hair on your pillow after you get out of bed? Do you regularly have messy hair in the morning?

A pillowcase covered in loose strands of hair

That’s probably from your cotton pillowcase. Silk doesn’t tug on your hair as cotton does. Your hair will definitely appreciate the smoother surface of a silk pillowcase!



Silk behaves differently than cotton. One way, for example, is that silk wicks away moisture, while not absorbing any. Have you ever seen silk towels? That’s because it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Which is a good thing, when it comes to your pillowcase!

As you sleep, cotton absorbs the sweat and natural oils from your skin. And since cotton absorbs all of that, you’re essentially sleeping in your own sweat/body oil.

Do you regularly wake up with dry skin? Do you have a lot of acne? It’s probably because of your cotton pillowcase!


Regulates Temperate More Effectively

Cotton breathes relatively well. But only while it’s dry. When you start to sweat, especially on a hot night, cotton can turn into an uncomfortable sleeping surface quickly

Silk doesn’t absorb moisture. It stays dry, and in the process, keeps you cool.


Better Hypoallergenic Qualities

Silk’s ability to wick away moisture makes it hypoallergenic and bacteria-free.

Since cotton absorbs everything, like sweat, body oil, saliva, etc., it contains more bacteria than a toilet set. No, it’s true! A cotton pillowcase will contain 17,000 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat after a few nights.


The moisture from your sweat, your excess body oil – all of the stuff that bacteria like to eat. The more food you provide for them, the more they will stick around – and invite their friends!

Silk doesn’t hold on to moisture, sweat, oil, etc. So it stays clean.


Maintenance is easier

All of that sweat and body oil that your cotton pillowcase accumulates leads to a lot of yellowing. On your sheets, and your pillowcases!

Since silk doesn’t hold on to moisture, it naturally stays cleaner. Fewer stains = less maintenance.

a while bed pillow with yellow staining all over


More Durable Than Cotton

Silk fibers are more durable than cotton. It’s not that cotton is inherently weak. It’s that modern sheet sets have been designed to be ultra-soft, with high thread counts, etc.

This results in a weaker fabric. The individual cotton strands tend to break apart, after just a few washes. Do your cotton sheets pill or tear within a year?

That’s because cotton is highly processed for sheet fabrics. Silk doesn’t have the same problem. Because it’s tough – much tougher than processed cotton.

Silk sheets will last for years, and maintain their texture and sheen much longer than cotton fabric can.


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