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Writing music on the computer

Making your own music is easy. This EKmixmaster online studio mixing article will show you how. If you already have a computer or laptop, plus a couple of speakers and headphones, you’re almost ready. Well, unless you get the right software.

First of all, you need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

 All instruments are recorded here and synthesizers and drum program. Mixing and mastering also done in the DAW. It is worthwhile to comprehensively test the demo versions of various devices before making a purchase decision.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on plug-ins (ready-made synthesized sounds). Many of them are available for free and work just as well as commercial products.

Whole songs can be assembled from ready-made blocks of beats and melodies, the so-called loops. Again, there are commercial offers, as well as a huge number of free samples and loops.

If you want to record music with one or more microphones, you can’t do without an external audio interface. Microphones and instruments connect to it. It converts acoustic signals into digital data, which then sent to your DAW as an audio file. For a beginner, a compact interface with multiple mic and instrument inputs is usually sufficient.

To record vocals or acoustic instruments, you need a microphone

 Here, too, there are many manufacturers and models. As with choosing the right software, the deciding factor is what you want to record and whether or not you like the character of the microphone’s sound.

For proper monitoring in a home studio, existing computer speakers or Hi-Fi headphones are not enough. Unless at first, while you are taking the first steps. If you want your mixes to sound more professional in the future, you should consider buying studio monitors or studio headphones. Each pair of monitors has its own sound character. Therefore, it recommends testing several pairs of monitors in a music store using either a CD of your favorite songs or your own recordings. Always remember that it’s all about hearing all the instruments well.

Studio headphones are a good alternative to a pair of monitors. They are especially relevant for home musicians, as they allow you to mix loudly at a late hour without annoying all the neighbors.

If you want to use virtual instruments and play them live on your computer, a good USB midi keyboard is a smart investment.

Acoustics of the room – a separate conversation

 Each room has its own sound. Therefore, the room you are working in must acoustically optimized so that instruments and vocals are not washed out by room reverberation.

In addition to the basic equipment, be sure to include the necessary accessories: microphone stands and clamps, monitor stands, cables and adapters, instrument stand, power supplies, and batteries. Here it is better to spend a little more and invest in quality. There is nothing more annoying than a crackling cable or a wobbly mic stand while you work.

Finally, if you’re stuck at some point in learning how to make music, their plenty of guides and forums on the internet where you can find answers to all your questions.

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