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Why Small Businesses Choose Tally On Cloud

Tally is one of the most widely used accounting software. This software originated in India and is chosen by a plethora of businesses – including small traders, agencies, startups, manufacturers, and large organizations. In the last few years, Tally on cloud has gained prominence in the business world. Thanks to multiple benefits, many small and mid-sized businesses are choosing this version.

Let’s understand the benefits of this software in detail.

1. Use tally on cloud on a smartphone

Imagine your inventory manager is out of town. And you want them to prepare a report related to the stocks of a particular category. They don’t have to come back to the office for this purpose. Nor, do they have to open their laptop. A smartphone is enough to do this job.

They can open the browser, and log in to their Tally account. This allows them to view or edit all the records they require. There won’t be any delay in the operations even if the staff isn’t in the office. You can also manage the records with a few taps on your phone. This is perhaps one of the best ways to utilize the power of a smartphone for your business.

2. Pay-per user model

Traditionally, businesses have to choose flat-rate pricing for the accounting software. They felt crippled while using such software because they had to purchase an entire package even if the number of users was limited. For example, two people started a business. But, they have to choose a software package that’s ideal for large-scale.

This isn’t the case with Tally on cloud multi-user model. This software works on a per-user-based pricing model. You have to pay for the service as per the number of people using the software. You can easily calculate the amount you have to pay for accounting software according to the individuals that will use it.

3. No additional training is required

One of the biggest fears of workers is learning new software/technology. Or understanding the latest features of an upgrade. This is especially a challenge with departments that aren’t very tech-savvy. Company-wise adoption becomes difficult when you introduce new software. Something as basic as attendance-management software is not easily adopted. We are telling it from experience.

You have to push the workers to use it the correct way. And when we are talking about accounting, you can understand the level of difficulty. Do you know what the good news is? Moving to the cloud for accounting is a piece of cake. The tally works the same way on cloud-like it works offline. You don’t have to provide additional training to the workers. Nor, you have to worry that the adoption of this new way of accounting will result in delays.

4. Tally on cloud is completely secure

One of the threats for every company is data breaches. You can lose millions of worth of data if cybercriminals attack your computer systems. Many businesses have already fallen prey to such online attacks. We are sure you don’t want this to happen. Tally on cloud is the safest option for you. This version comes with its own security layers.

The makers enhance their security with superior data integrity tools. The data of your company – including sales, inventory, payrolls, etc. – will remain secure. If you are getting it from a reliable company, you can be sure about the data backups too. The automated backups on a daily basis ensure the backup is available in case the original data is lost for whatsoever reason. Transfer of data can also be done without any worry of data loss or theft.

5. Scaling up is easy

As the business grows, the companies need to scale up every aspect. This is applicable to software solutions, too. Many customized software needs to be redesigned. Or they have to be modified to suit the changing needs. This process is costly and time taking. Scaling up with Tally on the cloud is as simple as ABC. You won’t even realize how easily you were able to increase the number of users. You can also customize a few features without worrying about the delays or waiting for weeks if not months.

The Bottom Line

A huge surge in the number of users was seen in the last few years. The demand for Tally on Cloud especially grew after the COVID-19 pandemic. The companies were able to continue their operations even when their employees worked from home. Employees, on the other hand, got more flexibility and comfort.

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If you are also planning to get this accounting software on the cloud, make sure you get it from a reliable vendor. Get it from someone that been in the business for years. Plus, it offers the service with a per-user subscription model with transparent pricing. Read the reviews of the service provider to get a better idea of their services.

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