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Why Order Food in Train Online from RailRestro?

Order Hygienic Food in Train with RailRestro

RailRestro is an official IRCTC partner and top-preferred food delivery platform that caters to the meal-on-train needs of Indian Railways passengers. It is serving passengers across more than 450 stations and in more than 7000 trains, and still, the number is surging. It offers high-quality standard and hygienically prepared food at the best affordable prices.

A wide range of delectable dishes can be relished on the train, including North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Jain, Mughlai, and Continental. Regional cuisines are also available so that you don’t miss out on any of your favourite food. You can order food in train online as per your preference and desire while travelling using the RailRestro app and RailRestro website.

Let us know how you can order delicious and safe food in train and why RailRestro is the best food in train app.

Why Should You Use RailRestro To Order Food In Train Online

RailRestro is a reputed and much-admired food delivery on train service provider. You must choose RailRestro for food delivery on the train to acquire the following benefits:

Ease of Ordering Food

You may order meals from RailRestro using three different methods: the official RailRestro website, the RailRestro app, or by calling 8102202203. RailRestro makes it easy to order meals on the train. You can download the RailRestro app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to order food. In addition, RailRestro also lets you get your favourite cuisine simply by calling 8102202203. Using this number would help if you are travelling through rural regions of India and the Internet isn’t operating correctly.

On-time Food Delivery Directly to the Seat/Berth

It is the goal of RailRestro to complete all deliveries on time and right at the berth. High-quality meals are delivered promptly on the seat of the passenger. For this reason, RailRestro has implemented a real-time train-tracking system. On arrival at the station, one of the delivery personnel will bring you food to your seat as soon as the train arrives. Order for food should be placed at least two hours in advance to provide the best service.

Good And Secure Packaging

To avoid any leakage, your food is delivered in securely sealed packages. With RailRestro’s packing services, you can find your favourite foods without worrying about spills or anything else. Your food will be delivered to your railway seat/berth so that you may enjoy your meal in peace.

Safe And Hygienic Food Delivery On Train

Every time you visit RailRestro for food delivery on train, you can count on receiving clean and fresh cuisine because your health is the first priority. Your meal will be brought directly to your seat or berth with RailRestro’s e-catering service so that you can relax. You should not worry about the food quality because all of our restaurant partners fully comply with the FSSAI rules. All of it is fresh, starting from the ingredients to the packing.

Wide Selection Of Delicious Cuisine

Using RailRestro’s comprehensive e-catering menu, you may order everything from local cuisines to foreign cuisines. Every food is available in one click, starting from the North Indian thalis to the South Indian Idli & Dosa to the tomato soup to cool you down. Additionally, various dishes are available from various cities. Be it the Daal Baati Churma from Rajasthan, Kachoris from Rajasthan, or Litti Chokha from the Indian sub-continent, you may enjoy all of your favourite dishes at your seat in the theatre. In addition to renowned dishes, RailRestro offers you to select any cuisine so that you won’t miss your homeland, even during train travels.

Group Food Order In Train

Using the “group meal order” option on RailRestro can save money if you’re travelling in a large group of individuals for business trips, wedding trips, school educational trips, family trips, etc. With their e-catering service, travellers may purchase meals for the entire group at the most reasonable rates. RailRestro offers you exciting discounts and offers for a budget-friendly group food ordering in train. By ordering food in bulk via RailRestro, you may get hot, tasty, and fresh food delivered to your seat from top restaurants at pocket-friendly prices.

So the next time you’re on a train and hungry, use the RailRestro app to place the order for food in train online. Several of the city’s top restaurants have partnered with RailRestro to ensure that you enjoy the best cuisine on board.

Exemplary Reach of RailRestro Services

RailRestro strives to provide the passengers with a memorable experience. Its services have been fruitful in establishing an industry benchmark and are widely regarded as the most preferred food delivery platform. The wide reach of RailRestro services has been only possible with the customers’ and partners’ trust. This made in the expansion of the brand in the following ways:

  • Food delivery in 7000+ trains, including Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, etc.
  • Online food order in trains at more than 450 stations across India, including the major stations that include New Delhi (NDLS), Kolkata (KOAA), Mumbai (BCT), Chennai (MAS), Jaipur (JP), Patna (PNBE), Pune (PUNE), Surat (ST), Vadodara (BRC), and Vijayawada (BZA).
  • Order food on trains online from 2000+ trusted food partners and restaurants PAN India.
  • Why is RailRestro the Best food in train app?
  • Most popular and acknowledged IRCTC e-catering partner
  • Food and Restaurants Partners are approved by the FSSAI
  • Price transparency and no hidden fees
  • More than 30 Lakhs meals delivered in trains
  • Discounts and many coupon codes are available

Simple Steps To Order Food In Train From RailRestro’s App Or Website

RailRestro strives to provide a great experience to passengers when they order food in trains by providing comfort and ease. Download the RailRestro app to place the order for food in train online, and the food will be delivered to the passenger’s berth. RailRestro has thus avoided the need for passengers to plan and prepare food, giving them peace of mind while travelling.

When it comes to ordering food on the train, RailRestro is one of the best providers. The steps to order food in train using the RailRestro app are as follows:

  • You can open the RailRestro app or go to RailRestro’s website.
  • When ordering meals, enter the train number. You may also order meals by entering your PNR number.
  • Select your favourite food from the Restaurant’s menu.
  • Add your preferred food to your cart.
  • You may either pay online or go for cash on delivery.
  • Enter any additional necessary trip information and click the “Place Order” button, and you’re all set.
  • Your meals will be delivered to your seat.

RailRestro is dedicated to providing the best service possible to passengers. You can also call 8102202203 to order your favourite food in the train. You can also use this number if something goes wrong or if you want to modify your meal.

Various Types of Food Availed Through The Food In Train App, RailRestro

Through the RailRestro app, you can avail the following types of food delivery on train:

  • A variety of Indian cuisines, including North Indian and South Indian, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Gujarati and Bengali, Andhra and Mughlai, Kashmiri and Goan, as well as many more are available.
  • Veg Pizza and Non-Veg Pizza
  • Pure Veg food on trains
  • Non-veg meal
  • Veg and Non-Veg Thali in Trains
  • Biryani
  • Tea, coffee, milk
  • Regional and Traditional Food Specialities
  • Group Food on Trains
  • Food for Jains
  • A variety of cuisines may also be found.

The Bottom Line

With multiple benefits and ease of ordering, passengers can trust RailRestro to get safe and flavourful food while travelling by train. Travellers must consider using RailRestro, the popular food in train app, to order top-quality food online and have it delivered right to the seat without any additional costs. Regardless of the reason for your train journey, enjoy your journey to the fullest and with the most delicious meals you can imagine.

So, the next time you are on a train trip, download the RailRestro app now to see the difference!


Order delicious food in trains with RailRestro and get on-seat delivery of restaurant food of your choice all across India. RailRestro is one of the best apps that deliver food in trains. RailRestro App provides all varieties of restaurant food in train. You can download RailRestro app free from Google Play Store or iOS store.

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