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Why Are Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Expensive But Worth the Cost?

The monetary aspects are always important no matter what kind of business you run. You probably have a solid idea of how much it may cost to create custom printed shipping boxes for your products.

So, let’s be honest. Packaging is an important part of your customer’s unboxing experience – and your bottom line – but figuring out packaging and shipping expenses probably falls to the bottom of your priority list.

So, how much do personalized printed boxes cost?

The short answer is that custom packing is less expensive than you would think. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to your boxing requirements. If you run a business of home accessories, the orders are placed for various items having different shapes and sizes and thus the requirements for each package may differ.

To inquire about the cost of a custom box is to inquire about the cost of a watch. The answer is certainly contingent on several factors. Are we talking about a high-end Rolex or a more affordable local brand?

Boxes, like watches, exist in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, uses, and coolers. With your choices, the sky is the limit. But don’t be concerned. Even if there isn’t a simple answer that will satisfy everyone, there are methods for determining how much money custom boxes will cost your company. Knowing what you need allows you to build an educated estimate and create a packaging budget that works for you.

To get a better idea of how much your company will spend on custom boxes, start by asking yourself the following questions:

What Sort of Products Do You Offer?

To begin with, and most crucially, it’s all about what you put in your boxes.

Do you need retail packaging? Cosmetic containers? What about display packaging?

How you answer these questions will have a big impact on how much custom packaging you’ll require.

Ask yourself the following questions about your products to help you fine-tune your estimate:

  • What is the cost of your products?

If you’re selling pricey items, your packing should reflect that. As they unwrap their gifts, they’ll want to feel pampered. As a result, you should think about (and invest in) your overall packing style.

Packing peanuts alone will not suffice in a plain corrugated box. Consider including some eye-catching details like contrasting colors and textures or satin ribbon closures.

If your goods are valuable, you might wish to consider tamper-evident containers for added security. This will raise your costs, but it will ensure that your products arrive in good shape.

  • Do you have any fragile items?

When shipping anything, the priority is to ensure that the contents are sufficiently protected. Some objects will need more safeguarding than others.

  • Do your items have a shelf-life?

If you’re sending items like cheese or steak, you’ll need to select the appropriate packaging to avoid them arriving in a tangled heap. Additional costs will be incurred for these specialized boxes.

  • Do you transport a variety of products?

It’s pointless to buy custom boxes in only one size. You’ll spend money on shipping and void fill if the box is too big for the contents. To accommodate all of your things, both large and small, you should consider a variety of box sizes.

  • What Kind of Branding Do You Need?

The style of branding you want will also have an impact on the price of your custom boxes and other packaging ideas.

  • Do you want a simple logo on the front of your box, or do you want your brand’s colours, logos, and statements printed on all sides?

Amazon and other well-known businesses can afford to keep their branding simple. Simply looking at a package with the smiling insignia shows where it came from. Most companies need to add a little more flair if they want to be noticed and stand out from the crowd.

And branding isn’t just about the container. The design is carried over to the interior package. A thorough branding effort would undoubtedly be more costly than merely printing your logo.

custom printed shipping boxes

  • What is the value of your time?

You all know the fact that “Time is money,” as the adage goes. This holds right for your shipping and packing needs as well. Producing a lovely present with care takes time.

You can add inserts to the gift boxes and a logo sticker to each box you send out. Alternatively, it may be more cost effective to have your brand printed on each box so that they are ready to ship.

Yes. In the long run, custom packaging will save you money, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It all depends on your priorities and what’s best for the company.

Options for custom box printing and packaging

If you replied yes to the previous questions, you should now have a good sense of your company’s boxing requirements. So, let’s us now evaluate printing options. The three most popular printing techniques for custom boxes are as follows:

  • Digital printing is most commonly utilized for smaller orders, but it is typically more expensive. This method directly applies your design to the box.
  • Flexographic Printing: This approach prints your design directly on the box using a stamp rather than ink. Printing plates are required for flexographic printing (one color per plate). At around $1,000 per plate, it could rapidly add up. Only orders comprising at least 1,000 boxes are suitable for this method.
  • Litho Label Printing: This approach has a higher resolution but is more expensive. The design is printed on a label that is attached to the box rather than directly on the box.

Your printing must, of course, be physically put to something. That’s the box you’ve got. Here are three popular options:

  • Rigid Boxes: High-end products usually use these sturdy containers. They’re pricey, but they might give your products a premium look. Shipping expenses are also greater because they are already built.
  • Folding Boxes: These are less expensive, but they are not as long-lasting. These boxes are delivered flat, saving you money on shipping, but you must put them together yourself.
  • Corrugated Boxes: The most common shipping containers. They are long-lasting and inexpensive.

Keep in mind that the bigger your order, the more money you’ll save. As a result, regardless of the box design you choose, buy in bulk if at all possible.


Custom printed shipping boxes may appear to be out of your price range at first. However, you can find a custom box solution that matches your needs if you experiment with your custom options and priorities. Furthermore, you are not obligated to order the same box every time. Your signature boxes can constantly be improved and embellished to represent your company’s growth and changing needs.

Do you want to know more about custom boxes and the cost-effective ways of packaging? Visit our website now and get in touch with our professional box manufacturers.


Printingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are confident that no other company can match our quality and pricing for custom stickers, folders, banners, retail packaging and other printing services.

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