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Who Is The Largest Residential Solar Company In The US

There are more than 50 solar installations companies in the United States. Including the well-known SolarCity, Sunrun, and Vivint Solar.

Which one is the largest residential solar company in the US?

Here’s how four of the biggest residential solar companies stack up against each other, based on residential solar installations to date.

In addition to helping you decide which company to choose for your own home solar installation. You create energy as you save money on bills.

This guide will also help you understand how much your own home solar system could save you on electricity each year.

When most people think of renewable energy, they think of windmills or solar panels.

But how can you make money off this? This is where we come in. With all the marketing tools at your disposal and connections to leaders in the industry. You can make money while enjoying electricity.

This truly is an opportunity for anyone looking to invest in clean energy for themselves or for others.

The cost of solar panels in Dallas, TX in 2022 is $2.67 per watt. For example, a 5 kW solar panel system in Dallas,

TX costs between $11,348 and $15,352.

For the average system, the net price comes to be about $13,350 after accounting for the 26% Federal Investment Tax credit (ITC) and other incentives.

Solar City:

Once you take into account all Solar City’s operations, including its residential solar power business.

Leasing solar company in US, and solar-panel manufacturer, SolarCity becomes America’s largest residential solar company.

Its total national market share sits at 42 percent. While most of its business comes from California and New York—states with high electricity prices that encourage customers to invest in their own solar panels—

SolarCity has recently taken steps to expand across America. It also offers service to Hawaii as well as Puerto Rico.

Vivint Solar:

In terms of the number of installations, Vivint Solar leads a residential solar company in the US.

The Utah-based company has completed more than 350,000 projects since its founding and installs about 1,200 solar systems every month.


With more than 180,000 customers across 18 states, Sunrun claims to be America’s largest residential solar company in US.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Sunrun has over 1,000 employees and aims to become a new kind of utility. your 

It delivers clean energy services like home solar power and energy storage to homes across North America. It offers electricity generation service as well as it’s installation.


Although SolarCity tops GTM Research’s solar installer ranking, Sungevity has shown that one-person shops are not doomed.

Sungevity offers low-cost rooftop solar to homeowners through a network of local installers, many of whom were previously with other companies that were acquired by SolarCity.

Since its founding in 2007, Sungevity has survived multiple consolidation rounds and now serves more than 11,000 customers across 15 states.It is fit for homes as well as for the businesses. Enjoy the electricity as long as the system is running.

Clean Energy Collective:

To evaluate residential solar companies, first, let’s understand residential solar. There are two types of installations for solar panels: rooftop and community.

The community approach allows multiple people (typically, an entire neighborhood) to invest and own a single solar project that powers their homes.

In contrast, with rooftop systems, each homeowner invests separately and individually.

This guide will focus on small-scale rooftop installations from individual homeowners looking to install a system on their home or business property. You can install the system and then enjoy the limitless energy.


Sunnova Energy International Inc., one of the biggest U.S. residential-solar companies.

It is looking to tap into the green-bond market amid a surge of homeowner demand for clean power. Generate energy while you clean the power.

Houston-based Sunnova has completed some steps needed before issuing a green bond, including launching a green-financing framework,

CEO Robert Lane said on the company’s earnings call last weekLane said,

“Bottom line here is we’re locked and loaded,” adding that it’s not a formal announcement of an offering. “You should expect to see us in the market very soon.”

I love grammar, punctuation and everything else that goes into crafting a sentence.

I’ve been writing professionally for over 7 years, 5 of which have been spent in the startup world (full-time at my first startup, part-time freelance and internships at others). I enjoy helping other creatives write better.

The largest residential solar company in US, Sunnova operates out of Houston, Texas, and began operations in 2013.

Currently, it has more than 25 solar installers across nine states: Florida, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut (just to name a few).

Sunnova even contracts with solar manufacturers such as SolarEdge and First Solar Inc. to provide homeowners with guaranteed savings on equipment. 

Verengo Solar:

In 2013, Verengo Solar installed over 500 megawatts of solar capacity.

The company has offices in California, Arizona, and New Jersey. In addition to installing residential solar power systems, it also does commercial installations for companies like Walmart and Costco. Verengo’s mission:

To be recognized as an industry leader by providing innovative solutions that create long-term value for our customers and shareholders. It is both essential and works our at any time. It keeps getting recognized while keeping on making the best solar systems.

Silicon Valley Power:

SolarCity has been called the largest residential solar company in U.S. by The New York Times, and CEO Lyndon Rive says SolarCity will soon be bigger than any oil company with more than 100,000 customers and counting.

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