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When Umrah Starts in Islamic History

When Umrah starts in Islamic History, the first part of the pilgrimage is performe in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The pilgrims can purchase tokens to have animals sacrifice. They also walk seven times between two hills, one of them commemorating Hagar. They also drink from the Zamzam well. In addition to praying and reciting the Quran, the pilgrims pay homage to Hagar, who was kille while on her way to Mecca.

Jamrah Al-Aqaba

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In this article, we will review the history of the Umrah ritual and its origins. The purpose of performing the Umrah is to honor God and to show respect for him, so we will look at the origin of this ceremony.

The Umrah pilgrimage started when God command Abraham to bring Hagar and his infant son Ismail to a barren desert area between Safa and Marwah, two hills in Mecca. Abraham had basic provisions with him, but it became necessary to search for water, and Hagar frantically searched for it. Eventually, they found a source of water that miraculously sprang up from the ground. It is this well that has become known as the Well of Zamzam.

First Jamrah

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The first Umrah was perform by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his 2000 followers in 629 CE. However, the Quraysh refuse to let the Muslims enter the city and they were grieve. This led to a treaty in 631 CE, which was intende to prevent any bloodshe. However, the treaty between the Quraysh and the Muslims was broken two years later.

Praising God

The Muslim faith holds that the first mosque was built by Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael. This is the first house of worship dedicate to One God. Today, the mosque stands in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Its construction began in the eighth century, and the tradition continues to this day. The Kaaba, or ‘House of God’, is a prominent place of worship.

During the pilgrimage, the pilgrims enter a state of spiritual purity called ‘ihram,’ where they forgo the pleasures of the world and focus on their inner selves. Women abstain from wearing makeup and wear loose-fitting clothing, while men wear head-coverings and white terrycloth garments with no stitching. This symbolizes the equality of all Muslims and prevents the rich from differentiating themselves from poorer pilgrims.

As the pilgrims perform their rounds, they praise God. The pilgrims who have performed the rituals the most fervently reach the holy stage, known as Al-Masharul-Haram. The faithful are said to get the sacre consciousness of their One-God Lord during this stage. They are thus closer to Allah than any idols on earth. And they are more than worthy of worship.


When Umrah begins in Islamic History, we can trace its beginning to Prophet Muhammad’s journey to Makkah in 629 CE. This journey took him and his followers about three days, and tensions between the Muslims and the Pagans in Makkah rose. When the Prophet approach Makkah with one thousand and four hundred followers, the residents were alarm about the Muslim invasion. However, the Prophet sent an emissary to calm their fears, explaining that his mission was to perform the Umrah peacefully. Unfortunately, the Prophet was stoppe in the Hudaybiyyah, where Qurayshites and Muslims refused to let him enter the city.

When Umrah starts in Islamic history, pilgrims must first visit the Kaaba and perform the Tawaf and Sa’i rituals. The Tawaf ritual is the circling of the Kaaba, and men are encourage to walk quickly and hurriedly through the first three circuits. The final two circuits are done in a more relax manner. The Sa’i ritual, on the other hand, involves walking between the two hills of Mina. These pillars are believe to represent the three angels and the serpent. Pilgrims are also encourage to cut their hair, known as the Halq, to honor God.

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