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Sometimes we overlook the fact that our tyres need serious repairing. Any issue with your tyre no matter small or big is a serious problem. One should make sure to take their tyres for maintenance regularly. Tyres might need replacement or repair according to the damage and this damage could be natural or because of carelessness while driving. Whatever it may be following is the list, that you should go through, which will tell you some of the reasons to replace your Cheap Tyres Birmingham.

  • Wearing of tyres
  • Uneven wearing
  • Puncture
  • Flat tyres
  • Damages and bruises
  • Cracks on sidewalls
  • Age

How to Find a Perfect Tyre?

Finding a perfect tyre can be difficult but it can be easier if you know which areas to look for. Lets us say you buy a tyre but do not know about any of these specifications, it can be difficult to manage such kind of tyre. That is why it is necessary to know about your tyres and what are the factors that give you better or enhanced performance.

Size: the size of the tyre is one that people know about but choose to look over. We cannot emphasize enough that one should only buy the original size of tyre for the better and long-lasting performance of your vehicle. In addition to that changing the size of the tyre can harm your vehicle which might lead to even more problems. The size of the tyre usually includes the following specifications.

  • Application
  • Aspect ratio
  • Load Index
  • Diameter
  • Construction
  • Speed ratio

Weather conditions- the weather conditions can also affect your tyres and hinder the performance of the vehicle. Such as they can jam or harden in a snowy area or lead to a tyre blowout in a hotter area. To avoid such incidents it is best to choose a tyre that is more suited to the weather conditions as well as keeps you safe. There are three categories of seasonal tyres and each performs the best in their respective weather conditions.

  • Winter tyres
  • Summer tyres
  • All-season tyres

Tread pattern- the treads, as we all know, are responsible for the traction on the road, which allows them to accelerate, slow and stop. However, that is not the only job of a tread. They are also responsible for preventing hydroplaning, which is the accumulation of water underneath the sidewalls of the tyre. This can be risky as the water can cause wheels to corrode and spread to other parts of the vehicle.

The combination of sipes, tread blocks, grooves and ribs give us different tread patterns. The basic functionality of the tyre remains the same but they are necessary for the enhancement of the performance in certain fields. The popular three of them are as follows.

  • Asymmetric tread pattern
  • Symmetric tread pattern
  • Directional tyres

The rubber of the tyres- the rubber compound of the tyre allows the tyre to remain flexible in winter and firm in summer. This allows the vehicle to perform efficiently without affecting the tyres. In addition to that, the strength of the rubber material also protects the tyre which prevents overheating. You can also say that a good quality rubber tyre avoids the potential tyre failures because of overheating.

Durability, Age and Maintenance

The durability of a tyre is a big question that everyone wants to know. How long will my tyre last? Let us just save you some time, no one can determine exactly how long a tyre will work efficiently. But we can tell you that age and maintenance is the key the long-lasting tyre.

First of all, you should always purchase a tyre that is no older than 6 months. This ensures the performance as a new tyre is always much more efficient than old or part-worn. Further comes the maintenance, no matter how perfect the tyres you get, you can easily damage them because of carelessness. We suggest you drive carefully, especially on rough roads. In addition to that take your vehicle for daily maintenance service so each component including your tyre so they stay healthy. Apart from this, you should also keep inspecting your tyres weekly for inflation, bruises, cracks or any other issues and make sure you take necessary actions timely. This will help your tyres last longer and even extend their life expectancy to a certain limit.


If you are also looking for tyres, visit us and we can help you pick the perfect Michelin Tyres Birmingham for your vehicle.

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