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What’s the Best Sports News Website?

Best Sports News Website

There are many different sports news websites out there. Bleacher Report, Associated Press, Deadspin, 8X, ESPN, and the like are all great, but these five stand out as the best. Which one is right for you? Continue reading for a closer look at each one. You will be happy you made the decision to subscribe to these sites! We’ve also provided links to some of our favorites below. So, what’s the best sports news website for you?

Bleacher Report

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably heard of Bleacher Report. This online community of passionate sports enthusiasts offers real-time event coverage and sports content. It is one of the fastest-growing digital properties in the U.S., with a growing roster of lead writers and premier contributors. It features hundreds of pieces of content daily and is a great place to find the latest news on your favorite teams. In addition to the usual news stories and commentary, Bleacher Report also features a newsletter section that is geared towards specific sports teams.

Bleacher Report’s mobile site also offers a dedicated app. Users can easily view news on their smartphones and tablets. Despite the simplicity of its design, it features a streamlined interface with live updates and flash features. Streaming video helps users keep up with news about their favorite teams and sports. This feature is available on both the iPhone and Android app. Bleacher Report’s website has several other updates.

Associated Press

The AP sports news website has been around for a few decades, but only recently has it gained international recognition. Despite being widely regarded as an authoritative source of news and information, it is still far from perfect. The company has struggled with how to increase traffic to its website, despite being in business since 1892. Here are some ways in which the AP is making the online experience better for its readers. Hopefully, this article will help you understand the AP’s recent improvements.

AP Founders and Directors. The AP has been around for more than a century. The company started in 1831 when William Randolph Hearst’s Journal received membership in the Associated Press. The new AP was established under New York State law, and Stone continued to serve as general manager. Since its founding, it has undergone several major changes. Its headquarters is now on West 33rd Street in New York City, near Penn Station.


The new parent company of Deadspin, formerly owned by G/O Media, has a long history of controversy. While some questioned whether Deadspin was truly independent, others pointed to the fact that its website was a favorite of many sports fans. G/O executives also criticized the website’s new advertising deal, which has clogged up the website with auto-play videos and other commercial intrusions.

While Deadspin’s redesign echoes its previous layout and looks familiar, it doesn’t live up to its reputation as a top source for sports news. While Deadspin’s original comment sections were always entertaining and engrossing, the redesigned version lacks this element. Instead, the site’s motto is “Sports News Without Fear, Favor, Compromise.”


If you’re in the market for a sports news website, look no further than 8Xbet. The site boasts an excellent homepage, a sports reporter who graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism, and exclusive in-depth features from your favorite sports. Subscribers will get breaking news from all of the major sports leagues every day. Subscribe to the 8X newsletter, and keep up with breaking news on your favorite team and players. You can also join the 8X chat room to talk to sports celebrities. The website also hosts a vibrant social media presence.

The 8X site has articles on all major sports, including fantasy sports and live streaming. You can even sign up to receive an 8X newsletter or watch major sporting events live. 8X has more than 3.5 million followers on Twitter, and their website is always updated. There are also many features on the site, such as live streaming college football games. The interface of the site is easy to navigate, and you can subscribe to their newsletter.

Deadspin’s in-house sports reporter

The in-house sports reporter at Deadspin has been criticized by the staff at the online news website since he joined in April. The company is owned by G/O Media, which includes Deadspin and the other websites Jezebel, Lifehacker, and Kotaku. Before the purchase by Univision, G/O Media was known as Gizmodo Media Group. It was acquired by that company after Peter Thiel bankrolled a lawsuit against Hulk Hogan.

The in-house sports reporter at Deadspin was recently rehired to cover the upcoming Nationals season. Deadspin’s in-house sports reporter previously covered the NFL and MLB, but she was fired in January, following a dispute with upper management over a controversial story. The team disagreed with the management’s new vision and resigned, prompting the company to apologize.

Yahoo Sports

For fans of sports, Yahoo Sports is the best website to keep up with every game. From major sports like football to minor ones, including cycling and horse racing, this website will have a team page for every game. Yahoo Sports has also earned a reputation as one of the best investigative sports news websites, exposing numerous cases of cheating and fraud in the professional and collegiate worlds. But, do you have time to read through the hundreds of pages of news and stories each day?

Besides delivering breaking news and scores, Yahoo Sports also has live streaming of all your favorite sporting events, which is extremely convenient. This site offers scores for every game, including the NBA, NHL, NFL, and more. You can also subscribe to live events or set up custom alerts to be informed about upcoming games. Yahoo Sports also allows you to sign in using your Yahoo account, so that you don’t have to sign up for an account each time you want to follow a certain sport.

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