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What types of Eco-Friendly Boxes are best for environment?

Types of custom eco-friendly packaging boxes

What types of Custom Eco-Friendly Boxes are best for the environment?

What types of Eco-Friendly Boxes are best for environment? Today’s world is in continuous flux with innovations and advancements. Human beings can change the time and come up with newer ways and meanings to provide ease. But providing some easy time in return causes us with some adverse side effects like an increase in pollution and waste. Many brands are working side by side and producing newer and better products every day for their customers. This regular production also gives rise to an increase in waste and pollution. And one of the most waste materials that cause more than half of pollution is the packaging. Due to the worsening plastic pollution across the globe, brands are more attracted to environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Eco-friendly packaging is very easy to recycle and safe for individuals, and the manufacturing process uses minimal impact on energy consumption. These are made of recycled or renewable materials that are safe and sustainable both for individuals and the environment. If you want your business to be at the top you need to know what alternative eco-friendly packaging options are available for your brand’s uniqueness. So, let’s explore some custom eco-friendly boxes that are best for your brand as well as for the environment.

Recycled plastic:

Bioplastic which is also called recycled plastic is made of biological material instead of fossil fuel and is one of the best materials to promote custom eco-friendly packaging boxes for your brand. Almost all plastic shipping material materials are now made of 100 % recycled plastic. Moreover, some biodegradable plastics on the market are available which begin to decompose upon being exposed to sunlight. We can make envelopes that are usually used for bulk mailing. This biodegradable plastic provides a sturdy alternative to plastics because they are one of the most common materials which resonate with consumers. Brands using alternatives is a strong way to boost customer loyalty and retention.

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Carton water:

According to a rough estimate, more than a million bottles are bought globally every minute. Due to this a huge amount of waste is added to our oceans and it causes extreme harm to birds, marine animals, and fish. If your brand is selling plastic bottles, you need to redesign your brand image by reinforcing eco-friendly packaging boxes. So, redesigning your boxes is like finding a solution to this harmful material and it is also beneficial for the environment. Moreover, it helps us to improve customer loyalty as more people are becoming aware of its harmful consequences. Recycled cardboard and newspapers are used for making paper water bottles that are thin. And have a plastic recycled liner inside which makes them perfect for holding water without disintegrating.

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Cornstarch packaging:

One of the alternatives to plastic packaging is cornstarch packaging which is cheap and best for the environment. This type of packaging is made of biodegradable polylactic acid. One of the effective planet-friendly solutions when disposed of correctly. It is cheap in price, highly sustainable, and easy to produce which makes it an ideal trade for polystyrene. This packaging is the best solution for food safety and resistance to food oil and fat. It provides a counteract solution that prevents them from being damaged during the takeaway process. Customers want to feel a connection with their brands in terms of their values and ideals. Cornstarch packaging is one of the best solutions in the era of sustainable branding.

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Mushroom packaging:

One of the modern eco-friendly packaging is mushroom packaging, a natural one that is grown from fungi types. It is very beneficial for the environment and many big brands like Ikea are increasingly adopting this type of packaging for their brand products. This type of packaging decomposes in 30-90 days and has no harmful effects when ingested by animals. So, this type of packaging is one of the powerful selling points to environmentalists who are mainly concerned with plastic harm and risk to biodiversity. This type of packaging is perfect for supporting smaller products and can be molded into whatever shape is required for maximum protection of the products.

Leaf plates packaging:

Leaf plate packaging boxes are toxin free, biodegradable, compostable, durable, and eco-friendly. These are attractive to the customers and are a powerful opportunity for the brands to build their high name in the market using a sustainable narrative. These are the packaging types to consider materials in an effective way to bring the wow factor to your brand’s events when encouraged with community and support. Palm trees are 100% natural and the best alternatives to plastic and other tableware. Leaf plates are sturdy in nature, and are versatile when it comes to storing food and cooking in microwaves.


So, using custom eco-friendly boxes for products packed by any brand is one of the initial steps towards reducing pollution from the environment.




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