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What To Wear To A Yacht Party

What To Wear To A Yacht Party

With various possible occasions you can celebrate on a yacht, from birthday parties to corporate celebrations, and more, the selection to wear the perfect outfit might get tricky. Perhaps, to help you with that decision and choose the right outfit for a yacht party, here’s an insightful guide you can follow. 

Why is it important to have the right outfit for a yacht party?

Whether you are attending a business event, a New Year celebration or another private occasion on a yacht, having the perfect dress to wear is essential. The reason this is important is because yacht parties showcase the high-standards living and wealth. 


“Decked up, ready to hit the yacht party.”


Therefore, dressing up perfectly to match the occasion is important in delivering a positive output of yourself while manifesting confidence and style. 

Outfit for yacht party

Let’s say you have hired a yacht rental in Dubai, and are looking to host a party. To help you with the choice of dress, we have listed down the different occasions and their suitable outfits. 


  • Birthday party outfits 
  • New Year celebration outfits
  • Wedding ceremony outfits
  • Anniversary celebration outfits
  • Corporate event outfits
  • Party outfits 
  • Festive celebration outfits 

Birthday party outfits 

Celebrating a birthday on a yacht calls for some vibrant clothing. A birthday party exhibits a fun, light and joyful time. Hence, both women and men, including children can wear casual outfits, like simply jeans, and t-shirts. Considering that winter is around the corner, make sure to top that out with a suitable hoodie or jacket to stay warm. 


Having suggested a casual outfit to wear to a birthday party, the choice of semi-formal outfits is also perfect. A pair of bold trousers and shirt would be suitable for men. Whereas, women can choose to wear comfortable trousers, a floral top or a solid color top. 

New Year celebration outfits

A New Year’s party in Dubai certainly marks a strong impression of an exuberant lifestyle. Hence, an upbeat dressing approach is suitable. You can go for a casual, semi-formal or formal look, depending on the theme of your New Year’s Party. 


Most party hosts inform their guests of the dress code for the yacht party. Therefore, depending on the predetermined code, you can choose to dress up for the party. 


To suggest a combination of causal, semi-formal or formal look, here are some pointers. 


Gender Casual New Year Outfit Semi-formal New Year Outfit Formal New Year Outfit
Male Jeans and solid shirts Bold trousers and long-sleeve shirts (pattern preference – floral, stripes, or dotted)

Combination of jeans, solid shirt and blazer


Suit (preferable of solid colors)

Female Palazzo pants & full sleeve top (solid colors)

Combination of jeans, tank top and blazer

Full dress for women (preferable bodyfit)

Suit (preferable of solid colors)

Wedding ceremony outfits

Yes, you would be surprised, But Dubai is one of the top destinations in the world for yacht weddings. Saying必利勁
your vows on a yacht, amongst your family and friends, is definitely the most treasurable moment of your life. 


Most wedding ceremonies are conducted with a formal dress code, with room for semi-formal outfits. This also depends on your faith, and regional background. For instance, on christian weddings you usually prefer to wear black suits for men, while the bride and her bridesmaid wear white or light colored single piece dresses. 


“I have had the great fortune to marry the person I love, on a private yacht in Dubai. It was the most beautiful ceremony, surpassing all my expectations.”


On the other hand, muslim and hindu faith weddings are relatively more vibrant interms of their color selection. Men are commonly found wearing sherwanis. Whereas women are known to wear sarees, salwar suits or long frocks. 


Therefore, the selection of clothing for a yacht wedding is not limited to a particular type, but depends on your wedding and the regional background. 

Anniversary celebration outfits

Another important milestone to celebrate, anniversary parties on yachts are also extremely popular in Dubai. These celebrations perhaps, pre-determine their dress code making it easier to have a standard style for the evening. Here are a few suggestions we have for outfits to choose for an anniversary party on a yacht:


Gender Semi-formal Formal
Male Solid shirts, with jeans or formal trousers  Tuxedo or suit (both exhibit a formal vibe) 
Female Jeans, with floral tops or pattern top (preferable a solid color blouse) Single piece dress (preferable bodyfit)

Corporate event outfits

Well it goes without saying that the preferred outfit for corporate events are formal or semi-formal. However, it is still not limited to these and is purely based on what type of corporate event is conducted onboard a yacht. 


Let’s say you are celebrating a certain corporate milestone, you don’t necessarily need to be dressed up formally, but can go for a casual look. On the other hand, if you are attending a business meeting, or corporate dinner arranged onboard a yacht, we would suggest you dress up formally. 


Women can preferably wear formal trousers, solid light shirts, topped with an overcoat or blazer. Men can go for their universal formal look with preferably blue, cream or black suits.  

Party outfits 

Go wild, go crazy! If you are out for a casual yacht party, wear what makes you happy and most importantly, what makes you comfortable. Yacht parties, as we have discussed, are a way of showcasing the high-end lifestyle and wealth in Dubai. Therefore, we recommend wearing clothes that exhibit your personality, and sense of fashion.  


Since we are on the top of outfits for yacht parties, our suggestions to you are as follows:


Gender Casuals Semi-formals
Male Shorts, jeans, accompanied by casual t-shirts and shirts (preferable with pattern) Solid trousers, with t-shirts and shirts 
Female Shorts or jeans with sleeveless tops, bikini   Single piece short dress (bodyfit)

Festive celebration outfits 

Dressing up for a yacht party celebrating a festival depends again on the regional or ethnic background. Festivals from across the world usually have a certain dedicated dress code that people practice wearing during the season. 

Let’s say for instance, you are celebrating a Christmas party on the yacht, the clothing we suggested would be casual outfits, preferably with winter clothes. On the other hand, celebrating festivals like Diwali in Dubai, would mean wearing vibrant clothes like kurta for men and saree or churidar for women.  

Fashion accessories to consider for yacht party

When it comes to dressing up for a yacht party, it is not limited to the type of clothing you wear but also the accessories you have. It is important to ensure that the clothing of choice is best complemented by all the fashion accessories you wear. Here are the things to prioritize while dressing up for a yacht party: 


Women Men
Get suitable handbags Sling bags (Crossbody) 
Heels or flats, based on what your comfortable with ensuring it matches your clothing Suitable footwear depending on your choice of clothing
Jewelry, needless to say an essential that compliments your natural beauty  Rings and chains accentuate your style
Suitable Luxury Watches goes a long way in making a strong impression

Top clothing brands to choose for a yacht party

From formal clothing, to casual outfits we have presented all our insights regarding the types of outfits to wear to a yacht party. To carry the guide forward, we also have for you the top brands to choose from while picking clothes for a party:


  • Prada 
  • Gucci
  • Armani
  • Zara 
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Tommy Hilfiger 
  • Todd Snyder
  • Levi’s


Dress up for your yacht party

Having suggested all these different types of clothing for various types of yacht parties in Dubai, the choice is still yours. There’s no book rule that says what you can or should wear to a yacht party. However, what we have mentioned in this article is an insight for those who are looking to find the perfect outfit to wear. 


This guide is made based on observations and current trends that people popularly follow. So now that you know what to wear for a yacht party, make sure to deck up and enjoy a celebratory time in Dubai. 

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