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What to do with your old junk car?

Junk means useless or nothing; however, why not make a few bucks with it. Especially when it comes to your old junk car, there are a few options you can try to sell your car and get a good deal in return.

Here is what you can do; 

You can trade it

You can get your car value evaluated, and if there is demand for that particular car model in the market, you can easily trade your older one with a brand new one. The cost you get from your older model can purchase the new car. 

This means you have to pull out less money from your pocket in contrast to what you would have otherwise paid. 

This can be a good deal; however, this has its drawbacks.

Firstly, the car dealer will quote you a lower price for your old car since their focus is on making profits. You would need to make a hard bargain to get a better price, especially if your older vehicle is in good condition. 

Secondly, if you are purchasing a new car, the difference between the price you are getting for your old car and the cost of buying a new one is so high that it doesn’t make any impact or contribution to your scheme. 

For getting the best prices, it’s better to get the value of your car evaluated. 

You can barter it

If your car is in good condition, you can also barter it. Your friends, family or colleagues have shown interest previously in your car, and you can exchange it with them for something you are looking forward to getting your hands on. 

Some might love working or fixing old cars or parts; what is trash for you can be a treasure for someone. 

The barter system has some drawbacks to this option; one of both parties can feel they have been ripped in the process of bartering, as the value might not match. One may feel that they received inferior value compared to what they gave, which can affect your relationship. 

You can donate it

This can be a noble move; donating your car to someone needful can bring positivity. Donating your old car comes with its own risk, such as if your car is in poor condition, it can become an obligation for it to get regular repairs and maintenance for smooth functioning. 

So, before donating the car, make sure that it’s in fairly good condition and requires minimal repair and maintenance. You don’t want your recipient to end up with added expenditure. It doesn’t make any sense if you get rid of your old car to increase someone else’s expenses. 

That is why it is important to get your vehicle’s value evaluated so that the recipient can also enjoy this noble donation. 

Sell the junk

Various companies deal in cash for cars in Adelaide that can work as a great alternative. The advantage of going through this option is that you can sell your old car and get some good cash in hand, which you can use for purchasing something else. The car is gone for good, and you won’t have to think about it again. 

Even if your car is not in good condition, these companies still purchase it, repair the damage and sell it to other interested buyers. If the damage cannot be repaired, the parts can be used to repair similar models of cars. 


You have good alternatives for getting rid of your old car; however, the important thing here is to identify which one works and get a better profit in return. 

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