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What is the process of magnesium die-casting? Know it from Xielifeng

What is the process of magnesium die-casting? Know it from Xielifeng

Magnesium die casting
Magnesium die casting

This method of manufacture uses magnesium alloys to create metal pieces. Magnesium die casting is done in a cold chamber die casting machine like aluminium. It is due to the high melting point of magnesium. To prevent the machine from being harmed, it must be cast in a cold chamber machine.

Here Xielifeng will discuss the process of die-casting step by step. 


  • Alloys made of magnesium are melted at high temperatures in a furnace independent of the machine.
  • The shot cylinder, which links to the die cavity, is filled with molten magnesium transported from the furnace.
  • A hydraulic piston applies high pressure to force the molten metal into the die cavity.
  • After then, it is permitted to cool and solidify.
  • The casting is recovered by ejecting the moving half.
  • Trimming and machining are used to remove extra metal from the casting.


Depending on the required surface quality for the parts, additional surface treatment may or may not be offered. The casting procedure is comparable to die casting for aluminium. The only distinction between the two methods is the alloys employed.


The AZ91D magnesium alloy is the one that is utilized for die casting the most. It has a good amount of aluminium mixed in, giving it good mechanical qualities. Other alloys have varying compositions, although die-casting uses much less commonly. 


It’s a great bonus because magnesium die casting allows for a sizable weight decrease without sacrificing strength. The two industries that use magnesium the most are the aerospace and automotive sectors. You can shift to the official website of Xielifeng to get the answer to your query about the die-casting process. They are masters in CNC machining. 

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