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What is SEO and How does SEO Work | Write SEO Solutions

SEO and How does SEO Work | Write SEO Solutions

Search Engine Optimization Basics & Inclusions 

  • How does SEO work?
  • Why do people land at websites?
  • Importance of Search Engine Optimization in today’s world?
  • SEO – Mind-Blowing Stats
  • How are SEO tactics different from SEO strategies?
  • A guide to Google Webmaster
  • Importance of Links in SEO
  • Significance of Content in SEO
  • Keywords – the most significant factor in SEO

An introduction to Search Engine Optimization

This article is designed to describe all Search Engine Optimization aspects starting from keyword research to making the website SEO friendly. 

Search Engine Optimization refers to the rise in traffic on a website organically. It is an ever-changing & complex platform. Although it is easy to learn, a little knowledge about Search Engine Optimization helps grow your business on the web. 

The key aspects to track are:

  • Recent tools & products in SEO
  • The ongoing trends.
  • The audience
  • Technological advancements.

Any solid SEO campaign or plan consists of strategy, tactics, and goals. Let us dig deep into Search Engine Optimization basics.

How is SEO Important in Business Growth?

For any business, Search Engine Optimization can be a significant contributor. SEO significantly contributes to your business growth by expanding the audience to create long-term awareness and earn higher revenue. The right SEO leads to higher revenue & more traffic. The most significant reasons How SEO is beneficial for a business are: 

  • It raises the Credibility

A website with the highest rank is considered to be trustworthy & high-quality by the SERP. SEO is beneficial to help one rank their Website.

  • Competitive Advantage

Search Engine Optimization helps the business get higher traffic, which in turn provides a Competitive advantage and higher revenue.

  • Higher rate of User Engagement

Through Search Engine Optimization, one can audit their Website, fix or improve the backlogs and hence get increased ROI & conversion. 

  • Maximize the campaigns of PPC

Both PPC & SEO helps in business growth. PPC helps in paid growth of the business or Website, whereas SEO helps grow traffic organically.

  • SEO helps Content Marketing.

By connecting Search Engine Optimization and original content through text, videos, and images, the Website helps to rank better. 

  • Low Cost, high benefits

Business owners can benefit from increased sales and revenue by indulging in meager costs.

How to get Google to read your Website?

Although SEO is meant to help websites in ranking higher, any website can rank until Google has the record that this Website exists. 

It is said that Google will find the Website himself, but various benefits are there for submitting the Website manually: 

  • Improves Website: The search Console of Google provides recommendations on optimizing and improving the Website.  
  • Faster Discovery: The new websites that arrive on google don’t have any backlinks, which helps google find them. Hence, google will take some time to find them. 

Backlinks are an essential feature in Search Engine Optimization as these backlinks help the Website and google get searched by google, and if Google finds it relevant, then it increases the rank of the Website.

Keywords In SEO

It refers to the terms or words people search on search engines. They are the most significant factor of SEO. People search for the words they want their Website to rank & indulge them in the Website. The main factor to undertake while choosing the right keywords:

  • Search Volume refers to the number of people searching for chosen keywords. The higher the number, the better the reach.
  • Relevance – It is advised to select a keyword that is suitable for the type of content the Website is providing, as wrong navigation of the User to the site leads to bad impressions on the Google search engine as well as the User. 
  • Competition: Understand the fair competition through that keyword before understanding it. 

An Updated SEO Tools

The trend of Search Engine Optimization has been coming for the past many years. Its importance has been rising year by year. In the present world, more than 53 percent of the traffic on the Website is organic traffic. 

Let us understand the updates that arrived in Search Engine Optimization over decades:

  • Panda: This tool was developed in 2011, majorly for the elimination of web scams & Black Hat SEO. The main focus of this tool, “Panda,” was to enhance the user experience and quality.
  • Hummingbird: Another tool was launched in 2013. The main focus of it was to make the core algorithm of the search engine highly faster & precise towards the success rate of the mobile search.
  • RankBrain: This tool was launched in 2015. It came out in October & was mainly focused on solving queries. The “RankBrain” tool was meant to integrate artificial intelligence in each query and machine learning to provide answers to each vague query.
  • BERT: This was a significant update as it was meant to help Google understand the natural language in a better way. It was launched in 2018 but got updated after a month.
  • Vicinity: This tool was launched in 2021. It was Google’s most extensive search update in the past five years. By using proximity targets as the ranking factor, the local businesses have been heavily weighted inside the result queries. 

All these transitions have been driven through mainly 3 things:

  • Shrinking the organic space inside SERP
  • Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence, mainly the Google RankBrain
  • Voice search and personal assistance digitally. 

Wrapping Up!

This article consists of a guide to Search Engine Optimization and how the tools have emerged today. If someone wants to connect for a better SEO understanding and services, connect to Write SEO Solutions.

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