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What is Hikvision colorVu technology

Many houses and businesses invest in security camera to make themselves secure. After installing a CCTV camera, people can live more peacefully as it is the one thing that can monitor outside and inside activities.

Whether you want to observe what is happening inside and outside the office or house, you can do it simply with a security camera. Cameras are strategically mounted in certain areas of your desired place.
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The cameras communicate with monitors, and pictures are shown only to those who designate to see them. It facilities an optimum level of privacy and protection.

 This system has multiple advantages and is utilized for traffic monitoring, medical facilities, security grounds, and buildings.You require a high-quality camera; the hikvision colorful 5 mp has advanced capabilities that can accomplish your need.

The advanced technology of Hikvision colorVu contains

Hikvision colorVu 5 mp has the premium technology that records complete color video. The security staff can protect people and property at night with the same functionality as daylight.

Following are the specifics of Hikvision colorVu

  •         Trailblazing hardware
  •         State of the art picture processing
  •         Super high accuracy

Trailblazing hardware involves a Super sizeable F1.0 aperture and innovative sensors.

State of the art picture processing: Provides precise color rendition; there is guaranteed picture performance in numerous lighting situations.

Super high accuracy: The active orientation technology makes sure the performance in the mass production of ultra HD colorVu empowered cameras facilitates high-resolution control. 

Why select Hikvision colorVu 5 mp camera?

Suppose you want to use it professionally and secure precious things; that is the best choice. The clarity is essential; if the image is a blur and unable to view, it causes problems.

So this one satisfies you in terms that you can depend on it and focus on other tasks quickly. Someplace have large areas as it takes time to reach there. By installing cameras and making the place secure.

Even if anything happens wrong with the fitting camera, you can view it, and there is a pre-planned measure that you can stop before something terrible happens. There are purposes that you can select hikvision colorVu.

Great resolution

colorful enables the camera to give vivid color pictures in dim light, even if it is the same as moonlight and dim light in which the light is down to 0.0005 lux. This advance ability to intensify the minimal light is accomplish through advanced features:

  •         F1.0 great aperture: It can capture as much as light probable for the sensor.
  •         Massive sensors: Maximizing the utilization of accessible light.

Zoom in Vivid color

Varifocal can adjust to more views by modifying the camera focal length making the inventory organization more straightforward. Hikvision Color Vu is craft with an F1.0 colossal aperture. The image clarity is guarantee if the camera zoom in or zooms out.

Brilliance meet ColorVu

Gathering the technique of colorVu with AcuSense, these cameras can record human and vehicle targets with vivid color. It can give the playback footage and video record so you can accurately know about the same activity.

These are also equippe with auditory alarms and live guard detector trespassers so you can be aware of the recent going on remotely. It is beneficial for the owner to monitor all the activities when away from the current place.

So if any suspicious movement is report, the camera alerts you, and the alarms also play, and you can stop it on time. In this way, the most significant loss cannot be due to security cameras.

Where can it be used?

Inhabited area

Can use it in townhomes, apartments, and inhabited buildings with numerous low-light areas where it is difficult to observe in darkness. The places like narrow walkways and outdoor locations are place.

The suspect is identify clearly, and punishing them is beneficial in the future as nobody tries to do it again and provides a secure environment.

Small firms

Users can observe the entrance and exit and the areas that are dark the theft and other crimes happened there. Acquire better illumination to defend your employees, and customers feel safe around your firm.

Parking lots

These areas are mainly abandon, so many incidents occur there, and they are dark due to dim lights. When security cameras are mount in parking lots, the criminals are aware and can stop anything done wrong. The cameras are also fit into parks and have limit light areas. It gives the satisfaction to the community that they are protect in all terms.


With the growing population, the crime rate is also high, and you cannot observe every part of your house and office after regular intervals. The famous places where the people know have the high amounts of money like banks and government institutions.

These need to be protect, and the easiest way is to install security cameras. It reduces the risks of threats of thefts and any other incident happening.

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