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What is A Personal Journal? Is It Different Than Research Paper?

Personal Journal


Generally, the word ‘journal’ refers to an academic journal. From a broader perspective, you can find different types of journals. Some of the journal’s types demand standards while other do not. There are no standards to follow for a personal journal. In this journal type, you can talk about a place, person, and any event. For example, you are feeling good while recalling your childhood. You can write a journal on incidents that happened to you in your childhood. You can reflect your feeling in any form. If you feel good about an incident, you can mention that happy vibe. Similarly, you can write emotional or sad as well. It is just description of your thoughts and emotions. As per its importance, this article aims to dive into a personal journal.

What is the Meaning of Personal Journal?

A personal journal is all about keeping a record of something. The record can be of anything, including academic as well as general. On a daily basis, you can observe different happenings. For every particular happening, you can have personal opinions. In personal opinion, you are not bound to develop an idea that falls under a rule or regulation. You are free to express your idea, belief and observation of any incident.

If you have an interest in current issues, you can talk about them in your journal. Let’s take the example of political issues. You are not supposed to support a certain political party, but you can go for your choice. You may not be in support of any party. In this way, you can share unbiased statements. It is better to consider yourself as an inspector for writing this journal. Note down different happenings and make a connection between them. Observe the role of people in each happening. You can also collect the statements of every person for a better evaluation of their actions. Now, you can share valuable thoughts in a journal.

What do you write in your Personal Journal?

For some people, a personal journal is the most valuable thing, while others take it as a piece of trash. It would be wrong if a person is calling it trash just because of no use of academic standard in it. On the other hand, if someone is taking it useless based on its content, you can take it seriously. It is suggested to start writing a personal journal on a topic of interest. Suppose you are passionate about future goals. Concerning passion, you would read and learn different aspects of your goal. So, you can write well about it. Similarly, you should write about the area in which you have good command. Once you get the insights of writing valuable content, then try other niche and transform the experiences.

One of the most important things related to this journal writing is creativity. Without the skill of creativity, you would have to face many troubles. You may not find more readers for your journals. You can target the audience based on the topic of your journal. Also, you can target your topic based on the selected audience. In both ways, creativity plays an important role. Creativity in writing grasps the attention of readers. You can improve your journal writing skills by following the tips mentioned below:

Practise on Daily Basis

Pick a topic of your interest and write about it on a daily basis. The practice makes men perfect. Keep it in your mind and practise writing a journal in your free time. Writing on a daily basis makes a flow in your interest and skill. Also, it can help you in critical thinking about a particular happening.

Daily Log

As you know, a personal journal is a record of your events, so keep your record portable. There can be a situation when you have to stay out of your home. You would not have to suffer for your daily log in such conditions.

Make a Network

Make a good network with people who are good at writing the journal of your choice. You can read sample journals of credible and famous writers. In most of cases, you do not have to pay for reading a sample journal. On the internet, you can find many platforms that provide you with easy access. At the time of reading samples, you have to focus on an important feature. The feature is about gratitude to someone. It can be anyone from your family, friend or society.

Make a Shift in Your Topic

When you get a grip on the topic of your interest, then go for a shift on other topics. Suppose you started from goal writing. Now you have to see your good skills in it. You can ask your senior for valuable feedback. Note down the feedback and try your best to overcome the mistake. Always take feedback positive and constructive. Now, make a shift and try other topics. You can try current affairs and problem-solving. In current affairs, you can find many problems. It can be challenging to address all issues, as it requires robust background information. So, work on your research skills and try the new aspect.

What is the Difference between Personal Journal and Research Papers?

Many writers feel confused about personal journals and research papers. If you think both of these documents are the same, you are surely wrong. You can write a research paper after the in-depth exploration of an issue. Also, you have to follow the standards of writing in the case of a research paper. Furthermore, the research paper demands for a specified structure, including an introduction, explanation body and conclusion. In explaining the body, you have to focus on methodology and analysis of detailed data.

In contrast, personal journals do not require insights, but you can state your feelings about a particular happening of any kind.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points can help you understand the difference between personal journals and research papers. Also, you can get command on writing a compelling personal journal. It is the easiest type of journal that does not require much effort.

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Robert Fawl is a professional Content Writer based in London, UK. He is an author and blogger with experience in writing different academic assignments. If you need any help with your academic paper or you want to buy dissertation online you can hire him or visit our website.

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